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Pros Vs. Heroes

Pros Vs. Heroes is a flag football game produced by Motor Media. Pros Vs. Heroes is a fundraising platform created to raise money and awareness for charities.


The game has former NFL, current NFL, and other professional athletes travel around the country to play in flag football games against police officers, firefighters, armed forces and EMT personnel. The game was created in 2014 and is now expanding to different areas around the United States. Motor Media produces the games to raise money and give back to communities. Since its first game in June 2014, the program has raised money and awareness for several causes.

In the last year, five games have been played in the Pros Vs. Heroes series. The first and second game was played at Toms River North, New Jersey against the Toms River Force and South River Brave. The third game was played in Arizona against the Chandler Police Officers and Fire Department at Westwood High School. Recently, games were played in Seaside Heights, New Jersey during the Jersey Shore Festival where the Pros took on Homeland Security and the Toms River Police Department.

NFL players that have Participated[edit]

Pros Vs. Heroes First Game Against Toms River force

AFL players that have participated[edit]

  • Dan Garay (New York Dragons)
  • Donny Klein (Columbus Destroyers)
  • Will Holder (New York Dragons)

LFL players that have participated[edit]

Track & Field[edit]

  • Dan Johnson
  • Danielle Lynch


Toms River Police Department | South River Fire Department | Chandler Fire Department | Homeland Security |

Team Date
ProElite vs. Toms River Force June 2014
ProElite vs. South River Brave June 2014
ProElite vs. Chandler Police & Fire Dept. January 2015
ProElite vs. Homeland Security Guardians May 2015
ProElite vs. Toms River Force/Toms River Flame May 2015
ProElite vs. Toms River Force May 2016
ProElite vs. Toms River Force May 2017
ProElite vs. Toms River Force July 2018


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