Order of Princess Olga

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Order of Princess Olga
Badge of the First Class of the Order of Princess Olga
TypeThree-grades order
Awarded forPersonal merits of women in state, scientific, educational, cultural and other social areas
Presented by Ukraine
Established15 August 1997
First awarded18 August 1997 (3rd Class)
Ribbon bar of the First Class of the Order of Princess Olga
Next (higher)Order For Courage
Next (lower)Order of Danylo Halytsky

The Order of Princess Olga (Ukrainian: Орден княгині Ольги) is a Ukrainian civil decoration, featuring Olga of Kiev and bestowed to women for "personal merits in state, production, scientific, educational, cultural, charity and other spheres of social activities, for upbringing children in families".[1] It was established by Presidential Decree № 827/97 of 15 August 1997 and has three grades (classes), the first being the highest. The 1st grade medal is adorned with four rectangular amethysts and features a gilded ornament with silver parts. The two other grades also feature precious stones.

Both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners are eligible for the order.[1] The order can be rescinded by the President of Ukraine if a bearer is convicted of a serious crime.[1]

In 2020, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine established own "Order of Saint Equal-to-Apostle Princes Olga".[2]

Selected recipients[edit]

Medals and ribbons[edit]

First Class Second Class Third Class

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