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A Organização Concurso Nacional de Beleza Portugal
Formation1926; 97 years ago (1926)
TypeBeauty pageant
Official language
Ricardo Monteverde

The Miss Portugal is the oldest national pageant in Portugal since 1926. The main winner will represent the country at Miss Universe pageant.


The Miss Portugal started in 1926 with Margarida Bastos Ferreira.[1] Began 1960 the organization took a part at Miss Universe, the runners-up went to Miss World and Miss International and occasionally a candidate sent to Miss Europe beauty pageant. RTP - Rádio e Televisão de Portugal made the organization run for Portuguese Beauty pageant in Portugal for long time and from RTP, a second runner-up of Miss Portugal 1996 Fernanda Alves earned Portugal's first Miss International crown. In 2002, the pageant ended the production and no more Portuguese at Miss Universe pageant.

In 2011 the new pageant held as Miss Universo Portugal contest and it continued in 2014 as a beginning from Miss República Portuguesa by Isidiro de Brito Directorship. In 2014 the Portuguese representative at Miss Universe will be crowned at Miss Universo Portugal competition (separate contest but still in under Isidiro de Brito directorship). Between 2018 and 2021 the Miss Universo Portugal title crowned in Miss República Portuguesa pageant.

Began 2022 CNB Portugal - Concurso Nacional de Beleza took over the brand of Miss Portugal and remarked the Miss Portugal back in Portugal. The main winner will have opportunity to represent Portugal at Miss Universe.

CNB Portugal[edit]

Meanwhile, CNB Portugal is the main organization of Miss Portugal since 2022 and in that organization there are some local pageants under that organization such as Miss Queen Portugal, Miss Teen Portugal, Mrs Portugal and Top Model Portugal.

  • Miss Queen Portugal' whose main legacy are environmental causes, follows the platform of the Miss Earth Foundation.[2] The winner of Miss Queen Portugal is the Portuguese representative in the Miss Earth pageant, which is one of the Big Four international beauty pageants in the world.[3][4]
  • Miss Teen Portugal is a local pageant for teenagers in Portugal. There some licenses here for the titleholders such as Miss Teen International. Miss Teen Globe, Miss Teen Petite etc.
  • Mrs Portugal is a local pageant for mothers in Portugal. The main winner represents Portugal at Mrs Universe pageant.
  • Top Model Portugal' is a local pageant for Modeling career in Portugal.

Miss Universe license holder in Portugal[edit]

  • RTP - Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (Miss Portugal) (1960—2002)
  • GAETA, Promoções e Eventos, Lda. and NIU (2011)
  • Edward Walson (Miss Universo Portugal) (2015—2017)
  • Isidro de Brito (Miss República Portuguesa) (2014, 2018–2021)
  • Ricardo Monteverde (CNB Portugal - Ms Portugal) (2022—present)


Year A Organização Miss Portugal District Notes
1926 Margarida Bastos Ferreira Lisbon Portuguese at Miss Universe 1926
1930 Fernanda Gonçalves Lisbon
1931 Senhorina Maldonado Lisbon
1959 María Teresa Motoa Cardoso Lisbon RTP - Rádio e Televisão de Portugal directorship
1960 Maria Josabete Silva Santos Lisbon
1961 Maria Santos Trindade Lisbon
1965 Maria do Carmo Sancho Lisbon
1970 Ana Maria Diozo Lucas Lisbon
1971 Maria Celmira Pereira Angola
1972 Iris Maria dos Santos Mozambique
1973 Carla de Barros Lisbon
1974 Ana Paula da Silva Freitas Lisbon
1979 Marta Mendonça Gouvêia Lisbon
1980 Paula Machado de Moura Lisbon
1981 Ana Maria Valdiz Wilson Lisbon
1982 Anabela Elisa Vissenjou Lisbon
1983 Maria Fátima Rodrigues Lisbon
1984 Alexandra Paula Gomes Lisbon
1985 Mariana Dias Carriço Lisbon
1986 Noélia Cristina Chaves Lisbon
1987 Isabel Rodrigues Martins Lisbon
1988 Ana Francisca Gonçalves Lisbon
1989 Maria Angélica Rosado Setúbal
1990 Carla Caldeira[5] Setúbal
1991 Maria Fernanda Silva Lisbon
1992 Carla Marisa da Cruz Angola
1993 Mónica Sofia Borges Lisbon
1994 Adrianna Iria Faro
1995 Rita Carvalho Bragança
1996 Lara Antunes Lisbon
1997 Icília Berenguel Porto The Miss Portugal 1997 presenter called wrong to Icília as the 2nd Runner-up but after some minutes, Icília called as the winner[6]
1998 Marisa Ferreira Santarém
1999 Licinia Macedo Madeira
2000 Thelma Santos Lisbon
2001 Iva Lamarão Ovar

