Arif Nakai

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Arif Nakai
12th Chief Minister of Punjab
In office
13 September 1995 – 3 November 1996
GovernorRaja Saroop Khan
Preceded byManzoor Wattoo
Succeeded byManzoor Wattoo
Personal details
Died29 February 2000 (aged 70)
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Sardar Muhammad Arif Nakai (Punjabi: محمد عارف نکئی ) was a Punjabi politician from Pakistan and a former Chief Minister of Punjab.


He was born to a noble Jat family of the Nakai Misl, one of the twelve Misls of Sikh Confederacy. His great-grandfather Sardar Ishar Singh Nakai was born a Sikh and converted to Islam in 1879.[1] Sardar Ishar Singh was the youngest son of Sardar Kahan Singh Nakai, ruler of the Nakai Misl.[2]

He was elected a Member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab for four consecutive terms during 1985-88, 1988–90, 1990–93 and 1993–96; and also functioned as Minister for Revenue, Minister for Forests, Minister for Livestock & Dairy Development Department, Minister for Industries and Mineral Development and as Chief Minister of Punjab during 1995-96. He was father of three sons and a daughter. All three sons, Sardar Pervaiz Hasan Nakai, Sardar Muhammad Asif Nakai and Sardar Atif Nakai became politicians.

He died in Lahore on 29 February 2000, and is buried in his home village of Wan Adhen.[3]


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