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Miss Perú Organization
FormationJune 7, 1952; 71 years ago (1952-06-07)
TypeBeauty pageant
Official language
Jessica Patricia Newton Vasquez-Saenz
Parent organization
Grupo D'Elite

The Miss Perú is the national beauty pageant of the Republic of Peru. The contest gathers participants from all over the nation, including Peruvian women representing their community overseas. Having been broadcast by all the major television networks in the country during its history, the pageant is currently broadcast by América Televisión.

The president of the organization and national director is Miss Peru 1987 and Miss Universe 1987 finalist, Jessica Newton. The winner traditionally represents Peru at the Miss Universe pageant while the runners-up also have the chance to represent the country internationally at contests such as Miss Supranational and Miss Grand International.

A complete separate contest owned by Ernesto "Tito" Paz has the rights of selection for Miss World and Miss Earth, while another contest owned by Rossana Ramos Miranda has the rights for Miss International.

This pageant is known for producing Latin America's first ever Miss Universe crown, which was achieved by then 17-year-old Gladys Zender who won the title of Miss Universe 1957.

The current Miss Peru is Camila Escribens who represented Lima and won the title on May 18, 2023.


Peru has competed in the Miss Universe pageant since 1952 and in the Miss World pageant since 1959. In the Miss Universe pageant, their first representative was Ada Gabriela Bueno, who was crowned as the first Miss Peru in a ceremony at the Lawn Tennis Club of Lima and competed in Miss Universe 1952. Bueno traveled to Long Beach, California to represent her country, but failed to enter the group of semifinalists.

The runner-ups and finalists of the annual Miss Peru and Miss World Peru pageants are sent to compete in other events, such as Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International, Miss Eco International, Reina Hispanoamericana, Miss United Continents, Miss Top Model of the World, Miss Supertalent, Reinado Internacional del Cafe, Reinado Mundial del Banano, Reinado Mundial de la Ganadería, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Globe, Miss Landscapes International, Miss America Latina, Miss Asia Pacific, Miss Tourism Queen International, Miss Bikini International, and Miss Atlantico Internacional, among others.

In the 1950s, Peru was one of the few South American countries that competed in major international competitions such as the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants. The country became consistent joining the group of semifinals five times in the 1950s and four times during the 1960s. Peru is known for having the first Spanish-speaking Miss Universe in 1957, Gladys Zender.

Peru participated in the Miss World pageant for the first time in 1959, represented by María Elena Rossel Zapata, who was ranked as the 1st runner-up. This was the first time that a Latin American country won 2nd place in the Miss World pageant.

In 1967, Peru won the Miss World crown for the first time with Madeline Hartog-Bel,[1] exactly ten years after Gladys Zender won the Miss Universe pageant in 1957, Hartog-Bel had previously participated in Miss Universe 1966, where she placed among the 15 semifinalists.

In 1973, Peru did not send its representative, Mary Núñez Bartra, to the Miss Universe Pageant, because she was prevented from participating by the president of the republic, Juan Velasco Alvarado. He considered the contest was the product of American capitalism, and a country with which he did not have good relations. This was the only occasion in which a Miss Peru did not participate in the Miss Universe except for in 1955 and 1974, when no contest was held. Given the refusal of Alvarado, Bartra was sent to Miss World 1973 in London, England.[citation needed]

In 1982, Peru became the first South American country to host the Miss Universe pageant. Miss Universe 1982 was held in the Coliseo Amauta in Lima on July 26, 1982. The winner was the 18 year old Karen Baldwin from Canada, who became the first representative of her country to win the Miss Universe title. A group of twelve semifinalists were chosen from a total of 77 candidates, representatives from the many countries and territories that competed in this version of the contest. This was the sixteenth consecutive spirited contest for the American television presenter Bob Barker. The show was broadcast via satellite by the U.S. network CBS in collaboration with Panamericana Televisión. In this edition, Peru was represented by Francesca Zaza, who was among the 12 semifinalists and won the prize for Best National Costume.

