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Developer(s)Matthew Hamilton
Initial release2008
Written inC#
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows XP SP2 or higher
Platform.NET Framework 3.5 or higher, DirectX 8 or higher
Available inEnglish, Japanese
TypeAudio player

QuuxPlayer is a freeware audio player for Windows developed by Matthew Hamilton of Quux Software. It is designed principally for sound quality, simplicity and ease of use. QuuxPlayer can support large music libraries of 100,000 tracks or more, with the ability to load up to 30,000 tracks per minute. It also provides a tag editor, automatic downloads of album details, lyrics and reviews, and support for Internet radio and podcasts.

QuuxPlayer's download package is small, comprising a total of 1.6Mb including complete functionality. It has no skins, plugins or additional features unrelated to its function as an audio player and music manager.

Core features[edit]

  • 24-bit output with ASIO support
  • Music library management
  • Plays all major file formats including MP3, iTunes (AAC and Apple Lossless), OGG Vorbis, Windows Media and FLAC
  • Home theater features for visibility and control
  • 30 / 10 band graphic equalizer
  • Clipping warning and prevention
  • Chromatic spectrum analyzer
  • Mini-Player view
  • Internet radio tuner with 200+ built-in presets
  • Podcast download and organization


QuuxPlayer has recently been revised and re-released under new branding called AtomicPlayer. AtomicPlayer is similar in structure but has been rewritten to support the newest Windows audio stack, called WASAPI (Windows Audio Session API). AtomicPlayer requires Windows Vista or Windows 7 because this new audio infrastructure is offered in those versions. QuuxPlayer remains available as a legacy offering to support Windows XP and for ASIO support.

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