Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery

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Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery
Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery Image From Postcard.jpg
Postcard showing entrance to Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery, c. 1907
Coordinates41°40′59″N 73°55′55″W / 41.6831°N 73.9320°W / 41.6831; -73.9320 (Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery)Coordinates: 41°40′59″N 73°55′55″W / 41.6831°N 73.9320°W / 41.6831; -73.9320 (Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery)
Size165 acres[1]
WebsiteOfficial website
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The Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery is a rural cemetery located in Poughkeepsie, New York and includes the gravesites of several notable figures.[2] It also has a crematory. The forty-four acres of land used for the cemetery were purchased by Matthew Vassar.[3]

Some of its architectural features were designed by J. A. Wood. His work includes the cemetery gates and gatehouse, the Frost Mausoleum, and a monument for Matthew Vassar's nephew, John Guy Vassar.[4]

Hamilton and Schuyler families[edit]

Several relatives of Alexander Hamilton, a Founding Father of the United States, are buried at the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery:

Notable burials[edit]

Other notable individuals interred at the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery include:


  1. ^ Cremated. Her ashes were scattered at her estate in Amenia, New York.


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