Shehanshah Hussain Naqvi

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Syed Shehanshah Hussain Naqvi
سید شہنشاہ حسین نقوی
TitleHujjat-ul-Islam Wal Muslimeen
Born1974 (age 49–50)
Other namesArabic: السيد شهنشاه الحسين النقوي
Persian: سید شهنشاه حسین نقوی
Muslim leader
Based inKarachi, Pakistan

Allama Syed Shehanshah Hussain Naqvi (Urdu: علامہ سید شہنشاہ حسین نقوی) is a Pakistani Shia scholar.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]


Syed Shehanshah Hussain Naqvi received his Islamic education from Qom, Iran.

Unity of the Islamic world[edit]

Syed Shehanshah Hussain Naqvi has underlined the need for the Muslims to forge unity, putting aside their differences to successfully fail the agendas of imperialist forces. He has emphasized the need for unity and fraternity among Sunni-Shia Muslims.[10]


Political views[edit]

Syed Shehanshah Hussain Naqvi has said that the message of Hussainiyat the path of Imam Hussain ibne Ali is the headspring of freedom, independence, and peace. He supports the liberty of Kashmir and Palestine, and says that international organizations must play their role in stopping atrocities in Kashmir, Palestine, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Qateef, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Rohingya. He believes no oppression can succeed against the spirit of Karbala, and that the oppressed will always be victorious. He claims that terrorism, injustice, corruption and obscenity are all un-Islamic forms of Yazeediyat and can be confronted by carrying the flag of Hussainiyat.[11][12][13]

On extremism[edit]

Syed Shehanshah Hussain Naqvi was one of the Islamic scholars who openly condemned and spoke against terrorists and terrorism when it was at its peak in Pakistan and most Islamic scholars were reluctant to speak about it. He took a stance and urged the Government to crush every terrorist network[14]

Majalis in Pakistan[edit]

Syed Shehanshah Hussain Naqvi addresses many majalis every year in Pakistan. During the first ashra (10 days) of Muharram he addresses different majalis in Karachi.[15][9] The prominent majalis of 1st ashra of Muharram in Karachi are:

  • Nishtar Park
  • Masjid e Babul Ilm
  • Imam Bargah Baqiyat Ullah
  • Aza Khana Zehra (s.a)
  • Ali Muttaqi Jafri House (Mehfil e Shah e Shaheedan or Imambargah Shah e Shaheedan)
  • Masjid e Imam E Zamana A.S Jamshoro

Majalis in foreign countries[edit]

Syed Shehanshah Hussain Naqvi also addresses majalis in different countries including United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherland, Italy etc.

Political interactions[edit]

He talks about the responsibilities of a religious leader based on sayings of Imam Ali (AS).[16]

He met with Prime Minister Imran Khan on 3rd Oct, 2019 in the Prime Minister Secretariat, Islamabad.[17]

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