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Pakistani comics
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Pakistani comics (Urdu: پاکستانی کامکس) are comics or graphic novels originating from Pakistan. It have been started publishing from long time and Pakistani comics creators have gone to produce influential work in the comics industry.


After independence, comics are only used for politics and social issues.[1] There was no professional comic artist but cartoonists started making it for newspaper articles.

In 21st century, artists started creating comic books. Some new characters and superheroes arose.[2]

Notable Pakistani comic book artists[edit]

Notable Pakistani comic book illustrators and publishers include Nigar Nazar,[3] Farooq Qaiser, Jawed Iqbal, and Yusuf Lodhi.


No. Book Writer(s) Publisher
1 Paasban – The Guardians (2015)[4] Gauher Aftab CFx Comics (Creative Frontiers)
2 Zindan: The Last Ansaars (2015)[5] Omar Mirza
Khurram Methabin
Kachee Goliyan
3 Umru Ayar (2013)[6] Hasan Ansari Kachee Goliyan
4 Team Muhafiz (2015) Imran Azhar AzCorp
5 Pakistan Man (2013)[7] Hassan Sohail Siddiqui HS comics
6 Pakistan Girl (2017)[8] Hassan Sohail Siddiqui HS comics
7 Blood Lines (2017)[9] Mehran Khan Crucible studios
8 KODA (2015)[10] Mudassar But[11] Comic Con Pk
9 Paak Legion (2017)[12] Umair Najeeb Khan UNK


  • Karachi Comic Con
  • Comic Con PK
  • ComicCon Lahore[13]
  • TwinCon[14]

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