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The following lists of animation studios presents current and former organizations similar to artists studios but principally dedicated to the production and distribution of animated films. Such studios may be actual production facilities or corporate entities. The countries with the most listed, active studios, are Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and South Korea, but studios are found across all continents.

Active studios

Studio Country Founded Notes and sources
Sun Creature Studio Denmark 2014
Copenhagen Bombay Denmark 2006
Honeydew Studios Australia 2009
20th Century Animation United States 1994 Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company
Pūkeko Pictures New Zealand 2008
8-Bit Japan 2008
A Squared Entertainment United States 2009
A-1 Pictures Japan 2005 [1]
A. Film Production Denmark 1988
A.C.G.T Japan 2001
A.k.a. Cartoon Canada 1994
Aardman Animations United Kingdom 1972
Act3animation Australia 1992
Ajia-do Japan 1978
AKOM South Korea 1985
Ánima Estudios Mexico 2002
Huevocartoon Mexico 2001
Animaccord Animation Studio Russia 2008
Animafilm Romania 1964
Animal Logic Australia 1991 Subsidiary of Netflix
Animax Entertainment United States 2001
AIC Japan 1982
Animex Producciones Mexico 2000
Animonsta Studios Malaysia 2009
Animusic United States 1995
Ankama France 2001
Artland Japan 1978
Asahi Production Japan 1973
Asread Japan 2003
Assemblage Entertainment India 2013
Astley Baker Davies United Kingdom 1994
Atomic Cartoons Canada 1999
Augenblick Studios United States 1999
Avatar Studios United States 2021 A division of Nickelodeon centered on developing animated series and movies based on Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise.[2][3]
Bagdasarian Productions United States 1961
Bardel Entertainment Canada 1987 Subsidiary of Rainbow
Base FX China 2003
Bee Train Japan 1997
Bent Image Lab United States 2002
Bento Box Entertainment United States 2009
Big Bad Boo Canada 2005
Big Idea Entertainment United States 1989 Formerly GRAFx Studios
Bird Studios United Kingdom 2003
Blacknorth United Kingdom 2009
Blur Studio United States 1995
Blue-Zoo United Kingdom 2000
bolexbrothers United Kingdom 1991
BONES Japan 1998
Boulder Media Limited Ireland 2000
Brain's Base Japan 1996
Brown Bag Films Ireland 1994
Flickerpix Ireland 2003
Bullwinkle Studios United States 1948
Buzzco Associates United States 1974 Founded as Perpetual Motion Pictures in 1968 renamed Buzzco by Buzz Potamkin in 1982
C2C Japan 2006
Cake Entertainment United Kingdom 2002
Cartoon Network Studios United States 1994 Started as sub-division of Hanna-Barbera; Subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery
Cartoon Saloon Ireland 1999
Cartuna United States 2015
Charlex United States 1979
China Film Animation China 1999
CinéGroupe Canada 1974 Also has offices in Los Angeles, California, United States
Cinesite Canada/United Kingdom 1991
CloverWorks Japan 2018
Collingwood & Co. United Kingdom 1988
Copa Studio Brazil 2009
Creative Capers Entertainment United States 1989
Creative Power Entertaining China 2004
Crew972 Israel 2005
Cuckoo's Nest Studio Taiwan 1978 Also known as Hong Guang (宏廣) and Wang Film Productions
Cuppa Coffee Studio Canada 1992
The Curiosity Company United States 1999 Formerly known as The ULULU Company
Daume Japan 1986
David Production Japan 2007
Def2shoot France 2002
Digital Domain United States 1993 Purchased by Galloping Horse Studio in China
Digital Frontier Japan 2000
Diomedea Japan 2005
Dogakobo Japan 1973
Floyd County Productions United States 2009
Dong Woo Animation South Korea 1991
DR Movie South Korea 1990
DreamWorks Animation United States 1994 Subsidiary of Comcast
Eiken Japan 1969 Formerly known as Television Corporation of Japan
Ellipsanime France 1987 Formerly known as Le Studio Ellipse, Ellipse Programme and Ellipse Animation; property of Dargaud, Inc.