In 1987, Jessica Newton was chosen to represent the country in Miss Universe 1987 in Singapore. The winner of this edition was the Chilean Cecilia Bolocco. Newton was among the 10 semifinalists. Years later Newton took the franchise of the Miss Peru pageant and was responsible for organizing the event and preparing Peruvian queens for the Miss Universe and Miss World for 12 years.

After many years in 1996, Peru reappeared in the contest with Natali Sacco, who entered in the top 10 in Miss Universe 1996, and in 1998, Mariana Larrabure also entered the top 10 in Miss World 1998. Four years later, in 2002, Marina Mora joined the Top 5, winning third place in the Miss World 2002 pageant. The following year Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos placed in the Top 15 in Miss Universe 2003 and took the second place prize for Best National Costume, and Claudia Hernández placed in the top 20 in Miss World 2003 and won the award for Best Evening Gown. This was so far the only time that Peru had classified the same year in the Miss Universe and Miss World.

In terms of Miss Universe, since the new millennium, Peru came back to the final round of the competition when Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos was a semifinalist in the Miss Universe 2003 pageant held in Panama, then also joined the group of semifinalists in the Miss Earth 2003 pageant. Liesel Holler failed to reach the semifinals in 2004, but like her predecessor also joined the group of semifinalists in the Miss Earth 2004 pageant. Débora Sulca made Peru's comeback in the contest in 2005, placing in the Top 10 and finishing 6th overall (Peru's highest placement to date since winning the crown in 1957).

At Miss World, Peru featured a successful streak of three placements that ended with its second title. Marina Mora finished as 2nd runner-up in the 2002 edition and her successor Claudia Hernandez placed in the Top 20 in 2003. In 2004, Peru returned to international glory in the field of beauty pageants in December 2004, when María Julia Mantilla won the Miss World title[2] thanks to a worldwide vote through text messages and phone calls, which occurred for the first time in the history of the event. She won the crown of Miss World 2004. The first runner-up was Claudia Cruz, from the Dominican Republic, and the second runner-up was Nancy Randall, from the United States.

In 2012, Nicole Faverón made Peru's return to the Miss Universe pageant after seven years of absence by placing at Miss Universe 2012.

Valeria Piazza became the 18th Peruvian to place in Miss Universe history, by making the Top 13 at Miss Universe 2016.

Peru gained its fourth international crown with the title of Miss Grand International 2017, won by Maria Jose Lora. The country returned to the placement circle of Miss World after a 13-year drought when Pamela Sanchez made the Top 40 on the final night.

Notable winners

Peru is one of the 20 countries in the history of pageantry to have won the two most prestigious crowns of Miss Universe and Miss World at least once each.

After winning Latin America's first ever Miss Universe crown, Gladys Zender became very popular and well known in her country. Later she married the politician Antonio Meier and is the mother of the famous Peruvian actor Christian Meier.

Jessica Newton, Miss Peru 1987, after the international contest went to Los Angeles, California where she studied and also worked with Paramount Pictures. Then she worked in Lima editing different magazines. From 1992 to 2004 she was the organizer of the Miss Peru pageant. Since 2007 she has been the representative of Condé Nast, which publishes magazines Vogue, Glamour, GQ and Vanity Fair for Latin America and Mexico. In 2015, she returned to completely take over the national pageant and start a new beginning of the Miss Perú Organization. After an 11-year hiatus, her first Peruvian queens as national director were Laura Spoya and Valeria Piazza.

Carmela Stein, Miss Peru 1961 and Miss Universe 1961 finalist, currently lives in Mexico and is the mother of the famous Mexican actress Ana Patricia Rojo.

Olga Zumaran, who was Miss Peru 1978 and Miss Peru Mundo 1981, began an acting career after her reigns. She was later elected as Mrs. Perú 2009.

