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Type of site
3D Design sharing platform
Available inEnglish, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian
CEONebojsa Nikolic
Industry3D printing
Launched18 June 2013
Current statusActive

MyMiniFactory is a file distribution platform founded in 2013 and headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The online platform hosts digital creators with a primary focus on hobbyists with an interest in 3D printing.[1]

MyMiniFactory have partnered with Oxfam to solve humanitarian problems using open source design and manufacture.[2]

In June 2018 MyMiniFactory opened an online STL file store where 3D designers can sell 3D printable files.[3]

MyMiniFactory offers to brands the possibility to crowdsource via 3D design competitions.[4][5] The platform has collaborated with brands such as the Warner Bros Group - Turner's Adventure Time,[6] Rovio's Angry Birds,[7] Autodesk,[8] Google and the Exxon Group.[9]

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