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Miss World Switzerland
TypeBeauty pageant
Miss World
Official language
National Director
Veeranda Aeberli
WebsiteOfficial website

Miss World Switzerland is a Beauty pageant in Switzerland for Miss World pageant.


Switzerland debut at Miss World pageant in 1952 by Miss Switzerland Organization. In 2005 is the last participation of the pageant to send the official representative at the Miss World pageant. In 2006–2012, Switzerland absent at Miss World pageant, due to problem in license, nobody took the license before.

In 2013, developed by new organization of Miss World Switzerland, Veeranda Aeberli is a National Director of Miss World Switzerland and She organized a National pageant in 2013 "Miss World Switzerland " The return of Switzerland to Miss World. The pageant focused to organize the official pageant for Miss World who focused in the mission BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE. Since that year, Miss World Switzerland became the national franchise holder of Miss World in Switzerland.


The winner of Miss World Switzerland represents her country at Miss World. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Before, the winner was selected or handpicked in another local pageant in the country.

Color key
  •   Declared as Winner
  •   Ended as runner-up
  •   Ended as one of the finalists or semi-finalists
Year Miss World Switzerland Hometown Placement at Miss World Special Awards
1952 Sylvia Müller Zürich 1st Runner-up
1953 Odette Michel Zürich Unplaced
1956 Yolanda Daetwyler Zürich Unplaced
1966 Janine Solliner Bern Unplaced
1967 Edith Fraefel Bern Unplaced
1968 Jeanette Biffiger Zürich Unplaced
1969 No participation
1970 Sylvia Christina Weisser Bern Unplaced
1971 Patrice Sollner Bern Unplaced
1972 Astrid Vollenweider Bern Unplaced
1973 Magda Lepori Bern Unplaced
1974 Astrid Maria Angst Bern Unplaced
1975 Franziska Angst Bern Unplaced
1976 Ruth Crottet Bern Unplaced
1977 Danielle Patricia Haberli Zürich Top 15
1978 Jeanette Keller Zürich 6th Runner-up
1979 Barbara Meyer Zürich 4th Runner-up
1980 Jeannette Linkenheil Zürich Unplaced
1981 Margit Kilchoer Bern Unplaced
1982 Lolita Morena Geneva 3rd Runner-up
1983 Patricia Lang Zürich Unplaced
1984 Silvia Affolter Zürich Top 15
1985 Eveline Glanzmann Zürich 6th Runner-up
1986 Renate Walther Bargen Unplaced
1987 Gabriela Bigler Bern Unplaced
1988 Karina Berger Zürich Unplaced
1989 Catherine Mesot Wil Unplaced
1990 Priscilla Leimgruber Bulle Unplaced
1991 Sandra Aegerter Aigle Unplaced
1992 Valerie Bovard La Tour-de-Peilz Unplaced
1993 Patricia Fässler Zürich Unplaced
1994 Sarah Briguet Lausanne Unplaced
1995 Stephanie Berger Zürich Unplaced
1996 Melanie Winiger Zürich Unplaced
1997 Tanja Gutmann Zürich Unplaced
1998 Sonja Grandjean Zürich Unplaced
1999 Anita Buri Zürich Unplaced
2000 Mahara McKay Aarau Unplaced
2001 Mascha Santschi Bern Unplaced
2003 Bianca Sissing Lucerne Top 20 1st Runner-up Miss World Beach Beauty
2004 Fiona Hefti Zürich Unplaced
2005 Lauriane Gilliéron Lausanne Unplaced
2013 Cindy Williner Zürich Unplaced
2014 Dijana Cvijetić St. Gallen Unplaced
2016 Ámbar Chavaillaz Lausanne Did not compete

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