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Miss Korea
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Miss International
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Miss Korea (Korean: 미스코리아) is a national beauty pageant in South Korea.

Lee Seung-hyeon won the title on October 26, 2022.


The first Miss Korea competition took place in 1957 and was sponsored by the Korean newspaper Hankook Ilbo. Each year, approximately fifty women compete in Seoul, South Korea, and seven are selected by a panel of judges. The winner "Jin" (진) is crowned as the official Miss Korea. Additionally, there are two "Sun" (선) finalists (equivalent to 1st runners-up), who go on to compete in Miss International or Miss Earth. Lastly, four "Mi" (미) finalists (equivalent to semi-finalists) are chosen.

On March 16, 2011, the president of the Miss World Organization, Julia Morley, announced the newly launched Miss World Korea pageant. Until 2010, Miss Korea would also select the representative to Miss World, but starting with Miss World 2011, a separate competition has been held to choose the contestant who will represent Korea.[1]

In 2015, Hanju E&M took over Miss Korea Organization. Since 2016, Miss Korea organization no longer send South Korea's representative to Miss Universe.

In 2022, Mina Sue Choi represented Korea at the 22nd Miss Earth pageant, which was held in Parañaque, Philippines on November 29, 2022, and eventually won the crown, making Korea's first ever victory on any of the big four international beauty pageants.