Titleholders under Miss Portugal org.[edit]

Miss Portugal[edit]

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
Before 2011 Miss Portugal 1959 to Miss Portugal 2001 winner participated at Miss Universe competition. Between 2002 and 2010 there was no franchise holder to sign up the Miss Universe organization. began 2011 the new pageant held as 'Miss Universo Portugal" contest and it continued in 2014 as a beginning from Miss República Portuguesa by Isidiro de Brito Directorship.
Year District Miss Portugal Placement at Miss Universe Special Awards Notes
2024 TBA
2023 Setúbal Marina Machete Top 20
2022 Porto Telma Madeira Top 16 Ricardo Montevero directorship.
2021 Lisbon Oricia Domínguez Unplaced Oricia was 2nd Runner-up at Miss Venezuela 2018, representing Táchira.
2020 Porto Cristiana Silva Unplaced Appointed — Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no national pageant in 2020.
2019 Braga Sylvie Silva Top 20
2018 Setúbal Filipa Barroso Unplaced
2017 Setúbal Matilde Ramos Lima Unplaced
2016 Madeira Flávia Joana Gouveia Brito Unplaced Edward Wilson Directorship — Flavia Brito was Continental Queen of Europe at Miss Tourism World 2013.
2015 Azores Maria Emilia Rosa Rodrigues Araújo Unplaced
2014 Aveiro Patrícia Carvalho Da Silva Unplaced Miss Universo Portugal — Isidro de Brito Directorship .
Did not compete between 2012—2013
2011 Lisbon Laura Gonçalves[7] Top 10
  • Internet Vote
Miss Universo Portugal — GAETA, Promoções e Eventos, Lda. and NIU Directorship.
Miss Portugal
Did not compete between 2003—2010
2002 Ovar Iva Lamarão Unplaced
2001 Setúbal Claúdia Jesus Lopez Borges Unplaced Miss Portugal 2000 1st Runner-up; due to personal reasons, Thelma Santos was the Miss Portugal 2000 who withdrew at the Miss Universe 2001; Claudia Borges (a runner-up) replaced her position, Claudia competed at Miss World 2001.[8]
Lisbon Thelma Santos Did not compete
2000 Madeira Licinia Macedo Unplaced
1999 Santarém Marisa Ferreira Unplaced
  • Miss Congeniality
1998 Porto Icília Berenguel Unplaced The Miss Portugal 1997 presenter called wrong to Icília as the 2nd Runner-up but after some minutes, Icília called as the winner.[6]
1997 Lisbon Lara Antunes Unplaced
1996 Bragança Rita Carvalho Unplaced
1995 Faro Adrianna Iria Unplaced
1994 Lisbon Mónica Sofia Borges Unplaced
1993 Angola Carla Marisa da Cruz Unplaced
1992 Lisbon Maria Fernanda Silva Unplaced
1991 Setúbal Carla Caldeira[5] Did not compete
1990 Setúbal Maria Angélica Rosado Unplaced
1989 Lisbon Ana Francisca Gonçalves Unplaced
1988 Lisbon Isabel Rodrigues Martins Unplaced
1987 Lisbon Noélia Cristina Chaves Unplaced
1986 Lisbon Mariana Dias Carriço Unplaced
1985 Lisbon Alexandra Paula Gomes Unplaced
1984 Lisbon Maria Fátima Rodrigues Unplaced
1983 Lisbon Anabela Elisa Vissenjou Unplaced
1982 Lisbon Ana Maria Valdiz Wilson Unplaced
1981 Lisbon Paula Machado de Moura Unplaced
1980 Did not compete
1979 Lisbon Marta Mendonça Gouvêia Unplaced
Did not compete between 1975—1978
1974 Lisbon Ana Paula da Silva Freitas Unplaced
1973 Lisbon Carla de Barros Unplaced
1972 Mozambique Iris Maria dos Santos Unplaced
1971 Angola Maria Celmira Pereira Unplaced
1970 Lisbon Ana Maria Diozo Lucas Unplaced
Did not compete between 1966—1969
1965 Lisbon Maria do Carmo Sancho[9] Unplaced
Did not compete between 1963—1964
1962 Lisbon Maria Santos Trindade Unplaced
1961 Lisbon Maria Josabete Silva Santos Did not compete Allocated to Miss International 1960.
1960 Lisbon María Teresa Motoa Cardoso[10] Unplaced RTP - Rádio e Televisão de Portugal Directorship.

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