Narayanganj Government Mohila College

Coordinates: 23°37′24″N 90°29′54″E / 23.6232°N 90.4982°E / 23.6232; 90.4982
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Narayanganj Government Mohila College

23°37′24″N 90°29′54″E / 23.6232°N 90.4982°E / 23.6232; 90.4982
CampusUrban, H.S.C, Honors

Narayanganj Government Mohila College (Bengali: নারায়ণগঞ্জ সরকারি মহিলা কলেজ) is a women's college in Narayanganj, Bangladesh. It is one of the major educational institutions for women's education in the district.[1][2]


The college was established in 1962.[citation needed] Owing to infrastructure issues, the college was relocated to the Municipal Public Library Building in 1963. Later a new campus and academic building were built on donated land by Government Tolaram College in 1965.[citation needed]

Former President Hussain Muhammad Ershad on 1 November 1984 declared it a Government College.[3]

Academic departments[edit]

  • HSC
  • Department of Arts
  • Department of Business Studies
  • Department of Science
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Department of Sociology

Narayanganj Government Mohila college runs the 02 bus to transport students from areas of Narayanganj city.[citation needed]


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