Propaganda and Training Board

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Propaganda and Training Board
TypeBoard reporting to the Central Committee
HeadquartersSivilai Village, Xaythani District
Khamphanh Pheuyavong
Parent organization
Central Committee of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party

The Propaganda and Training Board of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party's Central Committee (LPRP) was established in 1951 as an organ of the Indochinese Communist Party, and established in its current form in 1964. It is responsible for organising and leading the party's propaganda work.

The Head of the Central Committee Propaganda and Training Board (Lao: ຫົວໜ້າ​ຄະນະ​ໂຄສະນາ​ອົບຮົມ​ສູນ​ກາງ​ພັກ) is by right of office member of the LPRP Central Committee. The current head, Khamphanh Pheuyavong, is a member of the 11th Central Committee and the 11th Secretariat.[1]

Organisational structure[edit]

  1. Administrative Office
  2. Department on Organisation and Personnel
  3. Department on Advertising
  4. Department on Training
  5. Department on General Affairs
  6. Department Journal
  7. Theoretical journal Alun Mai.


No. Name Akson Lao Took office Left office Gender
1 Sanan Soutthichak ສະນັ່ນ ສຸດທິ​ຈັກ 1964 1976 Male
2 Chanmi Douangboutdi ຈັນມີ ດວງບຸດດີ 1976 1980 Male
3 Maichantan Sengmani ໄມຈັນຕານ ແສງມະນີ 1980 1990 Male
4 Osakanh Thammatheva ໂອສະກັນ ທໍາມະເທວາ 1990 31 October 2004 Male
5 Mounkeo Oraboun ໝູນແກ້ວ ອໍລະບູນ November 2004 2005 Male
6 Sileua Bounkham ສີເຫຼືອ ບຸນຄ້ໍາ 2005 2006 Male
7 Phandouangchit Vongsa ພັນດວງຈິດ ວົງສາ 2006 2011 Male
8 Cheuang Sombounkhanh ເຈືອງ ສົມບູນຂັນ 2011 17 May 2014 Male
9 Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune ກິແກ້ວ ໄຂຄຳພິທູນ May 2014 2019 Male
10 Khamphanh Phommathat ຄໍາ​ພັນ ພົມ​ມະ​ທັດ 2019 4 February 2021 Male
11 Khamphanh Pheuyavong ຄໍາ​ພັນ ເຜີຍ​ຍະ​ວົງ 4 February 2021 Incumbent Male


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