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Miss Norway Organization
Formation1950; 73 years ago (1950)
TypeBeauty pageant
Official language
Armand Bye

The Miss Norway (formerly known as "Frøken Norge") is a national beauty pageant in Norway The pageant was founded in 1950, where the winners were sent to Miss Universe.


The Miss Norway was held for first time in 1950 by Dagbladet Magazine. There were no official Frøken Norge or Miss Norway titleholders from 1975 to 1982 during which Norwegian model agencies sent girls to international pageants. Since 1983 the pageant was run by Frøken Norge Corporation. In 2000 - 2010, the pageant was sponsored by TV2 Network.

Traditionally, the winner will get a chance to compete at Miss World pageant.[1] Meanwhile, the runners-up will compete at Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Europe. Sometimes the winner will be able to compete at the other pageants. In May 2012, a new concept called "Miss Universe Norway" was established by the company "Motivaction AS" after the application for the license for Miss Universe in Norway was approved.[citation needed]

From 1985 to 2011, "Frøken Norge" (registered trademark) with supervisor Geir Hamnes, sent candidates to Miss World and Miss Universe. From 1983 to 2008, "Miss Norway" (registered trademark) run by Geir Killingland, sent representatives to other beauty pageants such as Miss International, Miss Earth and others. After mr. Killingland died in 2009, his friends and family recovered "Miss Norway" in 2010, as a tribute to Killingland, and sent representatives to Miss Earth and Miss International that year.

In 2017 the Miss Norway selects representatives to compete in Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International.


