Philippine half-centavo coin

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Half centavo
Value0.005 Philippine peso
Diameter17.5 mm
Years of minting1904–1908
DesignFigure of a man seated beside an anvil holding a hammer and Mt. Mayon, year of minting
Design date1904
DesignSeal of the United States of America
Design date1904

The Philippine half-centavo coin (½¢), a denomination of Philippine currency, was issued when the Philippines was under US administration. It bears the names of both countries: Filipinas (the Spanish name of the Philippines) and the United States of America.[1]

Filipino sculptor Melecio Figueroa was hired to design the coin. It features a man with a hammer and anvil, seating in front of Mayon Volcano.[2]

In 1903 and 1904, the US mint at Philadelphia struck bronze-minted half-centavo coins for circulation.[3] Eventually, the coin was withdrawn from circulation because it was rejected by Filipinos for its low value. After 1908, all remaining half centavos were melted.[4]


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