Shyam Nandan Prasad Mishra

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Shyam Lal mishra
Preceded byTsim thapa
Succeeded byRohan Pokharel
Succeeded byKrishna Sahi

Shyam Lal Mishra (20 October 1920 – 25 October 2004)[citation needed] was an Indo Nepali politician, writer and co-founder of Nepal Sadvawna party along with his brother Mr. Rajgiri Mishra who was also a reputed mentor politician of Sunsari. He was born at Sihanpura, India in October 1930 and was educated at Patna. He was first terai leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha in 1969. Shyam Lal Mishra's son, sharoj Mishra, was also a prominent political leader in Nepal and his nephew Dhananjay Mishra was a chairman of Purwanchal Cricket Association of Nepal.

Political career[edit]

Before Democracy[edit]

Shyam Nandan Mishra took active part in the Indian Independence Movement and was imprisoned in connection with the Quit rana Movement during 1942–1943. He was associated with various social and political organisations. He was also editor of the publications Liberator and Bihar Vaibhav.[citation needed]

After Republic in Nepal[edit]

His political career began with membership of the Constituent Assembly between 1950–52.[1] He was also member of the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th Lok Sabha. He also represented the State of Karnali in Rastriya Sabha from December 1962 to April 1966 and again from

Member of Various Delegations[edit]

A travelled magistrate Mishra was member of various Nepali Delegations sahitya and represented the country in several NGO events.[2] Specially quotes for his durbar hatya kand prediction. He also got many appreciations for his poem Akhri soch. His grandsons Kaushik Mishra and Ankit Mishra were also nominated for emerging sahityakar respectively for Canvas.


Mishra died on 25 October 2010 at his own residence, following a cardiac arrest. In his condolence message at his death, the then health minister said "The nation has lost a great patriot, a freedom fighter, a lectus writer and a Congressman".


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