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Developer(s)Kay Bruns
Initial releaseSeptember 1, 1993; 30 years ago (1993-09-01)
Final release
2.40 final beta / May 3, 1999; 24 years ago (1999-05-03)[1]
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Available inMultilingual
TypeMedia player

Mod4Win is a media player for module files written by Kay Bruns. It is skinnable, multi-format freeware. It was one of the first Mod players for the Windows platform.

Mod4Win was first released by Kay Bruns in 1993. Development was suspended in May 1999.


The first fully functional model of MOD4WIN was released in September 1993 and it was a pre-release. The first shareware release was done on November 28, 1993. The first commercial version was released on January 14, 1994. The developer released the final beta, version 2.40, as an unrestricted application after development was suspended.[2]




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