Karina Calmet, Miss Peru 1994, became a television presenter and actress. Since 2009 she was part of the Peruvian comedy series Al Fondo Hay Sitio, which ended in 2016.

Frieda Holler, Miss Peru 1965; Carmen Amelia Ampuero, Miss Peru 1972; Mónica Chacón, Miss Peru Mundo 1996; Viviana Rivasplata, Miss Peru 2001; and Marina Mora, Miss Peru Mundo 2002 have had success in the business category and occasionally participate in various television shows.

Like Gladys Zender and Madeline Hartog-Bel, María Julia Mantilla also became a well-known and popular figure in her country. She began working for the Ford Model Agency in London, and then debuted as a businesswoman and a television presenter. She was the host of the variety TV show Al Aire on America Televisión, which ended in 2016 and was planning a new TV project in 2017.

Adriana Zubiate, Miss Peru 2002, was a finalist in Bailando por un sueño in 2008. Claudia Hernández eventually worked as the morning news reporter at Buenos Días, Perù on Panamericana Televisión. Karen Schwarz, Miss Peru 2009, hosted some TV shows in Frecuencia Latina up until the end of 2016 due to expecting her first child.

Natalie Vértiz, Miss Peru 2011; and Nicole Faverón, Miss Peru 2012, took part in the local Peruvian television industry after their reigns. Vertiz currently works as part of the "Espectáculos" section reporter in América Television's news networks. Faverón went on to follow involvement in the clothing business industry, opening a boutique of her own in Lima.

Other wins

There are other international pageants in which Peru has achieved success by winning the title or placing in the semifinals.

Notable wins: Miss Intercontinental 1971, 1987, Mrs. World 1989, 2016, Miss America Latina 1991, 2016, Miss Asia Pacific International 1994, 2001, Reina Internacional del Café 1997, Miss Teenager World 2002, 2007, Miss Caraïbes Hibiscus 2004, 2005, Miss Perla Mundial del Pacifico 2007, Miss Tourism Queen International 2008, Miss Teenager Universe 2008, Miss Beauty International 2009, Miss Continentes Unidos 2010, Reina Internacional de la Ganadería 2015, World Miss University 2016, Reina Mundial del Banano 2016, Miss Supertalent of the World 2016, Miss Grand International 2017, Top Model of the World 2018, Miss Atlantico Internacional 2018, Miss Eco International 2019.

Runner up or semi-final entries: Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Teen International, Miss Maja Mundial, Reina Hispanoamericana, Miss Italia Nel Mondo, Mrs. Universe, Miss Supranational.[citation needed]


The following women have been crowned Miss Peru:

