Sheikh–Wazed family

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Sheikh–Wazed family
শেখ–ওয়াজেদ পরিবার
House of Bangabandhu Tungipara.jpg
Residence of Sheikh Family in Tungipara
Current regionBangladesh
United Kingdom
United States
Place of originBaghdad, Iraq[1]
FoundedLater Mughal era of Bengal
FounderSheikh Awwal
Current headSheikh Hasina
DistinctionsPolitical prominence within the Bangladesh Awami League, Labour Party and Bangladesh Jatiya Party

The Sheikh–Wazed family (Bengali: শেখ–ওয়াজেদ পরিবার) is a prominent Bangladeshi political dynasty, which primarily consists of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Sheikh Hasina and their relatives.[citation needed]

The Sheikh–Wazed family is one of the most powerful families in Bangladesh. Their political involvement has traditionally revolved around the Bangladesh Awami League.[2][3][4][5]

Family origin[edit]

Old residence of the family

The first member of the Tungipara Sheikh family to come to Bengal was Sheikh Awwal Darwish. He was originally from Baghdad but settled in Chittagong during the Mughal era, after he visited the region to preach Islam. He was married to a Bengali woman from Sonargaon and settled over there with his wife. His son, Sheikh Zahiruddin, married a girl from the Khandakar family of Kandirpar and settled there with his family. Many years later, he moved to Kolkata with his son Sheikh Jan Mahmud, since their wholesale business was based there. Sheikh Jan Mahmud's son, Sheikh Borhanuddin, continued to run that wholesale business and eventually shifted back to East Bengal. He married a girl from the Kazi family of Tungipara and permanently settled there. His son was Sheikh Ekramullah, who in turn had two sons: Sheikh Wasimuddin and Sheikh Mohammad Zakir. Sheikh Mohammad Zakir had three sons: Sheikh Abdul Majid, Sheikh Abdul Hamid, and Sheikh Abdul Rashid. Sheikh Abdul Hamid was the father of Sheikh Lutfar Rahman and the paternal grandfather of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. His wife Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib was great granddaughter of Sheikh Wasimuddin, while Sheikh Abdul Majid was the father of Sheikh Sayera Khatun and the maternal grandfather of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Sheikh Mujib and Begum Mujib's daughter, Sheikh Hasina, married M. A. Wazed in 1968 and adopted his surname, thus introducing the Wazed surname to the Sheikh family.[6]

Family tree[edit]

Early ancestors[edit]

Sheikh Awwal
Sheikh Zahiruddin
Sheikh Jan Mahmud
Sheikh Borhanuddin
Sheikh Taj MahmudSheikh EkramullahSheikh Qudratullah
Sheikh Zahir Hossain
Sheikh Abdul HamidSheikh Abdul RashidSheikh Abdul Majid
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Family of Sheikh Lutfar Rahman and Sheikh Sayera Khatun[edit]

Sheikh Zahir Hossain
Sheikh Abdul HamidSheikh Abdul Majid
Sheikh Lutfar RahmanSheikh Sayera Khatun[a]
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Bangabandhu)Sheikh FazilatunnesaSheikh Asia BegumSheikh Amena BegumAbdur Rab SerniabatSheikh Abu NaserBegum Razia Naser DollyKhadijah Hossain LilyATM Syed HossainSheikh Fatema Begum
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  1. ^ Sheikh Sayera Khatun and her husband were paternal first-cousins as their fathers were brothers.

Family of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Sheikh Fazilatunnesa[edit]

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Bangabandhu)Sheikh Fazilatunnesa[a]
Sheikh HasinaM. A. WazedSheikh KamalSultana KamalSheikh Jamal[b]Parveen Jamal RosySheikh Rehana[c]Shafiq Ahmed SiddiqSheikh Russel
Kristine O. WazedSajeeb WazedSaima WazedKhandakar Masrur HossainTulip Siddiq
  1. ^ Begum Mujib and Sheikh Mujib were paternal first-cousins as their fathers were brothers.
  2. ^ Sheikh Jamal’s father was the eldest brother of Khadijah Hossain Lily, the mother of his wife Parveen Jamal Rosy. Therefore they were first-cousins.
  3. ^ Sheikh Rehana is sister-in-law to Tarique Ahmed Siddique and niece-in-law to Ivy Rahman & President Zillur Rahman

Family of Sheikh Fatema Begum[edit]

Sheikh Fatema Begum
Ilias Ahmed Chowdhury[a]Sheikh Feroza Begum
Liton ChowdhuryNixon ChowdhuryMuntarin Chowdhury[b]
Nazora Chowdhury
  1. ^ Ilias Ahmed Chowdhury’s wife is the daughter of Sheikh Asia Begum, his mother’s sister. Therefore they were first-cousins.
  2. ^ Muntarin Chowdhury was married to Nixon Chowdhury until her death from falling from her apartment roof in 2014.