Year Jin (Winner) Truth Runners Up Special Awards
Sun (First) Goodness/Kindness Mi (Second) Beauty
1957 Park Hyun-ok Kim Jung-ok Hong In-bang
1958 Oh Geum-sun Jung Yeon-ja Kim Mi-ja
1959 Oh Hyun-ju Jung Ok-yi Seo Jung-ae
1960 Son Mi-hee-ja Kim Jung-ja Lee Young-hee
1961 Seo Yang-hee Lee Ok-ja Hyun Chang-ae
1962 Seo Bum-ju Sohn Yang-ja Chung Tae-ja
1963 Kim Myoung-ja Choi Yoo-mi Choi Keum-shil
1964 Shin Jung-hyun Lee Hye-jin
(real name: Lee Kwang-ja)
Yoon Mi-hee
1965 Kim Eun-ji Kim Min-jin
(real name: Kim Kyoung-sook)
Lee Eun-ah
1966 Yoon Gui-hyun Jin Hyun-soo Chung Eul-sun
1967 Hong Joung-ae Choi Yang-ji Chung Young-hwa
1968 Kim Yoon-jung Kim Hee-ja Lee Ji-eun
1969 Lim Hyun-jung Kim Yoo-kyoung
(real name: Kim Sung-ja)
Kim Seung-hee
1970 Yoo Young-ae Kim In-sook Lee Jung-hee
1971 Noh Mi-ae Choi Sook-ae Cha Soon-young
1972 Park Yeon-joo Suh Yun-hee
(real name: Suh Ae-ja)
Shin Ga-jung
1973 Kim Young-ju Kim Mae-ja Kim Jun-kyung
1974 Kim Eun-jung
(real name: Kim Jae-kyu)
Kim Kyung-ok Shim Kyoung-sook
1975 Seo Ji-hye
(real name: Seo Young-ok)
Lee Sung-hee, Lee Yeon-ok Lee Hyang-mok, No Deok-ja, Jin Sook
1976 Chung Kyung-sook Chung Kwang-hyun, Han Young-ae Cha Jang-ok, Shin Byoung-sook, Lee Hye-kyung
1977 Kim Sung-hee Lee Jung-hwa, Jung Jung-hwa Kim Young-sun, Shin Byoung-ok, Kim Soon-ae
1978 Son Jung-eun Chae Jung-sook, Park Kyung-ae Kim Eun-hee, Je Eun-jin, Park Sook-jae
1979 Seo Jae-hwa Hong Yeo-jin Kim Jin-sun
1980 Kim Eun-jung Chang Sun-ja
(real name: Chang Hye-ji)
Kim Hye-ran
1981 Lee Eun-jung Lee Han-na Kim So-hyung
1982 Park Sun-hee Choi Sung-yoon Lee Hyun-joo
1983 Lim Mi-sook Kim Sun-mi Seo Min-sook
1984 Choi Young-ok Kim Kyoung-ree Chang Sih-wha
1985 Bae Young-ran An Jung-mi Kim Yoon-jung
1986 Kim Ji-eun Chung Wha-sun Chung Myoung-sun
1987 Jang Yoon-jeong[2] Choi Yeon-hee Kim Mi-rim
1988 Kim Sung-ryung Kim Hye-ri Kim Hee-jung
1989 Oh Hyun-kyung Go Hyun-jung Lee Yun-young
1990 Seo Jung-min Kim Tae-hwa Yoon Je-sun
1991 Lee Young-hyun Yum Jung-ah Lee Mi-young
1992 Yoo Ha-young Chang Eun-young Lee Seung-yeon
1993 Goong Sun-young Huh Sung-soo Kim Young-ah
1994 Han Sung-ju Lee Yoo-ree, Yoon Mi-jung Kim Mi-sook, Kim Ye-boon, Sung Hyun-ah
1995 Kim Yun-jung Kim Jung-hwa, Choi Yoon-young Kim Min-jung, Kim Ah-rin, Han Sung-won
1996 Lee Eun-hee Seol Soo-jin, Kim Ryang-hee Choi Suk-young, Lee Ji-hee, Choi Jung-yoon
1997 Kim Ji-yeon Cho Hye-young, Kim Jin-ah Lim Sun-hong, Yeo Hye-jeon, Jung Eun-joo
1998 Choi Ji-hyun Kim Kun-woo, Lee Jae-won Lee Jung-min, Yang So-hyun, Choi Yoon-hee
1999 Kim Yeon-ju Han Na-na Seol Soo-hyun Lee Hye-won
2000 Kim Sa-rang Shin Jung-sun Son Tae-young
2001 Kim Min-kyoung Seo Hyun-jin Baek Myoung-hee Jung Ah-reum
2002 Keum Na-na Chang Yoo-kyoung Gi Yun-ju Lee Jin-ah
2003 Choi Yun-young Park Ji-ye, Shin Ji-Su Oh Yoo-mi, Ahn Choon-young, Yang Hye-sun
2004 Kim So-young Han Kyoung-jin Kim In-ha
2005 Kim Joo-hee Oh Eun-young, Lee Kyoung-eun Yoo Hye-mi, Kim Eun-ji, Yoo Hye-ri
2006 Lee Ha-nui[2] Park Sharon, Jang Yun-seo Park Hee-jung, Kim Yoo-mi, Park Sung-min, Kim Soo-hyun
2007 Lee Ji-sun Cho Eun-ju, Park Ka-won Lee Jin, Yoo Ji-eun, Lee Jae-ah
2008 Na Ry Choi Bo-in, Kim Min-jeong Seo Seol-hee, Chang Yun hee, Lee Yoon-ah
2009 Kim Joo-ri Cha Ye-rin, Seo Eun-mi Park Ye-ju, Yoo Soo-jung, Lee Seul-ki, Choi Ji-hee
2010 Jung So-ra[3] Jang Yoon-jin, Kim Hye-young Ha Hyun-jung, Ko Hyun-young, Lee Gui-joo, Ahn Da-hye
2011 Lee Seong-hye Kim E-seul, Kim Hye-sun Lee Semina, Nam Mi-yeon, Kim Soo-jung, Gong Pyung-hee Jennifer Jee-Yoon Yi
2012 Kim Yu-mi Lee Jung-bin, Kim Sa-ra Kim Young-joo, Kim Na-hyun, Kim Tae-hyun, Kim Yoo-jin
2013 Yoo Ye-bin Han Ji-eun, Kim Hyo-hee Koo Bon-hwa, Choi Hye-rin, Han Soo-min, Kim Min-joo, Choi Song-yi
2014 Kim Seo-yeon Shin Su-min, Lee Seo-bin Ryu So-ra, Baek Ji-hyun, Lee Sarah, Kim Myeong-seon
2015 Lee Min-ji Kim Jeong-jin, Kim Ye-rin Park Ah-reum, So A-reum, Choi Myung-kyung, Han Ho-jeong
2016 Kim Jin-sol Shin Ara, Moon Da-hyun Lee Young-in, Kim Min-jeong, Hong Na-shil, Lee Chae-young
2017 Seo Jae-won Jung Da-hye, Lee Han-na Kim Sa-rang, Nam Seung-woo, Lee Soo-yeon, Pi Hyun-ji
2018 Kim Soo-min Song Su-hyun, Seo Ye-jin Park Chae-won, Kim Kye-ryung, Lee Yoon-ji, Im Kyung-min
2019 Kim Sae-yeon Lee Ha-nuey, Woo Hee-jun Lee Hye-joo, Shin Yoon-ah, Lee Da-hyun, Shin Hye-ji
2020 Hyejin Kim Ryu Seobin, Lee Hwa-in Jeon Yeon-ju, Jeon Hye-ji
2021 Choi Seo-eun Choi Min-Sue, Kim Su-jin Cho Min-ji , Jung Do-hee
2022 Lee Seung-hyeon Yu Si-eun Kim Go-eun
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  •   Declared as Winner
  •   Ended as runner-up
  •   Ended as one of the finalists or semi-finalists

