Shevket Pasha cabinet

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Shevket Pasha cabinet

Government of Ottoman Empire
Mahmud Shevket Pasha
Date formed23 January 1913
Date dissolved12 June 1913
People and organisations
Head of stateMehmed V
Head of governmentMahmud Shevket Pasha
No. of ministers12
Member partiesUnion and Progress Party
PredecessorKamil Pasha government
Successor Said Halim Pasha government

The Shevket Pasha cabinet was headed by Grand Vizier Mahmud Shevket Pasha. It was formed on 23 January 1913 after the Raid on the Sublime Porte, which occurred due to Kamil Pasha's attempt to sign a peace treaty would have ended the First Balkan War by giving most of Turkey-in-Europe to the Balkan League. Within two weeks of the coup, Shevket Pasha broke the armistice and resumed fighting but failed to recapture land. In the end the government had to abide by the Treaty of London, which gave up the city of Adrianople to Bulgaria, one of the Ottoman Empire's original capitals. Following Shevket Pasha's assassination on June 12, Said Halim Pasha was brought in to form a new government after Shevket Pasha's assassination.

It was a national unity government that had the support of the Committee of Union and Progress, which provided three ministers to the government. The CUP were the drivers the coup and wished for Kamil's War Minister Nazım Pasha to lead the incoming government, but his death during the coup meant the CUP had to settle with Mahmud Shevket Pasha to lead the government.

List of ministers[edit]

Cabinet Mahmud Shevket Pasha

23 January 1913 – 12 June 1913

Portfolio Minister Reference
Grand Vizier


Mahmud Shevket Pasha [1]
Foreign Affairs Said Halim Pasha [1]
Interior Hacı Adil (Arda) [1]
Finance Menemenlizade Rifat [1]
Chief of the general staff Ahmed Izzet Pasha
Justice Pirizade İbrahim Hayrullah [1]
President of Council of State Mehmed Said Pasha [1]
Trade and Agriculture Mehmet Celal [1]
Navy Çürüksulu Mahmud Pasha [1]
Post and Telegraph Oskan Mardikyan [1]
Public Works Nicolae Constantin Batzaria [1]
Education Ahmet Şükrü (Bayındır)
Evkaf Mustafa Hayri Efendi [1]



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