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Basketball commemorating 2002 Hall of Honor inductees

The Pac-12 Conference Hall of Honor recognizes former athletes and coaches who have made a significant impact to the tradition and heritage of the Pac-12 Conference.[1][2] Established in 2002, one honoree is selected by each member institution in the conference annually.[3][4] The inductions occur during the Pac-12 Conference men's basketball tournament.[3] The Hall of Honor was originally limited to men's basketball, until it was opened to other sports in 2018.[5] The conference was named the Pacific-10 before it expanded in the 2011–12 season with Colorado and Utah.

Year Name School Sport Ref
2002 Sean Elliott Arizona Men's basketball
Byron Scott Arizona State
Pete Newell California
John Dick Oregon
Gary Payton Oregon State
Hank Luisetti Stanford
John Wooden UCLA
Bill Sharman USC
Bob Houbregs Washington
Craig Ehlo Washington State
2003 Steve Kerr Arizona Men's basketball
Ned Wulk Arizona State
Kevin Johnson California
Howard Hobson Oregon
Slats Gill Oregon State
Todd Lichti Stanford
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar UCLA
Tex Winter USC
Marv Harshman Washington
Jack Friel Washington State
2004 Khalid Reeves Arizona Men's basketball [3]
Fat Lever Arizona State
Jason Kidd California
Ron Lee Oregon
Mel Counts Oregon State
Howie Dallmar Stanford
Walt Hazzard UCLA
Bob Boyd USC
James Edwards Washington
George Raveling Washington State
2005 Pete Williams Arizona Men's basketball [3]
Joe Caldwell Arizona State
Darrall Imhoff California
Blair Rasmussen Oregon
Ed Lewis Oregon State
Rich Kelley Stanford
Gail Goodrich UCLA
John Rudometkin USC
Jack Nichols Washington
Gene Conley Washington State
2006 Damon Stoudamire Arizona Men's basketball [3]
Lionel Hollins Arizona State
Andy Wolfe California
Jim Loscutoff Oregon
Ralph Miller Oregon State
Adam Keefe Stanford
Don Barksdale UCLA
Mo Layton USC
Steve Hawes Washington
James Donaldson Washington State
2007 Chris Mills Arizona Men's basketball [3]
Eddie House Arizona State
Russ Critchfield California
Dick Harter Oregon
Steve Johnson Oregon State
George Yardley Stanford
Jamaal Wilkes UCLA
Ron Riley USC
Christian Welp Washington
Vince Hanson Washington State
2008 Miles Simon Arizona Men's basketball [3]
Alton Lister Arizona State
Charles Johnson California
Terrell Brandon Oregon
Red Rocha Oregon State
Tom Dose Stanford
Marques Johnson UCLA
Paul Westphal USC
Louie Nelson Washington
Mark Hendrickson Washington State
2009 Lute Olson Arizona Men's basketball [3]
Royce Youree Arizona State
Nibs Price California
Greg Ballard Oregon
Paul Valenti Oregon State
Jim Pollard Stanford
Michael Warren UCLA
Gus Williams USC
Detlef Schrempf Washington
Isaac Fontaine Washington State
2010 Mike Bibby Arizona Men's basketball
Jeremy Veal Arizona State
Earl Robinson California
Kenya Wilkins Oregon
Dave Gambee Oregon State
John Arrillaga Stanford
Reggie Miller UCLA
John Block USC
Eldridge Recasner Washington
Paul Lindemann Washington State
2011 Michael Dickerson Arizona Men's basketball [3]
Isaac Austin Arizona State
Bob McKeen California
Charlie Warren Oregon
Charlie White Oregon State
Brevin Knight Stanford
Don MacLean UCLA
Harold Miner USC
Todd MacCulloch Washington
Ray Sundquist Washington State
2012 Richard Jefferson Arizona Men's basketball
Kurt Nimphius Arizona State
Lamond Murray California
Burdette Haldorson Colorado
Jim Barnett Oregon
A. C. Green Oregon State
George Selleck Stanford
Ed O'Bannon UCLA
Sam Barry USC
Arnie Ferrin Utah
George Irvine Washington
Steve Puidokas Washington State
2013 Jason Gardner Arizona Men's basketball
Dennis Hamilton Arizona State
Shareef Abdur-Rahim California
Cliff Meely Colorado
Chuck Rask Oregon
