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Miss Mauritius National Organisation
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersPort Louis
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Miss Mauritius is a national beauty pageant held in Mauritius that selects representatives for Miss World and Miss International, two of the Big Four international beauty pageants.


Miss Mauritius is the oldest beauty pageant in Mauritius established in 1970 by Miss Mauritius National Organisation. The first Miss Mauritius, Florence Muller who was crowned as Miss Mauritius 1970 and participated in Miss World 1970 in London, Great Britain. The First Miss Universe Mauritius was in 1975, Nirmala Sohun.

In 1970, Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam, Sir Gaetan Duval et Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo, have encouraged Mrs Primerose Obeegadoo to place Mauritius on the world map for fashion & beauty. Ever since, young Mauritian ladies have represented with pride Mauritius and its quadricolor flag at Miss World, Miss International, Miss European Union, Miss Intercontinental, Top Model of the World, Miss Tourism World, Miss Africa. Miss Mauritius National Organisation has many preliminary contests such as Elegance Award, Talent Award, Sport Award, Beach Beauty Award, Best Dress Award, Amity Award, Photogenic Award, Marketing Award and Multimedia Award.


Year Miss Mauritius Notes
1970 Florence Muller Miss World Mauritius
1971 Marie-Anne Ng Sik Kwong Miss World Mauritius
1972 Marie Ange Bestel Miss World Mauritius
1973 Daisy Ombrasine Miss World Mauritius
1974 Nirmala Sohun Miss Universe Mauritius
1975 Marielle Tse-Sik-Sun Miss Universe/World Mauritius
1976 Danielle Marie Françoise Bouic Miss Universe Mauritius
1977 Geneviève Chanea Miss World Mauritius
1978 Maria Chanea Allard Miss Universe/World Mauritius
1979 Christiane Carol Mackay Miss World Mauritius
1980 Carole Fitzgerald Did not compete
1986 Michelle Sylvie Geraldine Pastor Miss World Mauritius
1987 Marie-Geraldine Mamet Miss World Mauritius
1988 Jacky Randabel Miss Universe Mauritius
1989 Anita Ramgutty Miss Universe Mauritius
1990 Dhandevy Jeetun Miss Universe Mauritius
1991 Stephanie Raymond Miss Universe Mauritius
1992 Danielle Pascal Miss Universe Mauritius
1993 Viveka Babajee Miss Universe/World Mauritius
1994 Marie Priscilla Mardaymootoo Miss Universe/World Mauritius
1996 Cindy Cesar Miss Universe Mauritius
1997 Leena Ramphul Miss Universe Mauritius
1998 Oona Sujaya Fulena Miss World Mauritius
1999 Micaella L'Hortalle Miss Universe Mauritius
2000 Jenny Arthémidor Miss Universe Mauritius
2001 Karen Alexandre Miss Universe Mauritius
2002 Marie-Aimée Bergicourt Miss Universe/World Mauritius
2003 Sabine Bourdet Did not compete
2004 Marie-Natacha Magalie Antoo Miss Universe/World Mauritius
2005 Isabelle Antoo Miss Universe Mauritius
2006 Melody Selvon Miss World Mauritius
2007 Olivia Carey Miss Universe/World Mauritius
2008 Anaïs Veerapatren Miss Universe/World Mauritius
2009 Dalysha Doorga Miss Universe/World Mauritius
2010 Laetitia Darche Miss Universe Mauritius
2011 Ameeksha Dilchand Miss Universe/International Mauritius
2012 Diya Beeltah Miss Universe Mauritius
2013 Pallavi Gungaram Miss Universe Mauritius
2014 Kushboo Ramnawaj Miss Universe Mauritius ― Withdrew at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant but due to personal reasons in December, but in 2016 she competed at Miss Universe 2016 under Estrella Mauritius (Miss Maurice organization)
2015 Danika Atchia Miss Universe Mauritius ― Withdrew at Miss Universe 2016 after the Miss Universe franchise went to Miss Estrella Mauritius
2016 Bessika Bucktawor Miss World Mauritius
2017 Anne Murielle Ravina Miss World Mauritius
2018 Urvashi Gooriah Miss World Mauritius
2019 Angélique Sanson[1] Miss World Mauritius
2020 Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no pageant in 2020
2022 Liza Gundowry[2] Miss World Mauritius

Mauritius at International pageants

Miss World Mauritius

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
Below is Miss World Mauritius title since 2016. Before 2016 the most of runner-ups in Miss Mauritius titled as Miss World Mauritius but some winners also selected to be at Miss World pageant. In 1975 Mauritius placed Top 15 and in 1989 placed Top 10 and awarded Miss World Africa. Began 2016 the winner of Miss Mauritius automatically competes at Miss World.
Year Miss World Mauritius Placement at Miss World Special Awards
2023 Liza Gundowry TBA
2022 Angélique Sanson Unplaced
Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no pageant between 2020 and 2021
2019 Urvashi Devi Gooriah Unplaced
2018 Anne Murielle Ravina Top 12
  • Head-to-head challenge
2017 Bessika Bucktawor Unplaced
2016 Véronique Allas Unplaced

Miss International Mauritius

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
The second winner of Miss Mauritius will be competing at Miss International pageant.
Year Miss International Mauritius Placement at Miss International Special Awards
2023 Karishma Hurlall Unplaced
2022 Ava Memero Unplaced
Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no pageants between 2020 and 2021
2019 Nidishwaree Ruchpaul Unplaced
2018 Ashna Nookooloo Unplaced
2017 Marie-Désirée Sabrina Laetitia Bègue Unplaced
2016 Shavina Hulka Unplaced


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