Estudio Haini Mexico 2003
Exceptional Minds United States 2011
Feel Japan 1999
FilmCow United States 2005
Felix the Cat Productions United States 1953
Film Roman, Inc. United States 1984
Floyd County Productions United States 2009
Flying Bark Productions Australia 1967
Folimage France 1981
Fred Wolf Films Dublin Ireland
United States
Frederator Studios United States 1997
Future Thought Productions India 1997
Fuzzy Door Productions United States 1996
G&G Entertainment South Korea 2000
Gainax Japan 1984
Gaumont Animation France 1997 Formerly known as Alphanim until 2009
Glitch Productions Australia 2017
Global Mechanic Canada 1995
GoHands Japan 2008
Gonzo Japan 1992
Grand Slamm Children's Films United Kingdom 1996
Green Gold Animation India 2001
Guru Studios Canada 2000
H5 France 1994
Hanho Heung-Up South Korea 1984
Haoliners Animation League China 2013
Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe United Kingdom 2007 Formerly known as Cartoon Network Studios Europe
Hong Ying Animation Taiwan 1986
Hoods Entertainment Japan 2009
Illuminated Film Company United Kingdom 1993
Illumination United States 2007 Subsidiary of Comcast
Image Engine Canada 1995 Partner of Cinesite
Imagin Japan 1992
IoM Media Ventures Halifax Canada 2004 Formerly Halifax Film Company, DHX Media Halifax and DHX Studios Halifax.
InlayFilm Russia 2007
Industrial Light & Magic United States 1975 Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company
icebox Animation United States 1999
Jam Filled Toronto Canada 1985 Formerly Dan Krech Productions, DKP Studios, Starz Animation, Arc Productions
Janimation United States 1993
J.C.Staff Japan 1987
JibJab United States 1999
Justin Roiland's Solo Vanity Card Productions! United States 2007
Kandor Graphics Spain 1992
Khara Japan 2006
Kharabeesh Jordan 2008
Kinema Citrus Japan 2008
King Rollo Films United Kingdom 1978
Klasky Csupo United States 1982
Koko Enterprises South Korea 1990
WAU Animation Malaysia 2013
Kurtz & Friends United States 1981
Kyoto Animation Japan 1981
LAIKA United States 2005
Lay-duce Japan 2013
Lee Mendelson Film Productions United States 1960
Lerche Japan 2011
Les Armateurs France 1994
Liden Films Japan 2012
Light Chaser Animation Studios China 2013
Littlenobody United Kingdom 2004
Locksmith Animation United Kingdom 2014
LTL Production United Kingdom 2009
Lucasfilm Animation United States 2003 Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company; Lucasfilm Animation Singapore closed in 2023
Lumicel Animation Studios India 2009
Mac Guff France
United States
Madhouse Japan 1972
Magic Bus Japan 1977
Magic Light Pictures United Kingdom 2003
Makuta VFX India 2010
MAPPA Japan 2011
Marvel Animation United States 2008 Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company
Marvel Studios Animation United States 2021 Division of Marvel Studios.[4]
Marza Animation Planet Japan 2005
Melnitsa Animation Studio Russia 1999
Mercury Filmworks Canada 1997
Millepensee Japan 2013
Millimages France 1990
Mirari Films United States 1999
Mondo Media United States 1988
Mondo TV Italy 1985
Mook Animation Japan 1986
Moonbug Entertainment United Kingdom 2018
MTV Animation United States 1986 Subsidiary of Paramount Global
Myrkott Animation Studio Saudi Arabia 2014
National Film Board of Canada Canada 1939
Nelvana Canada 1971
Netflix Animation United States 2018
Nexus Studios United States
United Kingdom
Nickelodeon Animation Studio United States 1990 Subsidiary of Paramount Global; formerly known as Games Animation.
Nitrogen Studios Canada 2003
Nippon Animation Japan 1962
Nomad Japan 2003
NUT Japan 2017
nWave Pictures Belgium 1994
O Entertainment United States 1990
Oh! Production Japan 1970
OLM, Inc. Japan 1995
Orange Japan 2004
Ordet Japan 2007
P.A. Works Japan 2000
Paramount Animation United States 2011 Subsidiary of Paramount Global; Paramount's return to having its own animated division for the first time since 1967, when Paramount Cartoon Studio was closed.