Year Miss Perú Department
1952 Ada Gabriela Bueno Böttger Apurímac
1953 Mary Ann Sarmiento Hall † Ucayali
1954 Isabella León Velarde Dancuart Lima
1956 Rosa Dolores "Lola" Sabogal Morzán Callao
1957 Gladys Rosa Zender Urbina Loreto
1958 Beatriz Boluarte Figueroa Region Lima
1959 Guadalupe Mariátegui Hawkins Callao
1960 Medallit Gallino Rey Lambayeque
1961 Carmela Stein Bedoya Ayacucho
1962 Silvia Ruth Dedekind Marazzani Region Lima
1963 Dora Toledano Godier Loreto
1964 Miluska Vondrak Steel Loreto
1965 Frieda Holler Figallo Lima
1966 Madeleine Hartog-Bel Houghton Arequipa
1967 Mirtha Calvo Sommaruga Callao
1968 María Esther Brambilla Amazonas
1969 María Julia Mantilla Mayer La Libertad
1970 Cristina Málaga Butrón Arequipa
1971 Magnolia Martínez Rojas Lima
1972 Carmen Amelia Ampuero Mosquetti Lima
1973 Mary Núñez Bartra San Martín
1975 Olga Lourdes Berninzon Devéscovi Region Lima
1976 Rocío Rita Lazcano Mujica † Junín
1977 María Isabel Frías Zavala Cajamarca
1978 Olga Roxana Zumarán Burga Arequipa
1979 Jacqueline Brahms Flechelle Region Lima
1980 Mariailce Lisseth Ramis Figueroa Huánuco
1981 Gladys Martina Silva Cancino Region Lima
1982 María Francesca Zaza Reinoso Lima
1983 Vivien Griffiths Shields Lima
1984 Fiorella Ferrari Iglesias Region Lima
1985 María Gracia Galleno Bedoya Ucayali
1986 Karin Mercedes Lindermann García Piura
1987 Jessica Patricia Newton Vasquez-Saenz Callao
1988 Katia Escudero Lozano La Libertad
1989 Mariana Sovero McKay Lima
1990 Marisol Martínez Meza Arequipa
1991 Eliana Martínez Márquez Callao
1992 Aline Simone Arce Santos Arequipa
1993 Déborah de Souza-Peixoto Luna Lima
1994 Karina Calmet Brugnara Callao
1995 Paola Dellepiane Gianotti Amazonas
1996 Natalí Patricia Sacco Ángeles La Libertad
1997 Claudia María Dopf Scansi Ancash
1998 Karim del Rosario Bernal Gilardi Huánuco
1999 Fabiola Mercedes Lazo Bernal Lima
2000 Verónica Rueckner Rivera Piura
2001 Viviana Magaly del Rocío Rivasplata Aita Lambayeque
2002 Adriana Zubiate Flores Callao
2003 Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos Cano Arequipa
2004 Liesel Holler Sotomayor Pasco
2005 Débora Susan Sulca Cravero Cajamarca
2006 Fiorella Viñas Robles Lambayeque
2007 María Jimena Elías Roca Ica
2008 Karol Stephanie Castillo Pinillos La Libertad
2009 Karen Susana Schwarz Espinoza Amazonas
2010 Giuliana Myriam Zevallos Roncagliolo Loreto
2011 Natalie Diane Vértiz González USA Perú
2012 Nicole Faverón Vázquez Loreto
2013 Cindy Paola Mejía Santa María Region Lima
2014 Jimena Ruminí Espinoza Vecco Region Lima
2015 Laura Vivian Spoya Solano Lima
2016 Valeria Piazza Vásquez Lima
2017 Prissila Stephany Howard Neira Piura
2018 Romina Lozano Saldaña Callao
2019 Kelin Poldy Rivera Kroll Arequipa
2020 Janick Ángela Maceta del Castillo USA Perú
2021 Yely Margoth Rivera Kroll Arequipa
2022 Alessia Rovegno Cayo[3] Lima
2023 Camila Namie Escribens[4]

Titleholders under Miss Perú org.

The following women have represented Peru in the Big Four international beauty pageants, the four major international beauty pageants for women.[5][6] These are Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth.[7][8][9]