Charlie Sitton Oregon State
Ron Tomsic Stanford
Lucius Allen UCLA
Forrest Twogood USC
Keith Van Horn Utah
Nate Robinson Washington
Jim McKean Washington State
2014 Luke Walton Arizona Men's basketball
Verl Heap Arizona State
Dave Butler California
Ken Charlton Colorado
Fred Jones Oregon
Lee Harman Oregon State
Mark Madsen Stanford
Tyus Edney UCLA
Wayne Carlander USC
Billy McGill Utah
Brandon Roy Washington
Ed Gayda Washington State
2015 Fred Snowden Arizona Men's basketball [12]
Ron Riley Arizona State
Sean Lampley California
Jim Davis Colorado
Anthony Taylor Oregon
Jim Jarvis Oregon State
Casey Jacobsen Stanford
Dave Meyers UCLA
Alex Hannum USC
Danny Vranes Utah
Jon Brockman Washington
Bennie Seltzer Washington State
2016 Salim Stoudamire Arizona Men's basketball
Art Becker Arizona State
Brian Hendrick California
Scott Wedman Colorado
Luke Ridnour Oregon
Jim Anderson Oregon State
Kim Belton Stanford
Keith Erickson UCLA
Sam Clancy USC
Vern Gardner Utah
Isaiah Thomas Washington
Keith Morrison Washington State
2017 Bob Elliott Arizona Men's basketball
Tarence Wheeler Arizona State
Jerome Randle California
Chauncey Billups Colorado
Stu Jackson Oregon
Ray Blume Oregon State
Mike Montgomery Stanford
David Greenwood UCLA
Ralph Vaughn USC
Andre Miller Utah
Quincy Pondexter Washington
Carlos Daniel Washington State
2018 Michael Wright Arizona Men's basketball
Linda Vollstedt Arizona State Women's golf
Matt Biondi California Men's swimming
Bill Toomey Colorado Men's track & field
Andrew Wheating Oregon Men's track & field
Carol Menken-Schaudt Oregon State Women's basketball
Kerri Walsh Jennings Stanford Women's volleyball
Rafer Johnson UCLA Men's track & field
Men's basketball
Cheryl Miller USC Women's basketball
Missy Marlowe Utah Women's gymnastics
Sonny Sixkiller Washington Football
Laura Lavine Washington State Women's track & field
2019 Meg Ritchie-Stone Arizona Women's track & field [16]
Frank Kush Arizona State Football
Natalie Coughlin California Women's swimming
Lisa Van Goor Colorado Women's basketball
Bev Smith Oregon Women's basketball
Dick Fosbury Oregon State Men's track & field
Dick Gould Stanford Men's tennis
Ann Meyers Drysdale UCLA Women's basketball
Ronnie Lott USC Football
Steve Smith Sr. Utah Football
Trish Bostrom Washington Women's tennis
John Olerud Washington State Baseball
2020 Sean Rooks Arizona Men's basketball [17]
Jennifer Azzi Stanford Women's basketball
Melissa Belote Ripley Arizona State Swimming
Jonathan Ogden UCLA Football
Don Bowden California Track & field
Barbara Hedges USC Administrator
Bill Marolt Colorado Ski
Kathy Kreiner-Phillips Utah Ski
Dan Fouts Oregon Football
Lincoln Kennedy Washington Football
Joni Huntley Oregon State Track & field
Jeanne Eggart Helfer Washington State Basketball
2022 Tony Azevedo Stanford Water Polo
Drew Bledsoe Washington State Football
Tom Chambers Utah Basketball
Layshia Clarendon California Basketball
Curley Culp Arizona State Wrestling/Football
Tina Frimpong Ellertson Washington Soccer
English Gardner Oregon Track & Field
Tanya Hughes Arizona Track & Field
Steven Jackson Oregon State Football
Jackie Joyner-Kersee UCLA Basketball/Track & Field
John Naber USC Swimming
Jenny Simpson Colorado Cross Country/Track & Field
2023 Susie Parra Arizona Softball
Jackie Johnson-Powell Arizona State Track & Field
Luella Lilly California Women's Athletic Director
Ceal Barry Colorado Basketball
Janie Takeda Reed Oregon Softball
Mary Budke Oregon State Golf
Jessica Mendoza Stanford Softball
Natalie Williams UCLA Basketball
Barbara Hallquist DeGroot USC Tennis
Kim Gaucher Utah Basketball
Danielle Lawrie Washington Softball
Sarah Silvernail Washington State Volleyball

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