PP-205 Khanewal-I

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PP-205 Khanewal-I
for the Provincial Assembly of Punjab
RegionKabirwala Tehsil (partly) including Sarai Sidhu Town of Khanewal District
Current constituency
Created fromPP-212 Khanewal-I (2002-2018)
PP-203 Khanewal-I (2018-2023)

PP-205 Khanewal-I (پی پی-205، خانیوال-1) is a constituency of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab.[1][2]

General elections 2024[edit]

Provincial elections for the Punjab Assembly were held on 8 February 2024.[3][4][5][6] Muhammad Akbar Hayat Hiraj, an independent candidate, won from PP-205 Khanewal-I by 63,128 votes, while Syed Muhammad Murtaza Hussain was the runner-up with 22,660 votes.[7]

PP-205 Khanewal-I
Name of the Candidate Party Affiliation Votes Note(s)
Muhammad Akbar Hayat Hiraj Independent 63128 Winner.
Syed Muhammad Murtaza Hussain Pakistan Muslim League (N) 22660 Runner-up
Muhammad Abdullah Nawaz Merali Independent 9039
Shahbaz Hussain Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan 2031
ٰImran Iftikhar Haraj Pakistan People's Party 517
Muhammad Sohail Aslam Pakistan Markazi Muslim League 422
Syed Raza Abbas Independent 372
Qamar Abbas Independent 344
Syed Ali Akbar Shah Independent 86
Zahoor Ahmad Pakistan Rah-e-Haq Party 67
Waseem Abbas Independent 57
Saeed Ahmad Sargana Independent 54
Number of Polling Stations 176
Number of Female Voters 106,705
Number of Female Voters (who cast vote) 60,762
Number of Male Voters 124,014
Number of Male Voters (who cast vote) 82,726
Total Number of Voters 234,719
Number of Valid Votes 139,503
Number of Rejected Votes 3,985
Majority 40,468

General elections 2018[edit]

Provincial elections for the Punjab Assembly were held on July 25, 2018. [8]Syed Khawar Ali Shah, an independent candidate, won from PP-203 Khanewal-I by 48,672 votes, while Muhammad Akbar Hayat Hiraj, contesting from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, was the runner-up with 47,267 votes.[9]

PP-203 Khanewal-I[9]
Name of the Candidate Party Affiliation Votes Note(s)
Ijaz Ahmad Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal[10] 291
Jaffar Hussain Pakistan People's Party[10] 1379
Syed Khawar Ali Shah Independent[10][9][11] 48672 Winner. He joined the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf following his election.[11]
Syed Raza Abbas Independent[10] 434
Syed Muhammad Murtaza Hussain Pakistan Muslim League (N)[10] 9309
Zahoor Ahmad Independent[10] 1585
Muhammad Akbar Hayat Hiraj Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf[12][10] 47267 Runner-up
Muhammad Riaz Independent[10] 311
Muhammad Salman Independent[10] 332
Muhammad Saleem Akhtar Shad Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek[10] 1156
Number of Valid Votes 110736
Number of Invalid Votes 2862
Total Votes Polled 113598

General elections 2013[edit]

Provincial elections for the Punjab Assembly were held on 11 May 2013.[13] Muhammad Akbar Hayat Hiraj, an independent candidate, won from PP-212 Khanewal-I by 39,156 votes, while Syed Mukhtar Hussain Shah was the runner-up with 31,770 votes.[14][15]

PP-212 Khanewal-I[15]
Name of the Candidate Party Affiliation Votes Polled Note(s)
Syed Muhammad Asad Shah Athar 249
Muhammad Imran 225
Noor Ullah Farooqi 21
Muhammad Riaz 502
Saeed Ahmad Saeed 42
Syed Khawar Ali Shah 99
Syed Ali Akbar Shah 1601
Syed Muhammad Murtaza Hussain 37
Syed Muhammad Nasir Ali Shah Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf[16] 12708
Ansar Abbas 174
Zahore Ahmad 4871
Muhammad Akbar Hayat Hiraj Independent[16] 39156 Winner. He joined Pakistan Muslim League (N) following the election.[17][18]
Mehmood Ali Independent[16] 4191
Syed Mukhtar Hussain Shah Pakistan Muslim League (N)[16] 31770 Runner-up
Mazhar Hussain 148
Mazhar Abbas Sargana 48
Shokat Hayat 36
Nadeem Aslam 140
Number of Valid Votes 96018
Number of Invalid Votes 4497
Total Votes Polled 100515

General elections 2008[edit]

Contesting Candidates Party Affiliation Votes Polled

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