NA-115 Sheikhupura-III

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NA-121 (Sheikhupura-III)
for the National Assembly of Pakistan
RegionSheikhupura Tehsil (partly) including Sheikhupura city of Sheikhupura District
Current constituency
Created fromNA-133 (Sheikhupura-III)
NA-134 (Sheikhupura-IV)
NA-136 (Nankana Sahib-II-cum-Sheikhupura)

NA-115 (Sheikhupura-III) (این اے-115، شيخوپوره-۳) is a constituency for the National Assembly of Pakistan.[1]


During the delimitation of 2018, NA-121 (Sheikhupura-III) acquired areas from three former constituencies namely NA-133 (Sheikhupura-III), NA-134 (Sheikhupura-IV), and NA-136 (Nankana Sahib-II-cum-Sheikhupura), the areas of Sheikhupura District which are part of this constituency are listed below alongside the former constituency name from which they were acquired:

Areas acquired from NA-133 Sheikhupura-III
  • Municipal Corporation Sheikhupura
  • Following areas of Sheikhupura Tehsil
    • Sheikhupura Qanungo Halqa (excluding Ghazi Minara, Jhamkey, Machike, and Ghang)
    • Sahuki Malian
Areas acquired from NA-134 Sheikhupura-IV
  • Following areas of Sheikhupura Tehsil
    • Ghang
    • Ghazi Minara
    • Machike
    • Jandiala Sher Khan (excluding Jhabran, Isherke, Waran, and Kalo Ke)
    • Town Committee Jandiala Sher Khan
Areas acquired from NA-136 Nankana Sahib-II-cum-Sheikhupura
  • Following areas of Sheikhupura Tehsil
    • Bhikhi (excluding Malowal, Bahuman, and Hoeke)
    • Jevanpur Kalan[2][3]

Members of Parliament[edit]

Since 2018: NA-121 Sheikhupura-III[edit]

Election Member Party
2018 Mian Javed Latif PML (N)

Election 2018[edit]

General elections were held on 25 July 2018.

General election 2018: NA-121 Sheikhupura-III [4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
PML(N) Mian Javed Latif 101,622 42.30
PTI Muhammad Saeed Virk 71,308 29.68
Independent Khurram Munawar Manj 29,301 12.20
TLP Nadeem Zafar 20,930 8.71
Others Others (eleven candidates) 17,079 7.11
Turnout 245,216 56.16
Total valid votes 240,240 97.97
Rejected ballots 4,976 2.03
Majority 30,314 12.62
Registered electors 436,660
PML(N) hold Swing N/A

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