Democratic Party (Argentina)

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Democratic Party
Partido Demócrata
PresidentVictoria Villarruel
FounderRobustiano Patrón Costas
  • 1931 (1931)[a]
  • 2019 (2019)[b]
Dissolved1958 (1958)[a]
Preceded byNational Autonomist Party[a]
Succeeded byConservative People's Party[a]
Democratic Party of Mendoza
Democratic Party of the City of Buenos Aires
HeadquartersBuenos Aires
Political positionRight-wing
National affiliation
  •   Dark blue[b]
  •   Blue[a]
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
0 / 257
Seats in the Senate
0 / 72

The Democratic Party (Spanish: Partido Demócrata, PD) is a conservative political party in Argentina created in 1931. Founded as the National Democratic Party (Spanish: Partido Demócrata Nacional, PDN), it was generally known simply as Conservative Party (Spanish: Partido Conservador).[2]

Along with the Antipersonalist Radical Civic Union (UCR-A) and the Independent Socialist Party (PSI) it was a part of the Concordancia, a coalition government that ruled between 1932 and 1943, a period of Argentine history known as the "Infamous Decade", characterised by massive voter fraud.

Among its leading figures were Robustiano Patrón Costas, Julio Argentino Pascual Roca, Manuel Fresco and Rodolfo Moreno. Ramón S. Castillo, Vice-President to Roberto María Ortiz, who went to serve as acting President between 1940 and 1942, and later as President until June 4, 1943, was a member of this party.

After the "Revolución Libertadora" (1955–1958), the military uprising which overthrew Juan Perón, the PDN fragmented into various parties such as the Conservative People's Party (PCP), the Democratic Party and the Centrist Democratic Party.




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