Passion Pictures United States
United Kingdom
Passione Japan 2013
Pearl Studio China 2012 Formerly Oriental DreamWorks.[5]
Pentamedia Graphics India 1998
Petersburg Animation Studio Russia 2003
The People's Republic of Animation Australia 2003
Piranha NYC United States 2009
Pixar United States 1986 Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company; made the first computer-animated feature film, Toy Story
Plastic Wax Australia 1997
Plus One Animation South Korea 1991
Polygon Pictures Japan 1983
Post Amazers Pakistan 2002
Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc. United States 2001
Premavision/Clokey Productions United States 1955
Production I.G Japan 1987
Production Reed Japan 1975 Formally known as Ashi Production
Psyop United States 2000
Ragdoll Productions United Kingdom 1984
Rainbow S.p.A. Italy 1994 Co-owned by Paramount Global from 2011-2023[6]
Rainmaker Entertainment Canada 1991 Formerly Mainframe Entertainment
Red Kite Animation United Kingdom 1997
Reel FX Creative Studios United States 1993
Renegade Animation United States 1992
Renga Media United Kingdom 1995
Rooster Teeth United States 2003 Film and animation studio that produces animated shows in 2D, 3D and machinima for predominantly online audience; Subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery
Rough Draft Studios United States
South Korea
Rubicon Group Holding Jordan 2004
Saerom Animation South Korea 1987
Sanzigen Japan 2006
Satelight Japan 1995
Sav! The World Productions France 1998
Savage Studios Ltd. United States 1992
Screen Novelties United States 2000
SEK Studio North Korea 1957
Seven Arcs Japan 2002
Silver Link Japan 2007
Skycron Canada 2001
Skydance Animation Madrid Spain 2002 Formerly known as Ilion Animation Studios
Shademaker Productions United States 2010
ShadowMachine United States 1999
SHAFT Japan 1975
Shanghai Animation Film Studio China 1957
Shin-Ei Animation Japan 1976
Six Point Harness United States 2003
Slap Happy Cartoons Canada 2004
SLR Productions Australia 2002 [7]
Smallfilms United Kingdom 1959
Sony Pictures Animation United States 2002 Subsidiary of Sony
Sony Pictures Imageworks United States 1992 Subsidiary of Sony; visual effects & animation studio; provides animation for most of Sony Pictures Animation's films
Soyuzmultfilm Russia 1936
Sparky Animation Singapore 2006
Tiny Island Productions Singapore 2002
Sparx* China
1995 HQ in France.
SpindleHorse Toons United States 2018
Spite Your Face Productions United Kingdom 1999
Splash Entertainment United States 1992 Formerly Mike Young Productions (UK), and MoonScoop US.
Spümtwo United States 2016 Formerly known as Spümcø, which shut down in 2005, but was later revived in 2016 as Spümtwo.[8]
Spy Pictures United Kingdom 1999
Stoopid Buddy Stoodios United States 1999
Straandlooper United Kingdom ?
Stretch Films United States 1991
Studio 4°C Japan 1986
Studio AKA United Kingdom 1989
Studio Bind Japan 2018
Studio Chizu Japan 2011
Studio Comet Japan 1986
Studio DEEN Japan 1975
Studio Gallop Japan 1972
Studio Ghibli Japan 1984
Studio Gokumi Japan 2010
Studio Hibari Japan 1979
Studio Liddell United Kingdom 1996
Studio Mir South Korea 2010
Studio Mother Japan 2019
Studio Pierrot Japan 1979
Studio Ponoc Japan 2015
Sunrise Japan 1972
Sunrise Productions South Africa 2003
Sunwoo Entertainment South Korea 1974
SynergySP Japan 1998
Tatsunoko Productions Japan 1962
Tau Films United States 2014
Tezuka Productions Japan 1968
The Animation Picture Company United States 2006
The Line (animation studio) United Kingdom 2013
Titmouse United States 1999
TMS Entertainment Japan 1946
TNK Japan 1999
Toei Animation Japan 1948
Toon City Philippines 1993
ToonBangla Bangladesh 2005
ToonBox Entertainment Canada 2008
TRIGGER Japan 2011
Triggerfish Animation Studios South Africa 1996
Troyca Japan 2013
TV PinGuim Brazil 1989
TYO Animations Japan 2009
Ufotable Japan 2000
Universal Animation Studios United States 1991 Formerly known as Universal Cartoon Studios; Subsidiary of Comcast
Vabihav Studios India 2003
Vanguard Animation United States 2002
Vasoon Animation China 1992
Video Brinquedo Brazil 1994
Walt Disney Animation Studios United States 1923 Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company; founded after Disney's earlier venture Laugh-O-Gram went bankrupt.
Walt Disney Television Animation United States 1985 Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company
Walt Disney Television International Japan Japan 2008 Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company
Wang Film Productions Taiwan 1978
Warner Bros. Animation United States 1980 Subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery
Warner Bros. Pictures Animation United States 2013 Subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery
Weston Woods Studios United States 1953
Wētā FX New Zealand 1993
White Fox Japan 2007
WildBrain Ltd. Canada 2006 Formerly DHX Media Ltd.
