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FoundedNew York City 1993
HeadquartersNew York, New York, US
Key people
Josh Harris, Founder was an early streaming content service.[1] It was founded by Josh Harris, who broadcast an AM radio show solely dedicated to the Internet, after which tapes of the show would be carried 12 blocks from the WEVD Radio headquarters to 600 Broadway and uploaded to the internet. It soon evolved into a multi-show network and then further to different streaming channels; Pseudo webcast live audio and video webcasting as well as previously recorded material. Founded in New York in late 1993, Pseudo began to grow in the late 1990s after an influx of capital[2] and the advent of dial up internet taking hold with the general population, growing to a company with multiple streaming channels.[3]

Its parent company Pseudo Programs Inc. filed for bankruptcy following the dot-com bubble.[4] Its assets were purchased by INTV in 2001.[5] Harris claimed in 2008 that Pseudo had been a "fake company" and "the linchpin of a long form piece of conceptual art."[6]

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