Rangpur Polytechnic Institute

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Rangpur Polytechnic Institute
Rangpur Polytechnic Institute
Former names
  • Baily Gobindo Technical School
  • Rangpur Technical School & College
  • Rangpur Technical Institute
  • Rangpur Polytechnic Institute
প্রযুক্তির জন্য এসো, প্রবৃদ্ধির জন্য বেড়িয়ে যাও
Established1882 (1882)
CampusUrban 32.9 acres (13.3 ha)

Rangpur Polytechnic Institute is a technical educational institution in Rangpur, Bangladesh.[1] It was established in 1882. It provides four year Diploma in Engineering Degree. Student who passed secondary school can enroll for studying Diploma in Engineering. After successfully completing four year Diploma in Engineering Degree student can apply for jobs where they will work as a Sub-Assistant Engineer.[2] Rangpur Polytechnic Institute is one of the most popular and largest polytechnic institute in Bangladesh.[3]


Since 1882 the British during the "District Council building", which is closer to the place, "Bailey Govinda Technical School" with the name of the institute is working. An expert on the technical education institutions have the manpower to make.

Now the campus of the name "Technical School and College in Rangpur, Rangpur." India and Pakistan were divided in 1962. The citizen and the Institute of Energy Technologies and its name "Rangpur Technical Institute" has been converted into.[4]

Departments and subjects[edit]

Rangpur Polytechnic Institute is offering Diploma in Engineering certification under 07 departments-

  • Civil Technology
  • Computer Technology
  • Electrical Technology
  • Electro -medical Technology
  • Electronics Technology
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Power Technology

Course and grading system[edit]

Diploma in Engineering certification is divided into eight semesters. Each semester have a specific course credit, and is evaluating under scale of 4.00. An Industrial Training is conducting at the last semester.


Rangpur Polytechnic Institute Campus
Rangpur Polytechnic Institute Campus

The campus of Rangpur Polytechnic Institute contains Academic buildings, Library, Workshop, Lab, Hostel, Playground, Lake and other facilities.

Student organizations[edit]

  • Bangladesh Student's League , Rangpur Polytechnic Unit
  • Rover Scout Group
  • Sports Association
  • Students Parliament

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