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Organización Miss El Salvador
Formation1954; 69 years ago (1954)
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersSan Salvador
Official language
Carlos Jimenez

The Reinado de El Salvador is a national beauty pageant in El Salvador where various winners compete at international pageants.


The Miss El Salvador was the organization in charge of choosing the representative to Miss Universe. The organization since its birth sent a representative to Miss Universe (except in 1980) and Miss World (from 1975 to 1993, when the organization lost the franchise.) The organization was headed by Mr. Eddie Gonzalez, who was the committed to put El Salvador at the international mark. The format of the competition was based on a representative from each of the 14 departments in the country. During the 1980s due to the Salvadorian Civil War situation, thanks to the special permission granted by The Miss Universe Organization, the representative was chosen behind closed doors. This continued till 1995 when they resumed the national competition.

Nuestra Belleza El Salvador 2004—2019[edit]

After Miss El Salvador stopped to produce the pageant, in 2004, Telecorporacion Salvadorena acquired the franchise for Miss World, and in 2006 acquired the franchise for Miss Universe. The pageant was renamed Nuestra Belleza El Salvador and held two separate pageants to select the delegates to Miss Universe and Miss World. In 2010, the format changed as in that year they decided to select the two representatives in just one pageant. The pageant is open to any girls throughout the whole country. They choose the finalists via casting specials and the contestants are not required to have won a department title, which was the traditional way until 2005. The license for Miss Universe was given to the organization Reinado de El Salvador in March 2017 and the Miss World licensee in November 2018.

Reinado de El Salvador 2007—2022[edit]

In 2007, the "Reinado de El Salvador" organization was founded and held the licenses for various international beauty pageants, most notably, Miss International and Miss Earth. Eventually each license was dropped as the year went by. In 2017, the organization was granted the license of Miss Universe and subsequently in 2018, acquired the license of Miss World. Depending on the year, the organization would organize different national beauty pageants where the winner would compete at perspective international beauty pageant or held one contest where various winners were selected.

In 2023, the country of El Salvador hosted the Miss Universe pageant with the sponsorship of the government. As a result, the pageant during this year was dubbed "Miss El Salvador" due to the government appointing organizers to organize the pageant. During this year, the winner also received training in the Dominican Republic by the national director of Miss Universe in the Dominican Republic, Magali Febles.

Miss Universe[edit]

On January 14, 2023, the Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele announced that the country would host the 72nd Miss Universe pageant. The last time the country hosted the international pageant was in 1975. [1][2]


Number of wins from Miss El Salvador (past licenses)
Pageant Wins
Miss Universe 0
Miss World 0
Miss International 0
Miss Earth 0
Number of wins from Miss El Salvador (current licenses)
Pageant Wins
Miss Universe 0
Miss World 0

Note that the year designates the time Miss El Salvador has acquired that particular pageant franchise.

Franchise holders in El Salvador[edit]

  • 1954 Miss El Salvador – Eddie Gonzalez
  • 2004 Nuestra Belleza de El Salvador – Telecorporacion Salvadorena. Raúl Domínguez
  • 2017 Reinado de El Salvador – Carlos Jimenez


Year Miss El Salvador
1954 Myrna Roz Orozco
1955 Maribel Arrieta Galvez
1964 Maria Herma Hernandez-Lazo
1972 Ruth Eugenia Romero Ramirez
1973 Gloria Ivete Romero
1974 Ana Carlota Margarita Araujo
1975 Carmen Elena Figueroa
1976 Mireya Carolina Calderon Tovar
1977 Altagracia Arevalo
1978 Iris Ivette Mazorra Castro
1979 Ivette Lopez Lagos
1981 Martha Alicia Ortiz
1982 Jeannette Orietta Marroquin
1983 Claudia Deniz Oliva Alberto
1984 Ana Lorena Samagoa
1985 Julia Haydee Mora Alfaro
1986 Vicky Elizabeth Canas Alvarez
1987 Virna Passelly Machuca
1988 Ana Margarita Vaquerano Celarie
1989 Lucia Beatriz Lopez Rodriguez
1990 Gracia Maria Guerra
1991 Rebeca Davila Dada
1992 Melissa Salazar
1993 Kathy Mendez Cuellar
1994 Claudia Mendez Cuellar
1995 Eleonora Beatrice Corrillo Alamanni
1996 Carmen Milena Mayorga
1997 Carmen Irene Carrillo Vilanova
1998 Maria Gabriela Joviel Munguia
1999 Cynthia Carolina Cevallos Montoya
2000 Alexandra Maria Rivas Cruz
2001 Diana Betsy Guerrero
2002 Elisa Sandoval Rodriguez
2003 Diana Renee Valdivieso Dubon
2004 Silvia Gabriela Mejia Cordova
2005 Irma Marina Dimas Pineda
2006 Grace Marie Zabaneh Menendez
Selected by another organization
2006 Rebecca Iraheta
2007 Lissette Rodriguez Alfaro
2008 Rebeca Moreno
2009 Jacquelín Mayella Mena Mahomar
2010 Sonia Yesenia Cruz Ayala
2011 Alejandra Ochoa
Did not compete
2012 Ana Yancy Clavel Espinoza
2013 Alba Maricela Delgado Rubio
2014 Claudia Patricia Murillo Ramos
2015 Fátima Idubina Rivas Opico
2016 Ana Cortez
2017 Allison Ivonne Flores Abarca
2018 Marisela de Montecristo
2019 Zuleika Soler Aragón
2020 Vanessa Velásquez
2021 Alejandra María Gavidia García
2022 Alejandra Guajardo Sada[3]
2023 Isabella García-Manzo[4]