Miss International Korea[edit]

Korea debuted at Miss International in 1960.[4] One of the two 1st runner-ups (Sun) of Miss Korea represents her country at Miss International. On occasion, when the candidate doesn't qualify for any reason for the contest, another girl is sent. Traditionally, 1st runner-up competed at Miss World but since 2011, the 1st runner-up of Miss Korea represents her country at Miss International.

Year Miss Korea Placement Special Awards
1960 Kim Jung-ja
1961 Lee Ok-ja
1962 Sohn Yang-ja
1963 Choi Yoo-mi 4th Runner-up
1964 Lee Hye-jin
(real name: Lee Kwang-ja)
Top 15
1965 Kim Min-jin
(real name: Kim Kyoung-sook)
Top 15
1967 Jin Hyun-soo
1968 Kim Hee-ja Top 15
1969 Kim Yoo-kyoung
(real name: Kim Sung-ja)
1970 Kim In-sook
1971 Choi Sook-ae
1972 Suh Ae-ja
1973 Kim Mae-ja
1974 Kang Young-sook Top 15
1975 Lee Hyang-mok Top 15
1976 Han Young-ae
1977 Shin Byoung-ok
1978 Chae Jung-sook
1979 Kim Jin-sun
1980 Chung Na-young
1981 Park Hyun-joo
1982 Chung Ae-hee
1983 Chung Young-soon Top 15 Best National Costume
1984 Kim Kyoung-ree
1985 Chang Sih-wha
1986 Kim Yoon-jung
1987 Chung Wha-sun
1988 Lee Yoon-hee Top 15
1989 Kim Hee-jung Top 15 Best National Costume
1990 Shin Soh-young
(real name: Shin Soh-geum)
1991 Kwon Jung-joo Top 15
1992 Yum Jung-ah 2nd Runner-up
1993 Chang Eun-young Top 15
1994 Sung Hyun-ah Top 15 Miss Photogenic
1995 Lee Yoo-ree Top 15
1996 Kim Jung-hwa Top 15 Miss Photogenic
1997 Kim Ryang-hee Top 15
1998 Cho Hye-young Top 15
1999 Lee Jae-won
2000 Son Tae-young 1st Runner-up Miss Photogenic
2001 Baek Myoung-hee Top 15 Best National Costume
2002 Gi Yun-ju Top 12 Best National Costume
2003 Shin Ji-Su Top 12
2004 Kim In-ha Top 15
2005 Lee Kyoung-eun
2006 Jang Yun-seo 2nd Runner-up
2007 Park Ka-won Top 15
2008 Kim Min-jeong
2009 Seo Eun-mi 1st Runner-up Miss Photogenic
2010 Ko Hyeon-young Top 15
2011 Kim Hye-sun
2012 Lee Jeong-bin
2013 Han Ji-eun
2014 Lee Seo-bin
2015 Park Ah-reum Miss International Asia
2016 Kim Min-jeong
2017 Nam Seung-woo Miss International Asia
2018 Seo Ye-jin
2022 Sujin Kim[5]

