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GenreMotorcycle rally
DatesThird full week in June
Location(s)Chicago, Illinois, United States
Years active2014-2019, 2021-Current

Motoblot is an annual motorcycle rally held in Chicago, Illinois, for three days and four nights in June.[1] It is the largest vintage motorcycle and scooter rally in the United States.[2] One of the co-producers of the festival was Riot Fest founder Sean McKeough. [3]

History and features[edit]

The first Motoblot rally took place in July 2014, and was renamed from the previous "Mods vs Rockers Chicago" rally.[4] In addition to a motorcycle and hot rod show, the rally features live music, the Miss Motoblot pin-up contest,[5] and sponsorship by Triumph Motorcycles, Progressive Insurance, and All Rise Brewing.[6]

Motoblot also has featured a custom motorcycle building competition called the Iron Moto Challenge.[2] Local Chicago dealer Motoworks won the competition in 2014 and 2015.[7]


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