One Nation (Israel)

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One Nation
עם אחד
LeaderAmir Peretz
Founded25 March 1999
Dissolved23 May 2005
Split fromLabor Party
Merged intoLabor Party
Most MKs3 (1999, 2003–2005)
Fewest MKs2 (1999–2003)
Election symbol

One Nation (Hebrew: עם אחד, romanizedAm Ehad, lit.'One People') was a political party in Israel.


Original logo of One Nation at the time of its establishment in 1999

The party was established on 25 March 1999 when Amir Peretz, Rafik Haj Yahia, and Adisu Massala broke away from the Israeli Labor Party to form a new faction.[1]

In the May 1999 elections the party won 1.9% of the vote, equivalent to two seats, and was the smallest party to cross the electoral threshold of 1.5%. The seats were taken by Peretz and Haim Katz. Prior to the 2003 elections Katz left the party to join Likud.

In the elections One Nation won three seats, taken by Peretz, Ilana Cohen and David Tal. On 23 May 2005 the party merged back into the Labor Party,[1] although Tal refused to join and established his own faction, Noy, which later merged into Kadima.


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