Miss Earth Korea[edit]

Korea debuted at Miss Earth in 2002.[6] One of the two 1st runner-ups (Sun) of Miss Korea represents her country at Miss Earth. On occasion, when the candidate doesn't qualify for any reason for the contest, another girl is sent

Year Miss Korea Miss Korea National Title Placement Special Awards
2002 Lee Jin-ah Best in National Costume
2003 Oh Yoo-mi Miss Korea 2003 1st Runner-up
2004 Cho Hye-jin
2005 Yoo Hye-mi Miss Korea 2005 2nd Runner-up Top 16 Best in National Costume
Miss Pond's
2006 Park Hee-jung Miss Korea 2006 2nd Runner-up
2007 Yoo Ji-eun Miss Korea 2007 2nd Runner-up Miss Fontana
Miss Charm
2008 Seo Seol-hee Miss Korea 2008 2nd Runner-up Top 16
2009 Park Ye-ju Miss Korea 2009 2nd Runner-up Top 16
2010 Lee Gui-joo Miss Korea 2010 2nd Runner-up Top 5 Miss Aodai
2011 Kim E-seul Miss Korea 2011 1st Runner-up Miss Fashion
2012 Kim Sa-ra Miss Korea 2012 1st Runner-up Top 16 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Swimsuit (Group 2)
2nd place, silver medalist(s) TRESemmé Hair Challenge
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Miss Friendship (Group 2)
2013 Choi Song-yi Miss Korea 2013 2nd Runner-up Miss Fire (3rd Runner-Up) 2nd place, silver medalist(s) I Love My Planet Schools Challenge
2014 Shin Su-min Miss Korea 2014 1st Runner-up Top 16
2015 Han Ho-jeong Miss Korea 2015 2nd Runner-up 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) National Costume (Asia & Oceania)
2016 Lee Chae-yeung Miss Korea 2016 2nd Runner-up Top 16 Top 10 - Miss Earth Hannah
2017 Lee Hannah Miss Korea 2017 1st Runner-up 1st place, gold medalist(s) Miss Friendship (Group 1)
2018 Song Su-hyun Miss Korea 2018 1st Runner-up
2019 Woo Hee-jun Miss Korea 2019 2nd Runner-up 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Talent (Fire)
2022 Mina Sue Choi Miss Korea 2021 1st Runner-up Miss Earth 2022 1st place, gold medalist(s) Swimsuit Competition (Asia & Oceania)
1st place, gold medalist(s) Beach Wear Competition (Air)
1st place, gold medalist(s) Long Gown Competition (Air)
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Resort Wear Competition (Air)
Miss Mexico Pampanga

Former titles[edit]

Miss Universe Korea[edit]

Korea debuted at Miss Universe in 1954, three years before the first Miss Korea pageant. Since 2016, Korean representatives at Miss Universe have been chosen in a separate pageant, Miss Universe Korea, and the Miss Korea Organization no longer sends South Korea's representative to Miss Universe.

