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Monami Co., Ltd
Company typePublic
FounderSong Samseok
Yong-In Si [1]
Key people
Song Ha gyoung, CEO[2]
ProductsOffice supplies

Monami Co., Ltd (KRX: 005360) is a Korean maker of stationery, printer supplies, office supplies, pens and other writing instruments as well as artist materials.[3] Founded in 1960,[4] it continues to hold considerable market share in its home market, South Korea.[5] Recently Monami has made many limited editions. For example, the edition motivated by the Korean poem 'Dong-ju Yun(윤동주 시인)'.[6]

Monami 153[edit]

Two Monami 153 pens

A symbol of daily post-war life in Korea, Monami's basic pen has continuously been on sale since its inception in 1963[7] and is recognizable by nearly everyone in Korea.[8] In 2009 this pen was noted by the government-run Korea Design Foundation as a design that has significantly influenced daily life in Korea.[7] 3.3 billion have been sold, and the figures are still rising.[9]

The pen's designation can be explained by the fact that the 153 was only the third product the company produced and that it originally sold for 15 won,[10] the price of a newspaper or a bus ride at the time.[11]

While the quality and price of this remarkable pen have risen,[12] the design remains unchanged.

The gold-plated version of Monami 153 is also available.[13]

Production bases and facilities[edit]

Monami has factories at Ansan, South Korea, and Rayong, Thailand.[4]


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