Mizoram People's Conference

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Mizoram People's Conference
LeaderBrig Thenphunga
PresidentPu Lalhmangaiha Sailo
Founded17 April 1975 (48 years ago) (1975-04-17)
HeadquartersTreasury Square, Aizawl, Mizoram
ECI StatusUnrecognised[1]
Seats in 
0 / 40
Election symbol
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The Mizoram People's Conference was a regional political party in Mizoram, India. It was formed by Brig Thenphunga Sailo on 17 April 1975.[2] Ṭhenphunga was the party chairman and Chief Minister of Mizoram from 1979 to 1984, and an army officer and then a human rights activist before starting his political party.

Following the MPC's defeat in 1984, it was the main opposition party for the next two decades.[2] In the 1998 assembly elections, it won 12 seats.[2] However, in the 2003 elections, the party won only three seats, a number which fell to two in the 2008 elections and one in 2013.[2] It ultimately won four seats in the 2018 election and their MLA quit to join ZPM.[2][3] MPC was the third largest party in Mizoram for three decades. It merged with the People's Representation for Identity and Status of Mizoram party as the People’s Conference Party.[2]

List of chief ministers[edit]

  • T. Sailo[2]
    • First term: 2 June 1978 to 10 November 1978
    • Second term: 8 May 1979 to 4 May 1984

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