Miss Perú Universo

  •   : Declared as winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
The winner of Miss Perú represents her country at the Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.
Year Department Miss Perú Placement at Miss Universe Special awards
2023 Lima Camila Escribens TBA TBA
2022 Lima Alessia Rovegno Top 16
2021 Arequipa Yely Rivera Unplaced
2020 USA Perú Janick Maceta 2nd Runner-up
2019 Arequipa Kelin Rivera Top 10
2018 Callao Romina Lozano Unplaced
2017 Piura Prissila Howard Unplaced
2016 Lima Valeria Piazza Top 13
2015 Lima Laura Spoya Unplaced
2014 Region Lima Jimena Espinoza Unplaced
2013 Region Lima Cindy Mejía Unplaced
2012 Loreto Nicole Faverón Top 16
  • Best National Costume (9th Place)
2011 USA Perú Natalie Vértiz Unplaced
2010 Loreto Giuliana Zevallos Unplaced
2009 Amazonas Karen Schwarz Unplaced
2008 La Libertad Karol Castillo Unplaced
  • Best National Costume (8th Place)
2007 Ica Jimena Elías Unplaced
2006 Lambayeque Fiorella Viñas Unplaced
2005 Cajamarca Débora Sulca Top 10
2004 Pasco Liesel Holler Unplaced
2003 Arequipa Claudia Ortiz Top 15
  • Best National Costume (1st Runner-up)
2002 Callao Adriana Zubiate Unplaced
2001 Lambayeque Viviana Rivasplata Unplaced
2000 Piura Verónica Rueckner Unplaced
1999 Lima Fabiola Lazo Unplaced
1998 Huánuco Karim Bernal Unplaced
  • Best National Costume (1st Runner-up)
1997 Ancash Claudia Dopf Unplaced
  • Best National Costume (2nd Runner-up)
1996 La Libertad Natali Sacco Top 10
1995 Amazonas Paola Dellepiane Unplaced
  • Best Hairstyle
1994 Callao Karina Calmet Unplaced
1993 Lima Déborah de Souza-Peixoto Unplaced
1992 Arequipa Aline Arce Unplaced
1991 Callao Eliana Martínez Unplaced
1990 Arequipa Marisol Martínez Unplaced
1989 Lima Mariana Sovero Unplaced
1988 La Libertad Katia Escudero Unplaced
1987 Callao Jessica Newton Top 10
1986 Piura Karin Lindermann Unplaced
1985 Ucayali María Gracia Galleno Unplaced
1984 Region Lima Fiorella Ferrari Unplaced
1983 Lima Vivien Griffiths Unplaced
1982 Lima Francesca Zaza Top 12
  • Best National Costume
1981 Region Lima Gladys Silva Unplaced
1980 Huánuco Lisseth Ramis Unplaced
1979 Region Lima Jacqueline Brahms Unplaced
1978 Arequipa Olga Zumarán Top 12
1977 Cajamarca María Isabel Frías Unplaced
1976 Junín Rocío Lazcano Unplaced
  • Best National Costume
1975 Region Lima Lourdes Berninzon Unplaced
1972 Lima Carmen Ampuero Top 12
  • Best National Costume
1971 Lima Magnolia Martínez Unplaced
  • Miss Congeniality
1970 Arequipa Cristina Málaga Unplaced
1969 La Libertad María Julia Mantilla Mayer Top 15
  • Best in Swimsuit (Top 10)
1968 Amazonas María Esther Brambilla Unplaced
1967 Callao Mirtha Calvo Unplaced
1966 Arequipa Madeleine Hartog-Bel Top 15
1965 Lima Frieda Holler Top 15
1964 Loreto Miluska Vondrak Unplaced
1963 Loreto Dora Toledano Unplaced
1962 Region Lima Silvia Dedekind Unplaced
1961 Ayacucho Carmela Stein Top 15
1960 Lambayeque Medallit Gallino Unplaced
1959 Callao Guadalupe Mariátegui Unplaced
1958 Region Lima Beatriz Boluarte Top 15
1957 Loreto Gladys Zender Miss Universe 1957
1956 Callao Lola Sabogal Top 15
1954 Lima Isabella León Top 16
1953 Ucayali Mary Ann Sarmiento Top 16
1952 Apurímac Ada Gabriela Bueno Unplaced

