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Miss Universe Zimbabwe Organization
TypeBeauty pageant
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Tendai Hunda

The Miss Zimbabwe or (Miss Universe Zimbabwe) is a national Beauty pageant in Zimbabwe. Began in 2023 the organization was branded as Miss Universe Zimbabwe Organization by Tendai Hunda's directorship. The winner is expected to represent the country at Miss Universe competition.


The Miss Zimbabwe was founded in 1980 when the national beauty pageant was transformed from Miss Rhodesia after attaining independence.[1]

Sash titles[edit]

In 2011, Miss Tourism Zimbabwe was crowned Miss World Zimbabwe, Miss Tourism Zimbabwe, and Miss Universe Zimbabwe. Especially for Miss Universe Zimbabwe did not allow to compete at Miss Universe by Miss Universe Organization. As a result in 2011, for the first time, the Miss Universe Zimbabwe title was competed at Miss International 2011 in Chengdu, China and she was awarded the most expressive award.


In 2014, chairperson Marry Chiwenga said the reasons for the 22-year-old university law student's resignation were “a prerequisite to both the Miss Zimbabwe and the Miss World pageants”. Thabiso is understood to have volunteered the information which necessitated her stepping down to the Trust. Thabiso is likely to be replaced by first princess Tendai Hunda.[2]


Miss Universe's Franchise holders[edit]

  • Miss Parade, Modusa Promotion by Angeline Chinyoka (Agency Unveils 'Beauty And Brains' Modelling Contest) (1998―2000)
  • Yvette D'Almeida-Chakras (2001)
  • Tendai Hunda (2023—present)

Miss Supranational's Franchise holders[edit]

  • The Zimbabwean Queen Organization, Farai Zembeni (2022―present)


Here those were using the name of Miss Zimbabwe titleholders. Later in 2017, the organization moved to the Miss World Zimbabwe organization.
Year Miss Zimbabwe
1980 Shirley Nyanyiwa
1981 Juliet Nyathi
1982 Caroline Murinda
1992 Anne-Marie Mombeyarara
1993 Karen Stally
1994 Angeline Musasiwa
1995 Dionne Best
1996 Nomusa Ndiweni
1997 Una Patel
1998 Annette Kambarami
1999 Brita Masalethulini
2000 Victoria Moyo
2001 Nokhuthula Mpuli
2002 Linda van Beek
2003 Phoebe Monjane
2004 Oslie Muringai
2005 Loraine Maphala
2006 Nomusa Ndiweni
2007 Caroline Marufu
2009 Vanessa Sibanda
2010 Samantha Ntombizodwa Tshuma
2011 Malaika Mushandu
2012 Bongani Dlakama
2014 Thabiso Phiri
2014 Cathrine Makaya
2015 Annie-Grace Mutambu
2017 Chiedza Mhosva
2018 Belinda Potts
Year Miss Universe Zimbabwe
2023 Brooke Bruk-Jackson[3]
2024 TBA

Titleholders under Miss Zimbabwe org.[edit]

Miss Universe Zimbabwe[edit]

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
Since its inception in 1997, the Miss Parade beauty pageant has improved in quality and stature; qualifying it as one of Zimbabwe's top annual catwalk highlights, alongside Miss Zimbabwe, Supermodel and Miss Universe. The pageant has become one of the most glamorous, judging by the successes of some of its most recent winners. It has launched a number of Zimbabwean girls into successful modeling and other related careers. The last edition of Miss Universe Zimbabwe was Tsungai Muswerakuenda, which expired on 31 March 2002 which means the title has no current holder. The Miss Universe Zimbabwe was officially directed by Yvette D'Almeida Chakras (Miss Zimbabwe Universe 1994). Since 2002 Zimbabwe does not compete at Miss Universe due to various political and social problems that it is facing at this very moment.[4][5]
Year Province Miss Universe Zimbabwe Placement at Miss Universe Special Awards Notes
2024 TBA
2023 Harare Brooke Bruk-Jackson Unplaced
  • Voice For Change (Top 10)
Tendai Hunda directorship.
Did not compete between 2012—2022
2011 Harare Lisa Morgan Did not compete Lisa was crowned as Miss Universe Zimbabwe but she did not come to Miss Universe. Since the organization did not have a Miss Universe license, she was finally allocated to Miss International 2011 in China.
Did not compete between 2002—2010
2001 Harare Tsungai Muswerakuenda Unplaced Yvette D'Almeida Chakras directorship.[6]
Miss Parade Zimbabwe
2000 Harare Corrinne Crewe Top 10
  • Best National Costume (Top 3)[7]
1999 Did not compete
1998 Harare Rachel Stuart Unplaced Miss Parade 1998 ― Modusa Promotion by Angeline Chinyoka (Agency Unveils 'Beauty And Brains' Modelling Contest).
Miss Zimbabwe Universe
1997 Harare Lorraine Magwenzi Unplaced
1996 Harare Langa Sibanda-lloyd Unplaced
1995 Did not compete
1994 Harare Yvette D'Almeida-Chakras Unplaced

Former license holders[edit]

Miss World Zimbabwe[edit]

Starting in 2017 Miss World Zimbabwe revealed its new name "Miss World Zimbabwe" competition. The primary winner is expected to represent her country at the Miss World pageant. This pageant was chaired by Marry Mubaiwa Chiwenga.

Miss International Zimbabwe[edit]


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