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Type of site
Digital newspaper
Available inEnglish
Founded2014; 9 years ago (2014)
HeadquartersKarachi, Pakistan
Area servedPakistan
OwnerYasir Shirazi
Irfan Burney
Written inEnglish, Urdu

Parhlo is a daily digital newspaper published in both English and Urdu languages. News articles on current affairs on Parhlo are published from a number of different cities on a daily basis simultaneously. takes an unorthodox outlook on traditional journalism in Pakistan, encouraging citizen journalism via crowd-sourced content.[1][2][3]


Founded by Yasir Shirazi, Faiza Zafar and Irfan Burney, who teamed up with Shoaib Shamsi in 2014, Parhlo was a test-project for creating a youth-based publishing brand in Pakistan. began when Yasir identified a lack of space for young writers in the publishing industry.[4]

Content categories[edit]

Parhlo's 'Your Voice' features public provided content from all around the world. People bring their issues and opinions on different topics, including those regarded as taboo, onto the national stage through Parhlo's audience across different social media platforms. In the last 4 years, more than 8,500 writers have submitted their personal experiences, stories, and op-eds to[5]

Apart from content submitted to its domain, Parhlo produces its own content on social issues, politics, entertainment, sports, business, technology, food, and many other categories.[6][7][8]

Popular articles and Press coverage[edit]

Since its founding in 2014, Parhlo has grown in visibility within traditional and social media in Pakistan. Exclusive stories featured on Parhlo have been further shared by other publishing houses such as Dawn Aurora, Daily Pakistan,, ARY News, and many others.[1][4][6]

Some of the prominent articles by Parhlo include a satire piece on Humayun Saeed, playing the role of Islamabad in Money Heist. The article made Humayun Saeed respond to Parhlo.[9] Other prominent articles and feats include Parhlo's coverage of the India-Pakistan standoff in February 2019.[10] Parhlo has featured dozens of Pakistani celebrities in exclusive interviews, coverage and by promoting their work. Parhlo is widely cited by authors and writers in their work. The category that Parhlo is best known for is covering topics that traditional media has shied away from.[2]


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