Shahid Hamid

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Shahid Hamid
Occupation(s)Politician, Senior Advocate
Known forGovernor of Punjab
Political partyPakistan Muslim League (N)
ParentHamid Nawaz (father)
RelativesZahid Hamid (brother)

Shahid Hamid (Punjabi, Urdu: شاہد حامد) is a Pakistani lawyer and former politician who served as the Governor of Punjab from 11 March 1997 to 18 August 1999, during Nawaz Sharif's second term in office as Prime Minister.[1][2] He was affiliated with the Pakistan Muslim League (N).[1] He is a lawyer by profession having studied from PULC, he is a senior advocate in the Supreme Court of Pakistan and is considered an authoritative legal and constitutional expert of the country.[3] He also served as the caretaker Defence Minister of Pakistan from 5 November 1996 to 17 February 1997.

Personal life[edit]

Shahid Hamid's father, Hamid Nawaz, was an activist of the Pakistan Movement and an admirer of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.[4][5] Hamid Nawaz also served in the Pakistan Army and retired as a Brigadier in 1975 and later served as an ambassador of Pakistan in various countries.[5] Hamid Nawaz died in 2009 at the age of 94.[4] Shahid's brother, Zahid Hamid, is also a politician who is a minister in Nawaz Sharif's third cabinet.[6] He belongs to Kakazai family of Pasrur.


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