Titleholders under Miss El Salvador org.[edit]

Miss Universe El Salvador[edit]

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
The main winner of Miss El Salvador represents El Salvador at Miss Universe pageant. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.
Year Department Miss Universe El Salvador Placement at Miss Universe Special Awards
2023 San Salvador Isabella García-Manzo Top 10
2022 Cabañas Alejandra Guajardo Sada[5] Unplaced
2021 San Salvador Alejandra María Gavidia García Unplaced
2020 San Salvador Vanessa Velásquez Unplaced
2019 La Unión Zuleika Soler Aragón Unplaced
2018 San Salvador Marisela de Montecristo Unplaced
  • Best Costume (Top 6)
2017 San Salvador Allison Ivonne Flores Abarca Unplaced
2015 San Salvador Fátima Idubina Rivas Opico Unplaced
2014 Sonsonate Claudia Patricia Murillo Ramos Unplaced
2013 San Salvador Alba Maricela Delgado Rubio Unplaced
2012 San Salvador Ana Yancy Clavel Espinoza Unplaced
2011 San Salvador Mayra Graciela Aldana Najarro ∆ Unplaced
2010 San Salvador Sonia Yesenia Cruz Ayala Unplaced
2009 San Salvador Jacquelín Mayella Mena Mahomar Unplaced
  • Best Costume (Top 5)
2008 San Salvador Rebeca Moreno Unplaced
  • Miss Congeniality
2007 San Salvador Lissette Rodriguez Alfaro Unplaced
2006 San Salvador Rebecca Iraheta Unplaced
2005 Sonsonate Irma Marina Dimas Pineda Unplaced
2004 Sonsonate Silvia Gabriela Mejía Córdova Unplaced
2003 Ahuachapán Diana Renée Valdivieso Dubón Unplaced
2002 La Unión Elisa Sandoval Rodríguez Unplaced
2001 Santa Ana Grace Marie Zabaneh Menéndez Unplaced
2000 San Salvador Alexandra Maria Rivas Cruz Unplaced
1999 San Salvador Cynthia Carolina Cevallos Montoya Unplaced
1998 San Salvador Maria Gabriela Joviel Munguia Unplaced
1997 San Salvador Carmen Irene Carrillo Vilanova Unplaced
1996 San Salvador Carmen Milena Mayorga Top 10
1995 San Salvador Eleonora Beatrice Corrillo Alamanni Top 10
1994 San Salvador Claudia Méndez Cuéllar Unplaced
1993 San Salvador Kathy Méndez Cuéllar Unplaced
1992 San Salvador Melissa Salazar Unplaced
1991 San Salvador Rebeca Dávila Dada Unplaced
1990 San Salvador Gracia Maria Guerra Unplaced
  • Miss All Nations
1989 San Salvador Lucía Beatriz López Rodríguez Unplaced
1988 San Salvador Ana Margarita Vaquerano Celarie Unplaced
1987 San Salvador Virna Passelly Machuca Unplaced
1986 San Salvador Vicky Elizabeth Cañas Alvarez Unplaced
1985 San Salvador Julia Haydee Mora Alfaro Unplaced
1984 San Salvador Ana Lorena Samagoa Unplaced
1983 San Salvador Claudia Deniz Oliva Alberto Unplaced
1982 San Salvador Jeannette Orietta Marroquín Unplaced
1979 San Salvador Judith Ivette Lopez Lagos Unplaced
1978 San Salvador Iris Ivette Mazorra Castro Unplaced
1977 San Salvador Altagracia Arévalo Unplaced
1976 San Salvador Mireya Carolina Calderon Tovar Unplaced
1975 San Salvador Carmen Elena Figueroa Top 12
1974 San Salvador Ana Carlota Margarita Araújo Unplaced
1973 San Salvador Gloria Ivete Romero Unplaced
1972 San Salvador Ruth Eugenia Romero Ramírez Unplaced
Did not compete between 1956—1971
1955 San Salvador Maribel Arrieta Gálvez 1st Runner-up
  • Miss Congeniality
1954 San Salvador Myrna Ros Orozco Unplaced

∆ Designated — The main winner, Alejandra Ochoa withdrew from Miss Universe, due to accident.

Miss World El Salvador[edit]

  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
The second title called Miss World El Salvador represents El Salvador at Miss World pageant. On occasion, when the title does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, another delegate is sent.
Year Department Miss World El Salvador Placement at Miss World Special Awards
2023 San Salvador Andrea Aguilar TBA
2022 Miss World 2021 was rescheduled to 16 March 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Puerto Rico, no edition started in 2022.
2021 San Salvador Nicole Alvarez Unplaced Appointed
2020 Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no competition held.
2019 San Salvador Fátima Yolanda Mauricio Mangandi Unplaced
2018 San Salvador Metzi Gabriela Solano Jiménez Unplaced Appointed


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