Rawd al-Jinan

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Rawd al-Jinan wa Ruh al-Janan (The Cool Breeze of Paradise and [God's] Breath for the Soul) also known as Tafsīr Abū al- Futūḥ is an exegesis on the Quran written by Abu l-Futuh al-Razi in the 6th A.H./12th century. The book, consisting of twenty volumes, is the earliest surviving Persian tafsīr with an Imāmī Shīʿī emphasis. It delves into mystical themes regularly.[1][2]

Early reception[edit]

Exegetical approach[edit]

Rawḍ al-jinān is an exhortatory commentary.[2][3]

Recognition of Sunni Tafsirs[edit]

Impact on later tafsir works[edit]


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