Shartiya Mithay

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Shartiya Mithay
Written byBabu Baral
Directed byBabu Baral
Dada Ji
Abba Ji
Date premiered1990s
Place premieredLahore
Original languagePunjabi
SubjectBegging, marriage
SettingLahore theatre, early 1990s

Shartiya Mithay (شرطیہ مٹھے) (English: Guaranteed Sweet) is a famous and hit Punjabi comedy stage play. Cast includes Amanullah, Sohail Ahmed, Babu Baral, Zarqa Butt, Khalid Abbas Dar, Ashraf Rahi, Sohnia Abbas, Abid Khan and Sahbah.[1][2][3][4]

It was written and directed by Babu Baral, who also acted in the play.[5]



One of the two blind brothers. He and his brother want to get married but always get rejected because of their blindness.


The other blind brother.

Dada Ji

The Flirting grandfather of Chiraag and Roshan. He runs a Tuck shop and talks to a picture of "Sonali Bendre", wants to get married for the fourth time.

Abba Ji

Strict father of blind brothers, he wants to turn his sons into beggars.


A student of journalism who is writing a column on Beggars, a young girl who also wants to interview Roshan.



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