Year Miss Korea Placement Special Awards
1954 Kye Sun-hee
1955 Kim Mee-jong
1957 Park Hyun-ok
1958 Oh Geum-sun
1959 Oh Hyun-ju Top 15 Most popular girl
1960 Son Mi-hee-ja Top 15
1961 Seo Yang-hee Top 15
1962 Seo Bum-ju Top 15
1963 Kim Myoung-ja 4th runner up
1964 Shin Jung-hyun
1965 Kim Eun-ji
1966 Yoon Gui-hyun
1967 Hong Joung-ae
1968 Kim Yoon-jung
1969 Lim Hyun-jung
1970 Yoo Young-ae
1971 Noh Mi-ae
1972 Park Yeon-joo
1973 Kim Young-ju
1974 Kim Eun-jung
(real name: Kim Jae-kyu)
Best National Costume
1975 Seo Ji-hye
(real name: Seo Young-ok)
1976 Chung Kwang-hyun
1977 Kim Sung-hee Best National Costume
1978 Son Jung-eun
1979 Seo Jae-hwa
1980 Kim Eun-jung Top 12
1981 Lee Eun-jung
1982 Park Sun-hee
1983 Kim Jong-jung Best National Costume
1984 Lim Mi-sook
1985 Choi Young-ok
1986 Bae Young-ran
1987 Kim Ji-eun
1988 Jang Yoon-jeong[2] 1st Runner-up
1989 Kim Sung-ryung
1990 Oh Hyun-kyung
1991 Seo Jung-min
1992 Lee Young-hyun
1993 Yoo Ha-young
1994 Goong Sun-young
1995 Han Sung-ju
1996 Kim Yun-jung
1997 Lee Eun-hee
1998 Kim Ji-yeon
1999 Choi Ji-hyun
2000 Kim Yeon-ju
2001 Kim Sa-rang Best National Costume
2002 Kim Min-kyoung
2003 Keum Na-na
2004 Choi Yun-young
2005 Kim So-young
2006 Kim Joo-hee
2007 Lee Ha-nui[2] 3rd Runner-up
2008 Lee Ji-sun
2009 Na Ry
2010 Kim Joo-ri
2011 Chong So-ra[3]
2012 Lee Sung-hye
2013 Kim Yu-mi
2014 Yoo Ye-bin
2015 Kim Seo-yeon

Miss World Korea[edit]

Korea debuted at Miss World in 1959. The 1st Runner-up of Miss Korea represented the nation at Miss World. Since 2011, Korean representatives at the Miss World are chosen in a separate pageant Miss World Korea, that separate contest is to only focus on Miss World.

Year Miss Korea Placement Special Awards
1959 Seo Jung-ae
1960 Lee Young-hee Top 10
1961 Hyun Chang-ae
1962 Chung Tae-ja
1963 Choi Keum-shil Top 15
1964 Yoon Mi-hee
1965 Lee Eun-ah Top 15
1966 Chung Eul-sun
1967 Chung Young-hwa
1968 Lee Ji-eun
1969 Kim Seung-hee
1970 Lee Jung-hee
1971 Lee Young-eun
1972 Chung Keum-ok Did not compete
1973 An Soon-young
1974 Shim Kyoung-sook
1975 Lee Sung-hee
1976 Shin Byoung-sook
1977 Kim Soon-ae
1978 Je Eun-jin
1979 Hong Yeo-jin
1980 Chang Sun-ja
1981 Lee Han-na
1982 Choi Sung-yoon
1983 Seo Min-sook
1984 Lee Joo-hee
1985 Park Eun-kyoung
1986 An Jung-mi
1987 Chung Myoung-sun
1988 Choi Yeon-hee 1st Runner-up Asia
1989 Kim Hye-ri
1990 Go Hyun-jung
1991 Kim Tae-hwa
1992 Lee Mi-young
1993 Lee Seung-yeon Top 10
1994 Chae Yeon-hee
1995 Choi Yoon-young Top 5 Asia & Oceania
1996 Seol Soo-jin
1997 Kim Jin-ah
1998 Kim Kun-woo
1999 Han Na-na
2000 Shin Jung-sun
2001 Seo Hyun-jin Best Evening Gown
2002 Chang Yoo-kyoung Withdrew
2003 Park Ji-yea
2004 Han Kyoung-jin
2005 Oh Eun-young Top 6 Asia Pacific
2006 Park Sharon Miss World Sports Top 24
2007 Cho Eun-ju Miss World Beach Beauty Top 21
Best Dress Design Award
2008 Choi Bo-in
2009 Kim Joo-ri Top 16 Beauty Queen of Asia & Oceania
2010 Kim Hye-young

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