Mokbul Hossain (politician)

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Mokbul Hossain
Member of the East Bengal Legislative Assembly
In office
Preceded byIbrahim Ali
Succeeded byFaizul Hasan
ConstituencySylhet Sadar-N
Personal details
BornBirdal, Kanaighat, Sylhet District
Political partyUnited Front

Mokbul Hossain (Bengali: মকবুল হোসেন) was a Pakistani Bengali politician. He was a member of the East Bengal Legislative Assembly from 1954 to 1956.[1]


Hossain was born into a Bengali Muslim family in the village of Birdal in Kanaighat, Sylhet District. He participated in the 1954 East Bengal Legislative Assembly election as a United Front candidate. He contested against Moulvi Mubarak Ali of the Muslim League and was elected for the Sylhet Sadar-N constituency.[2][3] He later moved to Gowainghat.[4]


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