Below are list of Frøken Norge, Miss Norway and Norske Miss Universe winners who represent their country at the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International pageants. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age), a runner-up is sent.
Year Miss Norway County Notes
1933 Gudrun Hilditch Rygh Nordland
1934 Elsa Lindseth
1935 Gerd Lowlie Oslo
1936 Aslaug Simensen
1937 Lisbeth Grung
1938 Else Hammer
1950 Aud Grenes Oslo Frøken Norge — Dagbladet Magazine directorship
1952 Eva Røine Oslo
1953 Synnøve Gulbrandsen Oslo
1954 Mona Stornes Oslo
1955 Solveig Borstad Oslo
1957 Grete Lunder Oslo
1958 Greta Andersen Oslo Frøken Norge — Det Nye Magazine directorship
1959 Jorunn Kristjansen Oslo
1960 Ragnhild Aas Oslo
1961 Rigmor Trengereid Oslo Miss Norden 1961
1962 Beate Brevik Johansen Oslo
1963 Mette Stenstad Oslo Miss Europe 1963
1964 Jorunn Nystedt Oslo
1965 Britt Aaberg Oslo
1966 Siri Gro Nilsen Oslo
1967 Gro Goksør Oslo
1968 Tone Knaran Oslo Miss Scandinavia 1969
1969 Patricia Walker Oslo Frøken Norge — VG (Verdens Gang) directorship
1970 Vibeke Steineger Hordaland
1971 Ruby Reitan Oslo
1972 Liv Hanche Olsen Oslo
1973 Aina Walle Oslo Last Frøken Norge titleholders in 1970s and absent at Miss Universe 1974-1975
1975 Jenny Ottesen Oslo There were no official Frøken Norge titleholders from 1975 to 1982, during which Norwegian model agencies sent girls to international pageants
1976 Bente Lihaug Oslo
1977 Jeanette Aarum Oslo
1978 Unni Margret Øgland Oslo
1979 Heidi Louise Oiseth Oslo
1980 Maiken Nilesen Oslo
1981 Anita Nesbø Akershus
1982 Jeanett Krefting Oslo
1983 Karen Dobloug Hedmark Frøken Norge — Norwegian Models & Artists von Geir Killingland directorship
1984 Ingrid Marie Martens Akershus
1985 Karen Margrethe Moe Vest-Agder Frøken Norge — Geir Hamnes-TV 2 Network directorship
1986 Inger Louise Berg · Frøken Norge Hedmark
Tone Henriksen · Miss Norway Troms
1987 Mette Veiseth · Frøken Norge Nord-Trøndelag
Renate Bibow · Miss Norway Hedmark
1988 Bente Brunland · Frøken Norge Oppland
Bright Hansen · Miss Norway Nordland
1989 Lene Ørnhoft · Frøken Norge Akershus
Heidi Olsen · Miss Norway Oslo
1990 Mona Grudt · Norske Miss Universe Nord-Trøndelag Miss Universe 1990
Ingeborg Kolseth · Frøken Norge Oppland
Hege Christin Baardsen · Miss Norway Rogaland
1991 Lene Maria Pedersen · Norske Miss Universe Troms
Anne-Britt Røvik · Frøken Norge Møre og Romsdal
Julianne Skovli · Miss Norway Østfold
1992 Anne Sofie Galåen · Norske Miss Universe Hedmark
Kjersti Brakestad · Frøken Norge Sogn og Fjordane
Turid Sundet · Miss Norway Møre og Romsdal
1993 Ine Beate Strand · Norske Miss Universe Buskerud
Rita Omvik · Frøken Norge Hedmark
1994 Caroline Sætre · Norske Miss Universe Møre og Romsdal
Anne Lena Hansen · Frøken Norge Troms Miss International 1995
Anne Vibeke Hoel · Miss Norway Finnmark
1995 Lena Sandvik · Norske Miss Universe Østfold
Inger Lise Ebeltoft · Frøken Norge Troms
Silje S. Syversen · Miss Norway Vestfold
1996 Eva Sjøholt · Frøken Norge Troms
Thea Hokstad · Miss Norway Sør-Trøndelag
1997 Charlotte Høyåsen · Frøken Norge Aust-Agder
Anne Mette Tveiten · Miss Norway Vest-Agder
1998 Stine Bergsvand · Norske Miss Universe Telemark
Henriette Dankertsen · Frøken Norge Akershus
Bjørg Sofie Løvstad · Miss Norway Akershus
1999 Anette Haukass Buskerud
2000 Stine Pedersen · Frøken Norge World Rogaland Run by TV2 Network
Tonje Kristin Wøllo · Frøken Norge Universe Buskerud
Line Hansen · Miss Norway Nordland
2001 Malin Johansen · Frøken Norge Troms
Linda Marshall · Frøken Norge Universe Buskerud
Siv Therese H. Haavik · Miss Norway Rogaland
2002 Kathrine Sørland · Frøken Norge Rogaland
Hege Hatlo · Frøken Norge Universe Rogaland
Linn N. Olaisen · Miss Norway Troms
2003 Elizabeth Wathne · Frøken Norge Vest-Agder
Hanne-Karine Sørby· Frøken Norge Universe Telemark
Marna Haugen · Miss Norway Møre og Romsdal
2004 Hege Tørresdal · Frøken Norge Rogaland
Helene Tråsavik · Frøken Norge Universe Rogaland
Jeanette Ersdal · Miss Norway Vest-Agder
2005 Caroline N. Nakken Hordaland
2006 Tonje Elise Skjærvik · Frøken Norge Sør-Trøndelag
Martine Jonasen · Frøken Norge Universe Vestfold
Linn Andersen · Miss Norway Hordaland
2007 Lisa-Mari Moen Jünge · Frøken Norge World Møre og Romsdal
Kirby Ann Basken · Frøken Norge Akershus
Caroline M. Kleven · Miss Norway Telemark
2008 Lene Egeli · Frøken Norge Rogaland
Beatrice M. Delas · Miss Norway Østfold
2009 Sara Skjoldnes · Frøken Norge World Telemark
2010 Melinda Elvenes · Frøken Norge Universe Vestfold
Mariann Birkedal · Frøken Norge World Rogaland
Iman Kerigo · Miss Norway Akershus
2011 Ana Zahl Nordland There was no winner crowned for Miss Universe in 2011, as the final was held too late to send the winner to the 2011 edition of the pageant
2012 Sara Nicole Andersen Oslo Miss Norway Organization — Armand Bye directorship
2013 Mari Chauhan Hedmark
2014 Elise Dalby Hedmark
2015 Martine Rødseth Hedmark
2016 Christina Waage Akershus
2017 Kaja Kojan Akershus
2018 Susanne Guttorm Finnmark
2019 Helene Abildsnes Vest-Agder
2020 Sunniva Høiåsen Frigstad Agder
2021 Nora Emilie Nakken Trondheim
2022 Ida Anette Hauan[2] Trondheim
2023 Julie Marie Tollefsen Oslo

Titleholders under Miss Norway org.

