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As of present, there are around 400 protected areas in Pakistan that are recognized by IUCN. The total protected land area represents 13% of Pakistan's landmass as of 2020, The Government of Pakistan plans to increase it to at least 15% by 2023.[1] As a signatory of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, Pakistan is committed to expanding its protected areas to encompass 17% of its total territory by the year 2030. This ambitious goal aims to ensure the long-term conservation of nature, safeguard vital ecosystem services, and preserve the cultural values associated with these protected areas.[2]


Category Total sites Total area Source site
National parks 26 1,191,323 ha
Wildlife sanctuaries 72 4,912,531 ha
Game reserves 66 3,026,842 ha
Ramsar protected wetlands 19 1,343,627 ha
Marine and littoral protected areas 9 1,186,437 ha
Biosphere reserves 2 66,000 ha

IUCN categories[edit]

IUCN Category Total sites
IUCN Category Ia: Strict nature reserves 0
IUCN Category Ib: Wilderness area 0
IUCN Category II: National parks 5
IUCN Category III: Natural monuments 0
IUCN Category IV: Wildlife sanctuaries 62
IUCN Category V: Protected landscapes/seascapes 5
IUCN Category VI: Managed resource protected area 2
Unclassified areas 83
All IUCN Categories 157

Types of protected areas[edit]

National parks[edit]

Wildlife sanctuaries[edit]

Game reserves[edit]

Protected wetlands[edit]

Protected and reserved forests[edit]

Biosphere reserves[edit]

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