WildBrain Spark Studios United Kingdom 2016 Formerly WildBrain Studios. Division of WildBrain Spark
WildBrain Studios Canada 2016 Formerly DHX Studios Vancouver. Merger of former Studio B Productions and Nerd Corps Entertainment assets.
Williams Street Studios United States 1994 Formerly Ghost Planet Industries; Subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery
Wit Studio Japan 2012
Wizart Animation Russia 2007
Worker Studio United States 2009
Xilam France 1999
Xyzoo Animation South Africa 1991
Yeson Entertainment South Korea 1993
Yowza! Animation Canada 1996
Zagreb Film Yugoslavia 1953
Zexcs Japan 1998
Zinkia Entertainment Spain 2001

Defunct studios

Studio Country Founded Notes and sources
Mr. Big Cartoons Australia ?
Burbank Animation Studios Australia 1982–2008
Adelaide Productions United States 1993–2021 Formerly named Columbia TriStar Children's Television and Columbia TriStar Animation. Currently dormant.
Freelance Animators New Zealand New Zealand 1989-?
Adventure Cartoon Productions United States 1962(?)–1966(?)
Allspark Animation United States 2014–2020 Defunct division of Allspark, a defunct subsidiary of Hasbro. Folded alongside the main company into Entertainment One.
Amblimation United Kingdom 1989–1997 The animation production arm of Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment. Folded into DreamWorks Animation. Vacant studio became Access Self-Storage.
Animation Collective United States 2003–2014
A.P.P.P. Japan 1984–2021
Arms Corporation Japan 1996–2020
Bakshi Productions/Ralph's Spot United States 1972[9]
Barré Studio United States 1914–1923 After 1917 called Bud Fisher Films Corporation.
Belvision Belgium 1956–2005
Bill Melendez Productions United States 1962–2006
Bird Studios United Kingdom 2003–?
BKN International Germany 1999–2009 Former International division of Bohbot Entertainment which split and purchased assets from its former parent company in 2001. Filed for insolvency in 2009
BKN New Media United Kingdom
2000–2009 UK/Spanish animation studio/subsidiary of BKN International. Shuttered alongside its parent company.
Bohbot Entertainment United States 1985–2001 Also known as BKN in its later years. Assets sold and merged with its International division in 2001.
BRB International Spain 1972–2022
Bray Productions United States 1913–1927
Blue Sky Studios United States 1987–2021 Defunct subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Closed in April 2021 by Disney due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on all of its business operations.
Burbank Films Australia Australia 1981–1988
Jumbo Pictures United States 1988–2000 Folded into Walt Disney Television Animation
Cartoon Pizza United States 2001–2015 Currently dormant
Chuck Jones Productions United States 1971–1995
Cinar Corporation Canada 1976–2004 Reincorporated as Cookie Jar Entertainment.
Circle 7 Animation United States 2004–2006 Defunct subdivision of Walt Disney company
Clockwork Zoo Animation South Africa 2008–2010 Formerly Octagon CSI.
CMTB Animation United Kingdom 1981-1991
Colossal Pictures United States 1976–1999
Cookie Jar Group Canada 1976–2014 Formerly Cinar, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Cosgrove Hall Films United Kingdom 1976–2009 ITV owners wound down after purchase.
Créativité & Développement France 1987–1996 Assets purchased by Saban Entertainment.
Crest Animation Productions India
United States
1986–2013 Folded by Splash Entertainment.
Crest Animation Studios India 1990–2013 Folded by Splash Entertainment.
Curious Pictures United States 1978–2014 Formerly Stowmar Enterprises and Broadcast Arts.
Danger Productions United States 1990-1998
Decode Entertainment Canada 1997–2010's Merged with Halifax Film. Later renamed to DHX Media Toronto before closure of animation division.
DePatie-Freleng Enterprises United States 1963–1981 Re-organized as Marvel Productions.
DIC Audiovisuel France 1971–1987 Separated when Andy Heyward purchased DIC's operations from RTL and made their US offices the main base of operations. French offices re-incorporated into Créativité & Développement
DIC Entertainment United States 1982–2008 Founded as DIC Enterprises and later named DIC Productions. Purchased and folded by Cookie Jar Entertainment in 2008
Dingo Pictures Germany 1993 Founded as Media Concept, in 2019 original owner died and assets were given to friends. In 2021 a research team took over Dingo Pictures.
