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Fredegunde tries to kill Rigunth, 1887
Bornc. 569
Diedafter 589
HouseMerovingian dynasty
FatherChilperic I

Rigunth (c. 569 A.D. – after 589 A.D.), also known as Rigundis, was a Frankish princess, daughter of the Merovingian King Chilperic I and Fredegund.


Rigunth was the eldest child and only recorded daughter of Chilperic I and Queen Fredegund. About 583, she was betrothed to Recared, eldest son of Leovigild, King of the Visigoths. In September 584 she was sent to Spain in a convoy with a large treasure as dowry. During the journey King Chilperic died and the soldiers escorting the princess took everything they could steal and fled.[1] At Toulouse, Duke Didier seized what was left. The princess was returned to her mother in 585.[2]

She took refuge with her mother and led a life viewed as debauched. She often quarreled with her mother who failed in an attempt to kill her in 589.[3] Her date of death is unknown.

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