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Ncapai ka Madzikane
King of AmaBhaca Kingdom
PredecessorSonyangwe ka Madzikane
SuccessorDiko ka Ncapai
Bornc. 1804
Bluff (Esibubulungu) now Durban Zulu Kingdom
Died1845 (aged 40–41)
Nowalala, Pondoland
SpouseMakhohlisa (senior wife) and several other wives

Ncapai (also spelt as Ncapayi or Ncaphayi) was the king of the Bhaca people between 1826 until his death in 1845. He was the second son from the first wife of King Madzikane ka Zulu; the first born being Sonyangwe his elder brother. He resided at his father's royal residence in Mpoza, the great place facing Mganu mountains and also built another residence in the nearby Lutateni.[1] While trying to attack the Mpondo people, due to the Maitland treaty, he fell off a cliff and died in a place called Nowalala, near Ntabankulu in March 1846. Faku kaNgqungqushe ordered that he must be killed to save him from the pain and agony he had suffered for days after he had plunged beneath the cliff.[2] Ncapayi is said to have been a ruthless freebooter[clarification needed].[3][4]

Preceded by King of the Bhaca Nation
Succeeded by

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