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Per mille
In UnicodeU+2030 PER MILLE SIGN (‰)
See alsoU+0025 % PERCENT SIGN
U+2031 PER TEN THOUSAND SIGN (Basis point)
Visualisation of 1%, 1‰, 1‱, 1 pcm and 1 ppm as fractions of the large block (larger version)

Per mille (from Latin per mīlle, "in each thousand")[1] is an expression that means parts per thousand.[2] Other recognised spellings include per mil,[2] per mill,[1][3] permil,[1] permill,[1] or permille.[4][5]

The associated sign is written , which looks like a percent sign % with an extra zero or o in the divisor.

The term occurs so rarely in English[citation needed] that major dictionaries do not agree on the spelling[1][2][3] and some major dictionaries such as Macmillan[6] do not even contain an entry. The term is more common in other European languages where it is used to express fractions smaller than 1%. One common usage is blood alcohol content, which is usually expressed as a percentage in English-speaking countries.

Per mille should not be confused with parts per million (ppm).

Computer systems[edit]

The code point for the glyph is included in the General Punctuation block of Unicode characters: U+2030 PER MILLE SIGN.[4] It may be typed using Alt+0137, Compose%o, Ctrl+⇧ Shift+u 2030, or ⌥ Option+⇧ Shift+r according to operating system.

Note that for the compose key sequence the percent key (%) is followed by lower case letter o and not, as might be expected, by digit 0.[7]


A railroad distance and gradient sign in Gdańsk, Poland. The 50‰ grade is equivalent to 5%.
A tram and gradient sign in Gdańsk, Poland. The 50‰ grade is equivalent to 5%.

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