My Sister's Room

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My Sister's Room
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Restaurant information
Owner(s)Jen-Chase Daniels and Jami Siden (since 2011)
Previous owner(s)Susan Musselwhite (1996-2011)
CountryUnited States

My Sister's Room (MSR) is a lesbian bar in Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the few remaining lesbian bars in the nation.[1] It was opened in 1996 by Susan Musselwhite and has been lesbian-owned and operated bar since 1996.[2] Pictures of My Sister's Room in the 1990s are in Emory University's permanent photo collection.[3]

MSR originally was located in the Midtown area of Atlanta.[4][5] It then moved to the popular lesbian Atlanta suburb Decatur, Georgia from 1997-2006 until the building was sold to build condos and they moved to the bar district of East Atlanta Village. In 2011 the bar was sold to Jen-Chase Daniels and Jami Siden. In the summer of 2015, My Sister's Room moved back to a larger space in the most LGBT-friendly part of Midtown Atlanta, also referred to as the "gayborhood".[6] It is currently a two-story dance venue.[7]

MSR established the Pensacola Memorial Weekend Pride event "Sexacola" that caters to lesbian party goers.[8]


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