DisneyToon Studios United States 1990–2018 Defunct subdivision of Walt Disney Company
DisneyToon Studios Australia Australia 1988–2006 Also known as Walt Disney Animation Australia
DNA Productions United States 1987–2006 Became Reel FX Animation Studios.
DUCK Studios United States 1972–2015 Folded into Noble Animation.
Dygra Films Spain 1987–2012
Fatkat Canada 1999–2009
Filmation United States 1963–1989 Folded by L'Oreal, assets now owned by DreamWorks Animation through DreamWorks Classics
FilmFair United States
United Kingdom
1968–1996 US operations purchased by the Altschul Group Corporation in 1992, UK operations purchased by Cinar in 1996
Fine Arts Films United States
United Kingdom
Fleischer Studios
(Inkwell Studios/Famous Studios/Paramount Cartoon Studios)
United States 1921–1967 Name changed in 1928, 1942, 1956.
Flicks Films United Kingdom 1973-1991
Format Films United States 1959
Fox Animation Studios United States 1994–2000 See also: 20th Century Fox Animation above
Games Animation United States 1990
George Pal Studio United States 1940–1948 Stop-motion animation only.
Geek Toys Japan 2017-2023 Merged with its parent company, Geek Pictures.
Golden Films United States 1990-2004
Grantray-Lawrence Animation United States 1954–1967
Group TAC Japan 1968–2010
Gaumont British Animation United Kingdom 1946–1950
Gunther-Wahl Productions United States 1992-2001
H-Gun United States 1988–2001
Hal Film Maker Japan 1993–2009 Merged with Yumeta Company into TYO Animations.
Halas and Batchelor United Kingdom 1940–1986
Hanna-Barbera United States 1957–2001 Folded into Cartoon Network Studios; defunct subdivision of AT&T
Harman-Ising Productions United States 1930–1960
HIT Entertainment United Kingdom
United States
1982–2016 Folded into Mattel Creations; defunct subdivision of Mattel
HOT Animation United Kingdom 1997-2012
Huhu Studios New Zealand 1996-2022 Defunct since December 2022
ImageMovers Digital United States 2009–2011 Joint-venture between ImageMovers and The Walt Disney Company. Folded after Mars Needs Moms bombed at the box office
Imagi Animation Studios United States / China / Japan 2000–2010
International Film Service United States 1915–1918
Jack Kinney Productions United States 1960–1963
Jay Ward Productions United States 1958–1984
John Lemmon Films United States 1984–2018
John Sutherland Productions United States 1945–1991[10][11]
Larry Harmon Pictures United States 1958–1962
Jetix Animation Concepts United States 2004-2009 Label of Walt Disney Television Animation
Jetlag Productions United States
Kyivnaukfilm USSR 1941–1998
Kroyer Films United States 1986–1994 Studio inactive as of 1994.
Lacewood Canada 1988-1998
Laugh-O-Gram Studio United States 1921–1923 Walt Disney's first animation venture, which didn't last long.
Little Airplane Productions United States 1999-2023
Lucasfilm Animation Singapore Singapore 2003–2023
Leon Schlesinger Productions/Warner Bros. Cartoons, Inc./Warner Bros Seven Arts United States 1933–1964
Schlesinger sold the studio to Warner Bros in 1944, in 1964 the studio closed down, and reopened briefly in 1967 to close down in 1969.
Manglobe Japan 2002–2015
Marathon Media Group France 1990-2016 Subsidiary of Zodiak Entertainment, folded after Zodiak Media merged with the Banijay Group
March Entertainment Canada 1996-early 2010s
Mathematical Applications Group, Inc. United States 1966 Also known as MAPI
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio United States 1937–1957
MGM Animation United States 1993–1999 Dormant since 1999; defunct subdivision of MGM Holdings
MGM Animation/Visual Arts/Sib Tower 12 Productions United States 1962–1970
MOM Production Japan 1959-1969
MoonScoop Group France 2003-2014 Filed for administration in 2013. Assets now owned by Dargaud, while US operations were separated as Splash Entertainment
Mushi Production Japan 1961–1973 A new studio with the same name was established in 1977 and is still active.
Nerd Corps Entertainment Canada 2002-2016 Purchased by DHX Media in 2014, folded into DHX Studios Vancouver in 2016
Omation Animation Studio United States 2002-2013
Noyes & Laybourne United States 1978–1991 Folded into Colossal Pictures.