Miss Universe Norway

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
The winner of Miss Universe Norway represents her country at the Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age), a runner-up is sent. Norway sent its first Miss Universe representative to the first Miss Universe pageant in 1952. Norway has won Miss Universe once, Mona Grudt in 1990.
Year County Miss Norway Placement at Miss Universe Special Awards Notes
2023 Oslo Julie Tollefsen TBD TBD TBD
2022 Trondheim Ida Anette Hauan Did not compete Withdrew several hours before the coronation night after testing positive for COVID-19.
2021 Trondheim Nora Emilie Nakken Unplaced
2020 Agder Sunniva Frigstad Unplaced
2019 Vest-Agder Helene Abildsnes Unplaced
2018 Finnmark Susanne Guttorm Unplaced
2017 Akershus Kaja Kojan Unplaced
2016 Akershus Christina Waage Unplaced
2015 Hedmark Martine Rødseth Unplaced
2014 Hedmark Elise Dalby Unplaced
2013 Hedmark Mari Chauhan Unplaced
2012 Oslo Sara Nicole Andersen Unplaced
Frøken Norge
2011 Did not compete
2010 Vestfold Melinda Elvenes Unplaced
2009 Rogaland Eli Landa Unplaced
2008 Rogaland Mariann Birkedal Unplaced
2007 Akershus Kirby Ann Basken Unplaced
2006 Vestfold Martine Jonassen Unplaced
2005 Rogaland Helene Tråsavik Top 15
2004 Rogaland Kathrine Sørland Top 15
2003 Telemark Hanne-Karine Sørby Unplaced
2002 Akershus Hege Hatlo Unplaced
2001 Buskerud Linda Marshall Unplaced
2000 Buskerud Tonje Kristin Wøllo Unplaced
Norske Miss Universe
1999 Did not compete
1998 Telemark Stine Bergsvand Unplaced
1997 Did not compete
1996 Troms Inger Lise Ebeltoft Unplaced
1995 Østfold Lena Sandvik Unplaced
1994 Møre og Romsdal Caroline Sætre Unplaced
1993 Buskerud Ine Beate Strand Unplaced
  • Best National Costume
1992 Hedmark Anne Sofie Galåen Unplaced
1991 Troms Lene Maria Pedersen Unplaced
1990 Nord-Trøndelag Mona Grudt Miss Universe 1990
Frøken Norge
1989 Akershus Lene Ørnhoft Unplaced
1988 Oppland Bente Brunland Top 10
1987 Akershus Mariann Leines Unplaced
1986 Troms Tone Henriksen Unplaced
1985 Vest-Agder Karen Margrethe Moe Unplaced
1984 Akershus Ingrid Marie Martens Unplaced
1983 Hedmark Karen Elisabeth Dobloug Top 12
1982 Oslo Jeanette Krefting Unplaced
1981 Oslo Mona Olsen Top 12
1980 Oslo Maiken Nielsen Unplaced
1979 Oslo Unni Margrethe Øglænd Unplaced
1978 Oslo Jeanette Aarum Unplaced
1977 Oslo Åshild Ottesen Unplaced
1976 Oslo Bente Lihaug Top 12
Did not compete between 1974—1975
1973 Oslo Aina Walle 2nd Runner-up
1972 Oslo Liv Hanche Olsen Unplaced
1971 Oslo Ruby Reitan Unplaced
1970 Hordaland Vibeke Steineger Unplaced
1969 Oslo Patricia Walker Top 15
1968 Oslo Tone Knaran Top 15
1967 Oslo Gro Goksør Unplaced
1966 Oslo Siri Gro Nilsen Top 15
1965 Oslo Britt Aaberg Unplaced
1964 Oslo Jorunn Nystedt Top 10
1963 Eva Carlberg Unplaced
1962 Rogaland Julie Ege Unplaced
1961 Oslo Rigmor Trengereid Unplaced
1960 Oslo Ragnhild Aas Top 15
1959 Oslo Jorunn Kristjansen 1st Runner-up
1958 Oslo Greta Andersen Unplaced
Did not compete between 1956—1957
1955 Oslo Solveig Borstad Top 15
1954 Oslo Mona Stornes Top 16
1953 Oslo Synnøve Gulbrandsen Top 16
1952 Oslo Eva Røine Unplaced