Family of Sheikh Asia Begum[edit]

Sheikh Asia Begum
Sheikh Fazlul Haque ManiArzu MoniSheikh Fazlul Karim SelimSheikh Reba RahmanNaziur Rahman ManzurSheikh Feroza Begum[a]Ilias Ahmed ChowdhurySheikh Sultana RekhaOmor Faruk ChowdhurySheikh Maruf HossainSanijda Rahman
Sheikh Fazle Noor TaposhSheikh Fazle Shams ParashSheikh Fazle FahimAndaleeve Rahman Partho[b]Sheikh Shaira RahmanLiton ChowdhuryNixon ChowdhuryMuntarin Chowdhury[c]Ishtiaq Ahmed ChowdhuryMuqtadir Ahmed ChowdhuryAbid Chowdhury
Nazora Chowdhury
  1. ^ Feroza Begum’s husband is the son of Sheikh Fatema Begum, her mother’s sister. Therefore they were first-cousins.
  2. ^ Andaleeve Rahman Partho's maternal grandmother, Sheikh Asia Begum, was the sister of his wife’s paternal grandfather Sheikh Abu Naser. Therefore they are second-cousins.
  3. ^ Muntarin Chowdhury was married to Nixon Chowdhury until her death from falling from her apartment roof in 2014.

Family of Sheikh Amena Begum and Abdur Rab Serniabat[edit]

Sheikh Amena BegumAbdur Rab Serniabat
Baby SerniabatAbul Hasanat AbdullahShahanara AbdullahBeauty SerniabatRina SerniabatAbul Khair AbdullahArif Serniabat
Sukanto Abdullah BabuSerniabat Sadiq Abdullah

Family of Sheikh Abu Naser and Begum Razia Naser Dolly[edit]

Sheikh Abu NaserBegum Razia Naser Dolly
Sheikh JewelSheikh HelalRupa ChowdhurySheikh RubelSheikh SohelSheikh TahminaSheikh FarhanaSheikh Belal
Ifrah Tonmoy[a]Sheikh TonmoySheikh Shaira Rahman[b]Andaleeve Rahman
  1. ^ Ifrah was married to Sheikh Tonmoy until their divorce
  2. ^ Sheikh Shaira Rahman's paternal grandfather, Sheikh Abu Naser was the brother of Andaleeve Rahman's grandmother Sheikh Asia Begum. Therefore they are second-cousins.

Family of Khadijah Hossain Lily and ATM Syed Hossain[edit]

Khadijah Hossain LilyATM Syed Hossain
Shelly Zaman[a]Hamida Wadud PolyMA WadudHabiba ZamanShahaduz ZamanATM Siddique HossainRaju HossainParveen Jamal Rosy[b]Sheikh Jamal
Jawadur Rahim WadudDipu MoniHasanuzzaman
  1. ^ ex-ambassador to Spain
  2. ^ Parveen Jamal Rosy’s mother was the youngest sister of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of her husband Sheikh Jamal. Therefore they were first-cousins.

Other relatives[edit]

  • Sheikh Abdul Rashid: He was the son of Sheikh Qudratullah, brother of both Sheikh Abdul Majid and Sheikh Abdul Hamid, paternal uncle of both Sheikh Lutfar Rahman and Sheikh Sayera Khatun, and paternal granduncle of both Sheikh Mujib and Begum Mujib. He was given the title of "Khan Saheb" by the erstwhile ruling British.[6]
  • Sheikh Mosharraf Hossain: He was a paternal uncle of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He was a member of the legislative assembly of Pakistan. He was given the title of “Khan Saheb” by the erstwhile ruling [ British Raj]. After independence he became a member of parliament from Gopalganj.
  • Sheikh Shahidul Islam: Nephew of Sheikh Fazilatunnesa and cousin of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
  • Shahid Serniabat: He was the nephew of Abdur Rab Serniabat and Sheikh Fazilatunnesa. He was Sheikh Hasina's first-cousin (through her mother) and also her second-cousin (since her parents were first-cousins, Shahid's father and her father were therefore first-cousins). He was killed along with his uncle and cousins in 1975.[9]
  • General Mustafizur Rahman: He was married to a cousin of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He served as the Chief of Army Staff from December 1997 to December 2000. General Rahman was one of the people (including his niece Sheikh Hasina) involved in the Mig-29 corruption scandal.
  • Sheikh Akram Hossain (Freedom Fighter and Politician) brother of Begum Fazilatunnesa and cousin of (Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib) & Uncle of Sheikh Hasina. Akram died in 2009. Leaving behind his children- Sheikh Milly, Sheikh Molly, Sheikh Hera & Sheikh Shafin they are first-cousins of Sheikh Hasina through Begum Fazilatunnesa Mujib. Washif Hossain & Sheikh Tanzid Islam (Grandsons of Sheikh Akram Hossain & Nephews of Sheikh Hasina)
  • Mominul Haque Khoka: He was a first-cousin of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (his mother was the sister of Sheikh Lutfar Rahman, Mujib's father) and a freedom fighter. Khoka died in 2014 at the age of 81 in Singapore, leaving behind a son and a daughter.[10] His daughter, Farhana Haque, is married to Romo Rouf Chowdhury (son of A. Rouf Chowdhury, the founder of Rangs Group) a Bangladeshi businessman.[11]

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