Miss Perú Mundo

  •   : Declared as winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
The 1st runner-up of Miss Peru represented her country at Miss World. In 2006 there was a separate contest called Miss Perú Mundo competition which selected a winner to Miss World. In 2007 there was Miss World Peru under Miss Peru which crowned two winners, Miss Perú and Miss Perú Mundo. From 2010 to 2013 the 1st Runner-up returned to comeback at Miss World. In 2014 the format returned to the 2007 version. Begun in 2015, the Miss Perú Mundo officially named an independent as a national franchise holder in Peru to Miss World.[clarification needed]
Year Department Miss Perú Mundo Placement at Miss World Special awards
2023 Ucayali Jennifer Barrantes[10] TBA
2022 Miss World 2021 was rescheduled to 16 March 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Puerto Rico, no edition started in 2022
2021 Region Lima Paula Montes[11] Unplaced
2020 Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no competition held
2019 Piura Angella Escudero Unplaced
2018 Ica Clarisse Uribe Unplaced
2017 Amazonas Pamela Sánchez Top 40
  • Head to Head Challenge winner
2016 Lambayeque Pierina Wong Unplaced
2015 La Libertad Karla Chocano Unplaced
2014 Pasco Sofía Rivera Unplaced
2013 Piura Elba Fahsbender Unplaced
2012 Loreto Giuliana Zevallos Unplaced
  • Best World Dress award (Top 20)
2011 Junín Odilia García Unplaced
2010 Region Lima Alexandra Liao Unplaced
2009 Cuzco Claudia Carrasco Unplaced
2008 USA Perú Annmarie Dehainaut Unplaced
2007 Tacna Cynthia Calderón Unplaced
2006 La Libertad Silvia Cornejo Unplaced
2005 Tumbes Fiorella Castellano Unplaced
2004 La Libertad María Julia Mantilla Miss World 2004
2003 Piura Claudia Hernández Top 20
  • Best World Dress Designer award
2002 La Libertad Marina Mora 2nd Runner-up
2001 Lambayeque Viviana Rivasplata Unplaced
2000 La Libertad Tatiana Angulo Unplaced
1999 Cuzco Wendy Monteverde Unplaced
1998 La Libertad Mariana Larrabure Top 10
1997 Amazonas Claudia Luque Barrantas Unplaced
1996 Loreto Mónica Chacón Unplaced
1995 Amazonas Paola Dellepiane Unplaced
1994 Cuzco Marcia Pérez Marcés Unplaced
1993 Callao Mónika Sáez Grimm Did not compete
1992 Lima Ingrid Yrivarren Paz Did not compete
1990 USA Perú Giselle Martínez Cuadros Unplaced
1989 Region Lima Maritza Zorrilla Priori Unplaced
1988 Region Lima Martha Elena Kaik Toso Unplaced
1987 USA Perú Suzette Woodman Unplaced
1986 Surco Patricia Kuypers Unplaced
1985 Lambayeque Carmen del Rosario Muro Távara Unplaced
1984 La Libertad Cristina Loayza-Guerra Unplaced
1983 Region Lima Lisbet Alcázar Unplaced
1982 Piura Cynthia Piedra Unplaced
1981 Arequipa Olga Zumarán Unplaced
1980 Cuzco Roxana Vega Ramos Unplaced
1979 Lima Magali Pérez-Godoy Unplaced
1978 San Bartolo Karen Noeth Haupt Unplaced
1977 Cajamarca María Isabel Frías Top 15
1976 Junín Rocío Lazcano Unplaced
1975 Lima Mary Orfanides Canakis Unplaced
1973 San Martín Mary Núñez Unplaced
1968 Europe Perú Ana Rosa Berninzon Unplaced
1967 Arequipa Madeleine Hartog-Bel Miss World 1967
1965 Arequipa Lourdes Cárdenas Gilardi Unplaced
1963 Europe Perú Lucía Buonnani Unplaced
1960 Ica Maricruz Gómez Díaz Did not compete
1959 Piura María Elena Rossel Zapata 1st Runner-up