Pacific Data Images United States 1980–2015 Closed by DreamWorks Animation.
Pannónia Film Studio Hungary 1951–2015
Perpetual Motion Pictures United States 1968-1982 Renamed Buzzco Associates by Buzz Potamkin in 1982
Phoenix Animation Studios United States 1987-1998
Pilot Studio Russia 1988–?
PorchLight Entertainment United States 1995-2011 defunct subdivision of PorchLight Worldwide, Inc.
The Pygos Group Switzerland 1979-2001
Radicial Axis United States 2000–2021
Radix Ace Entertainment Japan 1995-2006
Rankin/Bass Animated Entertainment United States 1960–1987 Founded as VideoCraft International. Folded by Telepictures Corporation. Pre-1974 library owned by DreamWorks Animation through DreamWorks Classics, Post-1974 library owned by Warner Bros.
Rembrandt Films Czechoslovakia 1949-1970 Operated in Prague by Americans.
Rhythm and Hues Studios United States 1987-2013
Richard Williams Studio Ltd. United Kingdom 1958–1992
Ruby-Spears Productions United States 1977–1996 Studio inactive as of 1996.
Saban Entertainment United States-Israel 1983–2002 Purchased by Disney in 2001 as part of the Fox Family Worldwide purchase. Currently legally known as BVS Entertainment
Se-ma-for Poland 1947–2018
SIP Animation France 1977–2009 Founded as Saban International Paris. Separated from Saban in 2001 after Disney buyout, stake purchased by Disney in 2002 and renamed to SIP Animation in the same year. Filed for liquidation and closed in 2009
Skellington Productions United States 1986–1998 Renamed as Skellington in 1992.
Soup2Nuts United States 1993–2015 Formerly named Tom Snyder Productions
Spectrum Animation Japan 1988-1998
Spümcø United States 1989-2005 Became Spümtwo.
Studio B Productions Canada 1988-2016 Purchased by DHX Media in 2007, renamed to DHX Media Vancouver in 2010, folded into DHX Studios Vancouver in 2016.
Studio Ekran Russia 1968–1994
Studio Fantasia Japan 1983–2016
Sullivan-Bluth Studios Ireland
United States
Sunbow Entertainment United States 1980-2004 Purchased by Sony Wonder in 1998 and then TV-Loonland AG in 2000, folded into the latter in 2004
Terrytoons United States 1928–1968
Topcraft Japan 1971-1985 Became Studio Ghibli
Total Television United States 1960–1968
Tradition Studios United States 2009–2012 Absorbed into Digital Domain
Turner Feature Animation United States 1991–1996 Folded into Warner Bros. Feature Animation
TV-Loonland AG Germany 1989–2009 First known as TMO-Film and later TMO-Loonland. Filed for insolvency in 2009, majority of former assets now owned by M4E AG
TVC Cartoons Canada
Ub Iwerks Studio/Cartoons Films Inc United States 1930–1936 Iwerks sold the studio in 1936, but the studio continued to produce animation commercials into the mid-1940s.
United Productions of America United States 1943–2000 Also known as UPA
Van Beuren Studios United States 1928–1936
Varga Studio Hungary 1988–2005
Walt Disney Animation Canada Canada 1996–2000 Defunct subdivision of Walt Disney Television Animation
Walt Disney Animation France France 1986–2003 Founded as Brizzi Films, Defunct subdivision of Walt Disney Television Animation
Walt Disney Animation Japan Japan 1984–2004 Founded as Pacific Animation. Defunct subdivision of Walt Disney Television Animation
Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida United States 1989–2004 Became a general satellite studio of Walt Disney Animation Studios, founded after earlier venture Disney's Hollywood Studios went bankrupt and for additional output.
Walter Lantz Productions United States 1929–1948
Universal now owns the library.
Warner Bros. Feature Animation United States 1994–2004 Folded into Warner Bros. Animation
WildBrain Entertainment United States 1994-2015 Folded into DHX's other operations, name reused for a streaming service and eventually the rebranding of DHX
Will Vinton Studios United States 1979–2005 Became LAIKA.
Winkler Pictures*/Charles Mintz Studios**/Screen Gems Studio*** United States 1921–1946 *Also known as M.J. Winkler Productions and Robert Winkler Productions
**Re-organization in 1929
***Re-organization in 1940
Xebec Japan 1995-2019 Absorbed into Sunrise
Zodiac Entertainment United States 1989-1994

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