Miss World Norway

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
Miss Norway represents her country at the Miss World. In 2012 the Miss Norway recovered its foundation into the Miss Universe Norway Organization by Armand By. Started in 2017 the Miss World franchise returned to Miss Norway since 2013 the Norwegian representatives at Miss World were all designated.
Year County Miss World Norway Placement at Miss World Special Awards
2022 Miss World 2021 was rescheduled to 16 March 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Puerto Rico, no edition started in 2022
2021 Viken Amine Storrød[3] TBD
Did not compete between 2019—2021
2018 Oslo Madelen Michelsen Unplaced
2017 Buskerud Celine Herregården Unplaced
Miss World Norway — official selection
2016 Did not compete
2015 Oslo Fay Teresa Vålbekk Unplaced
2014 Hedmark Monica Pedersen Unplaced
2013 Oslo Alexandra Backstrom Unplaced
2012 Nordland Karoline Olsen Unplaced
Norwegian Representatives from Frøken Norge
2011 Rogaland Anna Zahl Unplaced
2010 Rogaland Mariann Birkedal Top 7
2009 Telemark Sara Skjoldnes Unplaced
2008 Rogaland Lene Egeli Unplaced
2007 Møre og Romsdal Lisa-Mari Moen Jünge Unplaced
2006 Sør-Trøndelag Tonje Elise Skjærvik Unplaced
2005 Rogaland Helene Tråsavik Unplaced
2004 Rogaland Hege Torresdal Unplaced
2003 Vest-Agder Elisabeth Wathne Top 20
2002 Rogaland Kathrine Sørland Top 5
2001 Troms Malin Johansen Unplaced
2000 Rogaland Stine Pedersen Unplaced
1999 Buskerud Anette Haukaas Top 10
1998 Did not compete
1997 Aust-Agder Charlotte Høiåsen Unplaced
1996 Troms Eva Sjøholt Unplaced
1995 Troms Inger Lise Ebeltoft Unplaced
1994 Troms Anne Lena Hansen Unplaced
1993 Hedmark Rita Omvik Unplaced
1992 Sogn og Fjordane Kjersti Brakestad Unplaced
1991 Møre og Romsdal Anne-Britt Røvik Unplaced
1990 Oppland Ingeborg Kolseth Unplaced
1989 Oppland Bente Brunland Top 16
1988 Oslo Rita Paulsen Top 10
1987 Nord-Trøndelag Mette Veiseth Unplaced
1986 Hedmark Inger Louise Berg Unplaced
1985 Vest-Agder Karen Margrethe Moe Unplaced
1984 Akershus Ingrid Maria Martens Unplaced
1983 Hedmark Karen Elizabeth Dobloug Unplaced
1982 Oslo Janett Carine Krefting Unplaced
1981 Akershus Anita Nesbø Unplaced
1980 Oslo Maiken Nielsen Unplaced
1979 Oslo Jeannette Aarum Unplaced
1978 Trøndelag Elisabet Klaeboe Unplaced
1977 Oslo Jenny Ottesen Unplaced
1976 Oslo Nina Kristine Rønneberg Unplaced
1975 Troms Sissel Gulbrandsen Unplaced
1974 Torill Mariann Larsen Top 15
1973 Oslo Wenche Steen Unplaced
1972 Buskerud Ingeborg Sørensen 1st Runner-up
1971 Kate Starvik Unplaced
1970 Akershus Aud Fosse Unplaced
1969 Akershus Kjersti Jortun Top 7
1968 Hedda Lie Unplaced
1967 Oslo Vigdis Sollie Unplaced
1966 Birgit Andersen Top 15
Did not compete between 1961—1965
1960 Grethe Solhoy Top 18
1959 Oslo Berit Grundvig Unplaced
1958 Åse Qjeldvik Unplaced
Did not compete between 1954—1957
1953 Oslo Synnøve Gulbrandsen Unplaced

