Respublica (Kazakh political party)

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Respublica Party
«Respublica» партиясы
LeaderAidarbek Qojanazarov
FounderAidarbek Qojanazarov
FoundedAugust 2022 (2022-08)
Registered18 January 2023 (2023-01-18)
IdeologySocial market economy
Open government
Pro-Tokayev reformism[2][3]
Youth politics[2]
Political positionCentre to centre-right
Colours    Blue
Slogan«New People – New Steps»
(Kazakh: «Жаңа Адамдар – Жаңа Қадамдар»)
6 / 98

The Respublica Party (Kazakh: «Respublica» партиясы, romanized: «Respublica» partiasy) is a political party in Kazakhstan, which was officially registered on 18 January 2023.


An agricultural producer, the head of the Olzha Agro company, Aidarbek Qojanazarov, became the chairman of the party. The co-chairs are entrepreneurs Syrymbek Tau, Ruslan Berdenov, Maxim Baryshev, Dinara Shukizhanova, Kuanysh Shonbai, Beibit Alibekov and Nurlan Koyanbaev.

The creation of the party was announced in August 2022. On 18 January 2023, the Respublica party received registration documents.[4]

On 25 January, the first regional branch was opened in the Kostanay Region. On 27 January, all 20 regional divisions of the party received registration.[5]


The aim of the party is to create levers of influence on the country's politics, so that every citizen of Kazakhstan feels involvement in political, social and economic changes.[6]


Kazakh political scientists Rakhim Oshakbaev[7] and Gaziz Zhaparov[8] positively assessed the party's chances of winning in the snap Kazakh parliamentary elections, which were scheduled for 19 March 2023.[9]

Electoral history[edit]

Mäjilis elections[edit]

Election Party leader Votes % Seats +/– Position Outcome
2023 Aidarbek Qojanazarov 547,154 10.90%
6 / 98
New 3rd Opposition[citation needed]


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