Shahudul Haque

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Shahudul Haque
শাহুদুল হক
Inspector General of Police of Bangladesh Police
In office
22 April 2003 – 14 December 2004
Preceded byMudabbir Hossain Chowdhury
Succeeded byAshraful Huda

Shahudul Haque is a former Inspector General of Police of Bangladesh Police during 2003–2004.[1] Earlier, he was an Army officer who later join Bangladesh Police.



In August 2003, AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik, an additional judge of the High Court, issued a notice of query on the then IGP Haque while drawing contempt proceedings against five police personnel.[2] According to Manik, a traffic policeman on duty did not salute, while his car passed in the Farmgate area in Dhaka earlier in June the same year.[2] Haque, in his clarification letter, mentioned that "a traffic policeman on duty is not obliged to salute anybody but a discretion is left to him to pay compliment to anybody without risking traffic accident. The duty of a driver is to obey the direction of the traffic policeman and he has no right to conduct a research as to whether the direction given by the traffic policeman is right or wrong".[2] This response triggered the High Court to put contempt charge against Haque himself.[2] In January 2004, the High Court found Haque guilty of gross misconduct in the contempt case against the judge as well as the court and fined him Tk 2,000.[3] Later on 8 December, he was convicted of contempt of court after the Supreme Court rejected his appeal petition against the conviction.[4] According to the legal experts, Haque stood dismissed from service since the relevant law says, "a public servant loses job for committing offences punishable with death, transportation or imprisonment for a term exceeding six months or with fines exceeding Tk 1,000 or both."[4][5][6][7] Government removed Haque from the IGP position on 14 December 2004 and put Ashraful Huda as the acting IGP.[8][9] Two days later, the government appointed Huda as the new IGP and the President of Bangladesh pardoned Haque by exempting him from the purview of Section 3 of Public Servants (Dismissal on Conviction) Ordinance, 1985.[10]

2004 Dhaka grenade attack case[edit]

In April 2004, Haque's term for the IGP office was extended for one more year.[11] During his term, the incident of 2004 Dhaka grenade attack occurred in August 2004 that killed 19 and injured over 200 others.[12][13] In October, Haque mentioned that "no international link has been found to the recent spate of bomb blasts", a claim that contradicted the government's one-member judicial commission, which hinted at the link of a "foreign enemy" to the attack.[14][15] In July 2011, 30 people were added to the supplementary charge sheets of the grenade attack case which included Haque's name.[16] Later in December, Haque had appealed to a Dhaka court to discharge him from the cases but it was rejected.[17][18] In March 2012, Haque was charged for assisting the killers financially and administratively to execute the attack and faced up to life-term imprisonment.[19][20] He was granted bail the next month.[21][22][23] In October 2018, Haque and another former IGP, Ashraful Huda, were sentenced to two years in jail and fined Tk 50,000 for harbouring the offenders.[24]


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