Miss International Norway

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
The Miss Norway winners came to Miss International. Began in 2014 a Runner-up of Miss Norway represents her country at Miss International. In Miss International, Norway has two Miss International winners such as Catherine Alexandra Gude in 1988 and Anne Lena Hansen in 1995.
Year County Miss International Norway Placement at Miss International Special Awards
2022 Aurskog-Høland Romée Dahlen[4] Unplaced
Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no competition held between 2020―2021
2019 Akershus Henriette J. Hauge Unplaced
  • Best Swimsuit (Top 15)
2018 Vest-Agder Helene Abildnes Did not compete
2017 Vestfold Vilde Andresen Bø Unplaced
2016 Trøndelag Camilla Ellinor De Souza Devik Unplaced
2015 Østfold Cecilie Andrea Røising Unplaced
2014 Vestfold Thea Cecilie Nordal Bull Unplaced
Did not compete between 2011—2013
2010 Trøndelag Marion Dyrvik Unplaced
2009 Østfold Beatrice M. Delas Unplaced
2008 Møre og Romsdal Lisa-Mari Moen Jünge Unplaced
2007 Did not compete
2006 Hordaland Linn Andersen Unplaced
2005 Hordaland Caroline N. Nakken Unplaced
2004 Rogaland Stephanie Eide Furguiel Unplaced
2003 Fay Larsen Unplaced
2002 Did not compete
2001 Rogaland Siv Therese H. Haavik Unplaced
  • Miss Friendship
2000 Frida Agnethe Johnson Unplaced
1999 Buskerud Anette Rusten Unplaced
1998 Akershus Bjørg Sofie Lovstad Unplaced
Norwegian Representatives from Frøken Norge
1997 Did not compete
1996 Oslo Eva-Charlotte Stenset Top 15
1995 Troms Anne Lena Hansen Miss International 1995
1994 Finnmark Anne Vibeke Hoel Unplaced
1993 Did not compete
1992 Hedmark Rita Omvik Top 15
1991 Rogaland Hege Cathrin Baardsen Unplaced
1990 Telemark Hanne Thorsdalen Top 15
1989 Oslo Heidi Olsen Unplaced
1988 Oppland Catherine Alexandra Gude Miss International 1988
1987 Hege Elisabeth Rasmussen Unplaced
1986 Oslo Annette Bjerke Top 15
1985 Østfold Torunn Forsberg Top 15
1984 Monika Lien Unplaced
1983 Akershus Christine Zeiner Unplaced
1982 Jeanette Roger Blixt Unplaced
1981 Oslo Helen Holager Unplaced
1980 Oslo Heidi Louise Oiseth Unplaced
1979 Oslo Unni Margrethe Øglænd Unplaced
1978 Oslo Jeanette Aarum 1st Runner-up
1977 Oslo Bente Lihaug Top 13
Did not compete between 1974—1976
1973 Oslo Anne Katrine Ramstad Unplaced
1972 Oslo Vigdis Thire Unplaced
1971 Oslo May Lindstad Top 15
1970 Oslo Tone Knaran Top 15
1969 Buskerud Ingeborg Sørensen Top 15
1968 Hedda Lie Unplaced
Did not compete between 1966—1967
1965 Aud Jansen Unplaced
1964 Inger Sande Unplaced
1963 Martha Tunge Unplaced
1962 Oslo Beate Brevik Johansen Unplaced
1961 Oslo Åse Marie Schmedling Top 15
1960 Lise Hammer Unplaced

Miss Supranational Norway

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
Year County Miss Supranational Norway Placement at Miss Supranational Special Awards
2022 Did not compete
2021 Viken Ina Kollset Unplaced

Miss Earth Norway

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
The Miss Norway franchised the Miss Earth competition until 2011. Since 2012 the name of Miss Earth Norway awarded to the winner of Miss Earth Norway (Casting). In 2018 the Miss Norway was almost successfully sending one of runners-up of Miss Norway to Miss Earth.
Year County Miss Earth Norway Placement at Miss Earth Special Awards
2023 TBA
2022 Kristiansand Lilly Sødal Top 20
2021 Viken Madeline Denice Olsen Unplaced
2020 Oslo Nora Emilie Nakken Unplaced
2019 Did not compete
2018 Østfold Ina Kollset Did not compete
Miss Earth Norway — Official Selection
Did not compete between 2016—2017
2015 Møre og Romsdal Britt Roselyn Rekkedal Unplaced
2014 Did not compete
2013 Oslo Caroline Sparboe Unplaced
2012 Akershus Nina Fjalestad Unplaced
  • 2nd place, silver medalist(s) Sponsored Swimsuit Parade
  • 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Swimsuit (Group 3)
  • 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Evening Gown (Group 3)
Norwegian Representatives from Miss Norway
2011 Trøndelag Marion Dyrvik Unplaced
2010 Akershus Iman Kerigo Unplaced
Did not compete between 2008—2009
2007 Hordaland Margaret Paulin Hauge Unplaced
2006 Hordaland Meriam Lerøy Brahimi Unplaced
2005 Østfold Vibeke Hansen Unplaced
2004 Vest-Agder Birgitte Korsvik Top 16
2003 Oslo Fay Larsen Top 10
2002 Troms Linn Olaisen Unplaced

Disqualified contestants

According to the Miss Norway regulations, candidates must not have been pictured naked in a commercial production or publication.

In 2004, contestant Aylar Lie was disqualified from the contest when it was found she had appeared in many pornographic movies.


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