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Miss New Zealand International
TypeBeauty Pageant
Miss International
Miss Intercontinental
Miss Tourism International
Miss Supranational
Miss Charm
Official language
National Director
Meghan Kenney
Key people
Rose & Desmond Foulger (Franchise Holders)

Miss New Zealand International is New Zealand's representative for the Miss International beauty pageant. Miss International is one of the four Grand Slam pageants in the world, the other three being Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth.[1][2] The Miss New Zealand International franchise is currently owned by the New Zealand Asia Pacific Trust with Meghan Kenney as the National Director (she is also the ND of the entire Miss New Zealand pageant and their other titles). Previously, the title was awarded to the first runner up of the Miss World New Zealand pageant until 2017 where it was awarded to the second runner up, Michelle Isemonger. It is now the lead title of the Miss New Zealand pageant after the Miss World franchise was dropped.


Year Miss New Zealand International Placement Special awards
2023 Georgia Waddington[3] Unplaced Miss Photogenic
2022 Lydia Smit[4] Top 15 Miss International Oceania
2020 Sydney Batters Did not compete
2019 Nikita Ah Horan Unplaced
2018 Natasha Kristina Unkovich Unplaced
2017 Michelle Isemonger Unplaced Miss International Oceania
2016 Jessica Tyson Unplaced
2015 Hayley Rose Coombe Unplaced
2014 Rachel Harrandence[citation needed] Unplaced
2013 Casey Radley[citation needed] 2nd Runner Up[5] Miss Friendship
2012 Hannah Carson Unplaced
2011 Claire Kirby Unplaced
2010 Ina Ivanova Unplaced
2008 Rhonda Grant [6] Unplaced
2007 Kyla Hei Hei[7] Unplaced
2006 Claire Beattie Unplaced
2005 Ellie Bloomfield Unplaced
2003 Amber Jean Peebles Unplaced
1993 Monique Lorraine Joel Unplaced
1992 Robina Whittaker Unplaced
1991 Nicola Jane Dean Top 15
1990 Tania Elizabeth Marsh Unplaced
1989 Rochelle Boyle Top 15
1988 Nicky Lisa Gillett Unplaced
1987 Philippa Lynn Beazley Unplaced
1986 Zena Grace Jenkins Top 15
1985 Paula Louise Franich Unplaced
1984 Trudy Ann West Unplaced
1983 Brenda Dennise Ngatai Top 15
1982 Wendy Ann Thompson Unplaced
1981 Elizabeth Mary Ivan Top 15
1980 Maria Theresa MacLeudo Unplaced
1978 Donella Elizabeth Clemmence Thomsen Unplaced
1977 Carolyn Judith Grant Unplaced
1975 Miranda Grace Hilton Unplaced
1974 June St. Clair Buchanan Top 15
1973 Teresa Irene Hodgson Top 15
1972 Janice Dawn Walker Unplaced
1971 Jane Cheryl Hansen Miss International 1971
1970 Susan Frances Greaves 4th Runner Up
1969 Deirdre Bruton Top 15
1968 Aroha T. H. Manawatu Unplaced
1967 Kaye Evon Forster Unplaced
1965 Janice Esmae Barkley Unplaced
1964 Helen Frances Iggo Top 15
1963 Elaine Miscal Top 15
1962 Maureen Te Rangi Rere I Waho Waaka Unplaced
1961 Leone Mary Main Unplaced

Miss Supranational New Zealand[edit]

Year Miss Supranational New Zealand Placement Special awards
2024 Emma Gribble[8] TBA
Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no competition held between 2020—2023
2019 Eva Louise Wilson Top 25
2018 Johannah Charlotte Unplaced
2015 Sophie Robinson Unplaced
2014 Hayley Haskell Unplaced
2013 Chanè Berghorst Unplaced
2011 Katrina Turner Unplaced
2010 Candy Barry Unplaced

Miss Intercontinental New Zealand[edit]

Year Miss Intercontinental New Zealand Placement Special awards
2023 Advaita Shetty[9] Unplaced

Miss Charm New Zealand[edit]

Year Miss Charm New Zealand Placement Special awards
2024 Georgia Waddington[10] TBA

Miss Tourism International New Zealand[edit]

Year Miss Tourism International New Zealand Placement Special awards
2023 Alpha Elianna Tan[11] Unplaced Miss Popularity
2022 Abigail Curd[12] Dreamgirl of the Year International


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