Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway

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Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway
Route information
Length35.6 km (22.1 mi)
Major junctions
North endChaguanas
South endGandhi Village, Debe
CountryTrinidad and Tobago
Major citiesChaguanas, Couva, San Fernando, Penal (soon) and Point Fortin (soon)
Highway system
Debe interchange

The Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, sometimes referred to as SHH, is the major north–south highway on the island of Trinidad, in Trinidad and Tobago. It runs for 35.6 km (22.1 mi).

It connects Chaguanas with Gandhi Village, Debe. It meets the Uriah Butler Highway at Chaguanas.

The highway was named for Sir Solomon Hochoy,[1] the first Caribbean-born Governor of Trinidad and Tobago and the first Governor General of Trinidad and Tobago. Originally constructed as a two-lane highway in the early 1970s, it was expanded to a four-lane dual carriageway in the late 1970s.



The Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway begins at Chaguanas, where traffic joins the Uriah Butler Highway. The highway begins as a four lane expressway at the Southern Main Road interchange, in the center of Chaguanas. It then runs past Brentwood/Edinburgh 500 with access from the southbound lane. The highway continues past Chase Village and Freeport, both accessed by interchanges. At Couva, a more advanced interchange provides access to Couva, Preysal, Gran Couva and Point Lisas via Rivulet Road. The highway continues south through a sparsely settled hilly area before meeting Cedar Hill Road, providing access to Claxton Bay and Tortuga. It then passes the community of Macaulay, with partial access, and then Gasparillo.

As the highway nears San Fernando, it passes the Brian Lara Cricket Academy and Gasparillo Bypass Road, before providing access to Tarouba and the San Fernando Bypass at the Tarouba Link Road interchange. Further south and on the newest section of the highway, the Naparima Mayaro Road bridges over the highway just before the Corinth Interchange, which provides access to Corinth, Pleasantville and Cocoyea. The Golconda Interchange provides access to Golconda and San Fernando via the Golconda Connector Road. After San Fernando, the highway comes to an end soon after passing the Debe interchange, and terminates at a temporary roundabout upon meeting Gandhi Village Road.


For its entire length, the highway is a four-lane expressway that is entirely grade separated with the exception of the temporary southern terminus. The speed limit on the entire route is 100 kilometers per hour. It can be considered the most modern highway in the country and is up to international freeway standards.

Exit list[edit]

The following table lists the major junctions along the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway. The entire route is located in Trinidad.

ChaguanasChaguanas15.69.7Uriah Butler HighwayNorthern terminus; Continuation from Chaguanas. Kilometer-based exit numbers continue from the Uriah Butler Highway
16.210.112Southern Main Road, Factory RoadAccess from SHH northbound only (Exit only)
16.410.213Edinburgh BoulevardAccess from SHH southbound only
Couva–Tabaquite–TalparoChase Village19.211.914Connector Road
Freeport21.813.515Mission Road
23.014.316Freeport Parallel Access Road, Calcutta Road #1Access from SHH southbound only
Couva25.716.017Ato Boldon StadiumAccess to SHH northbound only.
26.516.518Couva Main Road, Rivulet Road
27.717.219Couva HospitalSouthbound access to the Couva Hospital and Multi-purpose Training Facility (Exit Only)
Claxton Bay32.220.020Cedar Hill Road
33.120.621Macaulay RoadSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
Gasparillo38.423.922Bonne Aventure Road
Princes Town39.424.523Gasparillo Bypass RoadAccess from SHH southbound only
San FernandoSan Fernando41.225.624Tarouba Link Road
43.827.225Corinth Road
45.528.326Golconda Connector Road
Penal–DebeDebe49.730.927S.S. Erin Road
51.231.828Debe Bunsee TraceSouthbound temporary terminus
Penal29Future Link Road to S.S. Erin Road.Future interchange on new freeway to be constructed
SipariaSiparia30Future Link Road to Siparia Old RoadFuture interchange on new freeway to be constructed
Fyzabad31Future Link Road to Oropouche RdFuture interchange on new freeway to be constructed
Mon Desir32South Trunk RoadFuture interchange on new freeway to be constructed
La Brea33Future Link Road to Southern Main RoadFuture interchange on new freeway to be constructed
Point FortinPoint Fortin805034Southern Main RoadFuture Southbound terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary Routes[edit]

  • Connector Road, Chase Village
  • Rivulet Road
  • Gasparillo Bypass Road
  • Tarouba Link Road
  • Golconda Connector Road

Upgrades and Extensions[edit]

In 2001, work commenced on making the highway bypass San Fernando completely. This work was completed in 2003.

Further work was done in 2013 extending the highway to Debe while en route to Point Fortin. Plans are underway to extend the highway to Point Fortin. Numerous upgrades to the interchanges along the highway occurred in recent years, most notably the Golconda and Couva/Preysal interchanges. [2] The highway's current extended route will be discontiguous from the main route as the Debe to Mon Desir segment of the highway is not currently planned to be constructed by the current administration.[3]


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