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This is a selective list of scholarly works related to Muhammad Iqbal, the poet-philosopher of the Indian subcontinent.

The literature on Iqbal is extensive : critic Rauf Parekh, basing himself on the works of Prof Dr Haroonur Rasheed Tabassum, talks of at least 300 books[1] while, when it comes to articles, a team from the KULeuven has referenced 2500 articles, keeping in mind that the bibliography stopped at 1998 and that they only concern items in Latin script (thus not Urdu and other Oriental languages where publications on Iqbal are more numerous.)[2]


Translations (English)[edit]

  • Johnson, Reynold A. (tr. from original in Persian ) (1920). Secrets of the Self (Asrar-i khudi) – A philosophical poem by Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal. Macmillan & Co., London.
  • Abbas, Prof. S.G. Dr Muhammad Iqbal – The Humanist. ISBN 969-416-030-8.
  • Akhtar, Sultan Zahoor (1998). Representation and Reply (Shikwah/ Jawab-i-Shikwah). ISBN 969-416-028-6.
  • Dar, Bashir Ahmad. Iqbal's Gulshan-i-Raz-i-Jadeed & Bandagi Namah. ISBN 969-416-068-5.
  • Hajný, Filip. Khutbat-i-Iqbal. ISBN 969-416-301-3.
  • Khalil, M.A.K. The Call of the Marching Bell (Bang-I-Dara). ISBN 969-416-069-3.
  • Kiernan, Victor (2003). Poems from Iqbal. ISBN 969-416-002-2.
  • Mirza, M. Yaqub. A Selection and Translation of Iqbaliat. ISBN 969-416-067-7.
  • Zubair, Suleman. Expostulation with the Almighty (Shikwah/Jawab-i- Shikwah). ISBN 969-416-026-X.

Translations (Spanish)[edit]

  • Calderon, Jose Esteban. La Reconstruccion Del Pensamiento Religioso En EL Islam. ISBN 969-416-013-8.

Translations (French)[edit]

  • Mujahid, Sharif-al; Annotation Brigitte Piquard. Iqbal LE Poete de L' Islam. ISBN 969-416-276-9.


Critical appreciation[edit]

Comparative studies[edit]

  • Chaghatai, M. Akram. Iqbal and Goethe. ISBN 969-416-292-0.
  • Maruf, Muhammed (1987). Iqbal and his Contemporary Western Religious Thought. ISBN 969-416-051-0.
  • Qaiser, Nazir (2001). Iqbal and the Western Philosophers. ISBN 969-416-304-8.
  • Qaiser, Shahzad. Iqbal and Khawaja Ghulam Farid on Experiencing God. ISBN.
  • Sabir, Ghulam (2003). Kierkegaard and Iqbal. ISBN 969-416-316-1.
  • Khan, Wazir Mohammed Ashraf (1959). Iqbal aour Goethe. Lahore.

Iqbal and Pakistan movement[edit]

  • Ali, Perveen Shawkat. "Iqbal and the sub-continents' politics", The Political philosophy of Iqbal. Lahore: united, (N.D).
  • Ali, Perveen Shawkat. "Iqbal and the Genesis of Pakistan", The political philosophy of Iqbal. Lahore: United (N.D).
  • Ahmad, S. Hasan (1979). "The Concept of Pakistan", Iqbal, his political ideas at the crossroads. Aligarh: Prinwell Publication.
  • Hussain, Riaz (1977). "Towards Pakistan", The politics of Iqbal. Lahore: Islamic book service.
  • Hussain, Riaz (1977). "Iqbal's View of Indian history", the politics of Iqbal. Lahore: Islamic book service.
  • Tasawur, T.A. "Iqbal: his vision of a Muslim home land", Iqbal studies and Pakistan news papers. Lahore: Bazm-e-Iqbal.
  • Rastogi, T.C. "Iqbal and Political awakening in India", Iqbal in final countdown. Delhi: Omsons publications.
  • Malik, Hafeez, ed. (1971). "Ideology of Muslim nationalism", Iqbal poet philosopher of Pakistan. London: Columbia University Press.
  • Vahid, S.A. "Iqbal as architect of Pakistan", Introduction to Iqbal. Karachi: Pakistan publications.
  • Naim, C.M. (ed.) (1979). Iqbal, Jinnah and Pakistan: the vision and the reality. Syracuse University. ISBN 0-915984-81-4. {{cite book}}: |first= has generic name (help)
  • Malik, Rashida. Iqbal and the Concept of Pakistan. ISBN 969-416-310-2.
  • Malik, Rashida (January 2003). Iqbal : The Spiritual Father of Pakistan. Sang-e-Meel Publications. ISBN 969-35-1371-1.

General books[edit]


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