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Miss World Sweden
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Miss World
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Miss World Sweden is a national Beauty pageant that has selected Sweden's representative to the Miss World pageant.


Annie Oliv, at Miss World 2007, Top 5

Firstly, Miss Sweden which ran from 1949 to 2003, by the female magazine VeckoRevyn and production company Strix in partnership with MTG. The competition qualified delegates to the global contest Miss World. As the competition stopped running, it was replaced by separate pageants with various franchises, but lost the franchise in 2003. The pageant was under sponsorship by Studio Fashion Inc and the marketing is made by the women's magazine Hänt Extra until 2020. After that the newly formed Miss Sweden pageant under the Miss Sweden Organization became the new sponsors/licenseholders with the main winner of Miss Sweden going to Miss World.

Sweden has the longest unbroken participation at the Miss World pageant, having appeared in almost every year since the first edition in 1951, with the exception of 2018. Many of the contestants have gone on to notable careers in television and film.


In the 1970 Miss World pageant, held in London, United Kingdom, controversy followed after the result was announced. Black contestant Jennifer Hosten of Grenada won, and black contestant Pearl Jansen of South Africa placed 1st Runner-Up, after which the BBC and newspapers received numerous protests about the result, and accusations of racism were made by all sides. Four of the nine judges had given first-place votes to Miss Sweden Marjorie Christel Johansson, while Miss Grenada received only two firsts, yet Johansson finished fourth. Since the Prime Minister of Grenada (then Premier), Sir Eric Gairy, was on the judging panel, inevitably there were many accusations that the contest had been rigged. Some of the audience gathered in the street outside Royal Albert Hall after the contest and chanted "Swe-den, Swe-den". Four days later, organising director Julia Morley (1941-) resigned because of the intense pressure from the newspapers. Years later, Johansson was reported as saying that she had been cheated out of the title.

Rita Rudolfsson Berntsson, at the 1972 Miss World pageant, created a mild sensation at the luncheon, where she wore a gown which had the flag of Sweden attached to her derrière. The crew were likely much more impressed with top front panel of her gown which barely covered the sides of her breasts. She was told to change the outfit.

Jennifer Palm Lundberg placed third runner-up in the national pageant, but won the title when each of the original top three placers declined the crown. This happened after arguments over the contract for the winner. It was revealed that the original winner was fired when her lawyer suggested her not to sign the contract written by the agency. The first and second runners-up each declined the crown for various reasons.


Miss World Sweden

Color key
  •   Declared as Winner
  •   Ended as runner-up
  •   Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The Miss World Sweden Organization was created in 2003 to focus more on the Miss World pageant.

Year Miss World Sweden Represented Notes Special Awards
Miss World Sweden by Hänt Extra
2003 Ida Söfringsgärd Växjö Unplaced
2004 Eva Helena Hjertonsson Kalmar Unplaced
2005 Liza Berggren Gothenburg Unplaced
2006 Cathrin Skoog Östersund Unplaced
2007 Annie Oliv Gothenburg Top 5
2008 Jennifer Palm Lundberg Sigtuna Unplaced
2009 Erica Harrison Stockholm Unplaced
2010 Daniela Karlsson Stockholm Unplaced
2011 Nicoline Artursson Halmstad Top 15
2012 Sanna Jinnedal Borås Top 30 Miss World Sport
2013 Agneta Myhrman Stockholm Unplaced
2014 Olivia Asplund Stockholm Top 25 Miss World Beach Beauty
2015 Natalia Fogelund Gothenburg Unplaced
2016 Emma Strandberg[1] Stockholm Unplaced
2017 Hanna Haag Gävle Top 40
2018 Amanda Wiberg Stockholm Did not compete
2019 Daniella Lundqvist Kalmar Unplaced
Miss World Sweden by Miss Sweden Organization
2020 Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no pageant in 2020
2021 Gabriella Lomm Mann[2] Stockholm Unplaced Miss World Sport (Top 32)
2022 Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no pageant in 2022
2023 Stina Nordlander[3] Kramfors TBA

Miss Sweden at Miss World

Mary Stävin, 1977 Miss World, in the James Bond- film, A View to a Kill.

Miss Sweden which ran from 1949 to 2003, by the female magazine VeckoRevyn and production company Strix in partnership with MTG.

Year Miss Sweden Notes
1951 Kiki Håkansson Miss World 1951
1952 May-Louise Flodin Miss World 1952
1953 Ingrid Johansson Unplaced
1954 Margareta Westling Unplaced
1955 Anita Åstrand 4th Runner-Up
1956 Eva Bränn 4th Runner-Up
1957 Ellenor Edin Unplaced
1958 Harriett Margareta Wågström 3rd Runner-Up
1959 Carola Håkansson Unplaced
1960 Barbara Olsson Unplaced
1961 Ingrid Margareta Lundquist Unplaced
1962 Margareta Palin Unplaced
1963 Grethe Qviberg 4th Runner-Up
1964 Agneta Malmberg Unplaced
1965 Britt Marie Lindberg Top 15
1966 Ulla Andersson Unplaced
1967 Eva Englander Top 15
1968 Gunilla Friden Top 15
1969 Ingrid Marie Ahlin Unplaced
1970 Marjorie Christal Johansson 3rd Runner-Up
1971 Simonetta Kohl Top 15
1972 Rita Rudolfsson Berntsson Unplaced
1973 Mercy Nilsson Unplaced
1974 Jill Lindquist 4th Runner-Up
1975 Agneta Catharina Magnusson Unplaced
1976 Anne Christine Gernandt Unplaced
1977 Mary Ann Catrin Stävin Miss World 1977
1978 Ossie Margareta Carlsson 1st Runner-Up
1979 Ingrid Marie Säveby Unplaced
1980 Kerstin Monica Jernemark Top 15
1981 Carita Gustafsson Unplaced
1982 Annelie Margareta Sjöberg Unplaced
1983 Eva Lisa Törnquist Unplaced
1984 Madeleine Gunnarsson Unplaced
1985 Bolette Christophersson Top 15
1986 Elisabeth Marita Ulvan Unplaced
1987 Charlotta Trydell Unplaced
1988 Cecilia Hörberg Top 15
1989 Lena Berglind Unplaced
1990 Daniela Maria Jessica Almen Unplaced
1991 Catrin Olsson Unplaced
1992 Ulrika Johansson Unplaced
1993 Victoria Silvstedt Top 10
1994 Sofia Andersson Unplaced
1995 Jeanette Hassel Unplaced
1996 Åsa Johansson Unplaced
1997 Sofia Joelsson Unplaced
1998 Jessica Almenäs Unplaced
1999 Louise Torsvik Unplaced
2000 Ida Manneh Unplaced
2001 Camilla Bäck Unplaced
2002 Sofia Hedmark Unplaced
2003 Isabelle Jonsson Disqualified


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