Miss Perú Internacional

  •   : Declared as winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
The second title of Miss Peru represented her country at Miss International. Started in 2005, the new foundation Miss Internacional Perú/Miss Perú Internacional (MIP) holds a national competition to choose a winner for Miss International. In 2007 and 2016 Miss Peru franchised the license of Miss International. One of the runners-up went to the Miss International pageant.
Year Department Miss Perú Internacional Placement at Miss International Special awards
2023 Chorrillos Camila Díaz Daneri[12] TBA
2022 Lima Tatiana Calmell[13] 2nd Runner-up
  • Best in Evening Gown
  • Miss People's Choice Award
Ica Michelle López[14] Appointed but will not compete
Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no competition held between 2020―2021
2019 Lambayeque María José Barbis Unplaced
  • Miss International America
2018 Callao Marelid Medina Unplaced
2017 Lima Tiffany López Unplaced
2016 La Libertad Danea Panta Unplaced
2015 Piura Cynthia Toth Unplaced
  • Miss Global Blue Award
2014 Callao Fiorella Peirano Unplaced
2013 Tacna María Gracia Fígueroa Unplaced
2012 Amazonas Rosemary Pizarro Unplaced
2011 Moquegua María Alejandra Chávez Unplaced
2010 Lima Laura Spoya Top 15
2009 Piura Alejandra Pezet Unplaced
2008 Callao Massiel Vidal Unplaced
2007 La Libertad Luisa Fernanda Monteverde Unplaced
2006 Junín Lissy Miranda Unplaced
2005 Region Lima Vanessa López Vera-Tudela Top 12
2004 Cuzco Aldana García Jahnsen Unplaced
Did not compete between 2001-2004
2000 Tumbes Claudia Neyra Did not compete
1999 Did not compete
1998 Tacna Melissa Miranda Quiñones Unplaced
1997 Ancash Ana Matallana Illich Top 15
Did not compete between 1995 and 1996
1994 Amazonas Lidia Ferrari Did not compete
Did not compete between 1989-1993
1988 Piura Susan León Cavassa Top 15
1987 Ancash Rosario Leguía Nugent Unplaced
Did not compete between 1968-1986
1967 Lima Martha Quimper Suárez 3rd Runner-up
1966 Lima Liliana Suarez Did not compete
1965 Piura Lola Muro Macher Top 15
1964 Junín Gladys Reina González Unplaced
1963 Region Lima Esperanza Moy Unplaced
1962 Amazonas Rosa Isabel Raschio Did not compete
1961 Loreto Norma González Unplaced
1960 Lima Irma Vargas Fuller Unplaced

Miss Perú Tierra

  •   : Declared as winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
Miss Peru used to send a delegate to participate in the annual Miss Earth pageant. In 2014, another organization, Miss Earth Peru, was established to select a representative for the Miss Earth pageant.
Year Department Miss Perú Tierra Placement at Miss Earth Special awards
2023 Piura Nancy Salazar TBA
2022 Callao Gianella Paz Unplaced
  • 2nd place, silver medalist(s) Best in Long Gown (Fire Group)
2021 Lima Briggitte Corrales Unplaced
2020 Lima Kelly Dávila Unplaced
2019 Cajamarca Alexandra Caceres Unplaced
2018 Region Lima Jessica Russo Unplaced
2017 San Martin Karen Rojas Unplaced
2016 Piura Brunella Fossa Unplaced
2015 Ucayali Zully Barrantes Unplaced
2014 Piura Elba Fahsbender Unplaced
2012 Huancavelica Miluska Huaroto Did not compete
2011 Tacna Maria Gracia Figueroa Unplaced
  • Miss Pagudpud
2010 Ayacucho Silvana Vasquez Monier Unplaced
2009 Cajamarca Leticia Rivera Unplaced
2008 Loreto Giuliana Zevallos Unplaced
2007 Junín Odilia García Top 8
  • Miss Fitness
2006 Ancash Valerie Neff Unplaced
2005 Cusco Sara Paredes Valdivia Unplaced
2004 Pasco Liesel Holler Top 16
2003 Lima Danitza Autero Stanic Unplaced
2002 Arequipa Claudia Ortiz Top 10
  • Best in Evening Gown
2001 Lima Paola Barreda Benavides Unplaced


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